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Posted 2/5/11 , edited 2/6/11
Entrance / Exit

it's said there is many things you can find in these cave, from unique to rare items hiddin within the maze of the caves, there are 3 levels of the cave, but there is said to be another level in the cave but no-one know what sort of things are down there or what sort of creatures coukd be down there, are you brave enough to enter these caves and travel down to the levels as you try to survive and explore the caves

Area 3 (level 1)

Deep Area 3 (level 2)

Deeper Area 3 (Level 3)

Deepest Area 3 (Bonus Level)
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
We reach the bonus lvl and sit eating "Neh~ I guess we are alone." I say to my brothers and the animals
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