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The wait for gintamas return
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Posted 2/5/11 , edited 2/6/11

moratorium wrote:

TheAncientOne wrote:
Monday, April 4, 2011 at 6 PM is the premiere date and time in Japan for the new Gintama series.

yet again i get anime for my birthday sounds good to me

though i really havent seen the first series..only a few eps

Thanks to time zone differences that would translate to 4 AM Central Daylight Time on the same day.

Assuming CR has no more than a 1-2 hour delay after broadcast, you should be able to see it first thing that morning, even if you are an early riser.

BoostedBob wrote:

oh man that is great to hear..hope crunchyroll still has the rights to air it.

As it is a new series, it would be a separate contract, but there is no reason to think CR will not get it. I do not recall a single series CR has had were they have failed to get the sequel series.

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