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18 / F / Canada.
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/16/14
Username: idisgaea
Name: Kotoko Sakura
Nickname: Sakura-san (for people who don't really know her), Koto-chan (for friends)
Why you moved here : Cheap houses.
Bio : A sweet, fun-loving vampire. She loves food of all kinds, and wants to be a hairstylist or a fashion designer. She's great at sports and schoolwork. She loves reading manga and watching anime. She's a gamer and She would never drink human blood.
Pic: I don't have one but I can tell you her looks. She has straight pink hair with choppy, red tipped bangs. It's past her waist and she loves to try new hairstyles on it. Her eyes are a bright, shimmery red, with long, elegant eyelashes. She's tall and thin, with freckles.. She normally wears either her school uniform, something fashionable, or an otaku tee and sweatpants.
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