I want to see age rating on the anime and soft and hard subs options
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Posted 2/5/11 , edited 2/5/11
Dear Shinji,

Me and my kids love anime, but I am constantly having to vet the content for suitability for them, this as you can imagine is very time consuming.

I would really appreciate if you could give the anime ratings.
And soft and hard subs would be a great option too.
My kids are 7 and 5 so I don't want them to see sexual connotations or panties etc

Would be very grateful!
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Posted 2/5/11 , edited 2/6/11
Not yet on crunchy Site for ratings but i Know there are tons of sites like animenfo that will give you a very decent idea what type of series it is. Unfortunately Alot of anime has sexual connotations and panties.. so it may be a uphill battle p:)
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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
CR already has hard subs on their apps for other devices so I don't see why they couldn't add the option on the site. Although they should never abandon soft subs on the site. Some of us like to turn the subtitles off. And it leaves the possibility of one day being able to easily add subs for other languages and different fansub (unlikely anytime soon, but still possible) versions.

There is a mature content setting in the account settings that may be helpful to you.

Having ratings on shows would be great, but keep in mind that most of the shows here are being simulcast about an hour after they air on Japanese television. In order to get immediate results, Crunchyroll would have to obtain the ratings from the studios for those anime. This could prove unhelpful as Japan's standards differ from those in America and other countries. As for the back catalog content here, CR could easily add the age ratings provided by Viz Media, Media Blasters, and the other licensed providers. For the shows that are not licensed, maybe they could set up a panel of volunteer parents...

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