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I am dead lazy, but I will tell you a story that I just came up with in my head! Hope those of you reading this enjoy it!

Fantasy picture:

Ivis is a scrubby 23 year old man who doesn't associate with much enthusiasm. He is a lonely person and he is an isolator. Ivis thinks butterflies are disgusting; he hates the way they flutter, once caterpillars, he thinks they look nasty, and he thinks that they are just annoying insects that are a hindrance towards the human world.
One day, after rejecting a high school student, Ivis comes home and checks his mail. One of his mail advertises that if he is looking for the right person to love, he should join Butterflies' Hearts Club. He quickly rejects that card and throws it away.
He goes inside his home and notices that something was wrong with his house. There were smoke spacing in the air and his t.v was turned off. The house electricity was dead. Ivis walks into his garage to check if something was wrong with the generator. When he touched the button, something absorbed him into his garage wall.
He reaches an unknown place and realizes that he was no longer in Rivera Street anymore; he is now in a dark place with only pine trees surrounding him. The place was so dark that he couldn't see anything. Though it was dark, a beautiful butterfly shines across his cheeks and flies into a gigantic perennial flower. He decides to follow the butterfly and touches the flower. The sweet nectar absorbs him inside the flower. His face turned confused and he noticed that the butterfly was no longer in vision. Other butterflies appeared and a trumpet echoed notes across the village introducing Queen Maboille (pronounced Maybelle; I just wanted a unique spelling), a huge butterfly queen who was being carried in a gold cart, to Ivis.
Queen Maboille transformed into a human and spied for the intruding man. The beautiful butterfly appeared again and spoke to Ivis. Ivis without a word, stared at the place and the enchanting butterflies in front of him. He thought to himself of how he is terribly disgusted. The butterfly yells at him and warns him to leave the place. He tried to take her suggestion, but the sweet nectar glued him to a vine and the vine held him sturdily.
Queen Maboille is disappointed that her visitor is someone unattractive, she was willing to kill him, but decided not to because she needed him for life expansion.
A hummingbird flies across the setting and transforms into a human which confuses Ivis even more. "What is this? Where am I?" The Hummingbird, Sear, tells him what he was in. Turns out, he is in the world of Aspieras and the village he is in right now is Ariama. Ivis is shocked. Queen Maboille asks him for his name and the butterfly tells him not to tell the Queen anything. Queen Maboille gets angry and sends one of her maiden to groom Ivis up. Ivis declines knowing that a butterfly was going to take care of him. Sadly, she got him under her control.
The grooming is finished and he has become great friends with Sear and his cleaner. He was also sent to go meet Maboille. Before he meets Maboille, he runs into a hybrid of a human and caterpillar, Zin. Zin tells Ivis that Ivis should consider killing himself before anything dangerous happens to him. Ivis, being freaked out gets the fact that Zin wants to eat him. Ivis runs and bumps into the previous beautiful butterfly. He asks her for her name and she tells him that her name is unknown because she can't identify her form yet when she transforms into a human. Ivis gets even more confused with the butterfly. So then she tells him to call her, Enchant. After that, she flies away. Ivis walks to Maboille's chamber. Maboille lays comfortably on her bed and dresses in a bright pink dress. She aims for seduction but fails. Ivis moves and pushes her to the side and lectures her about his virginity and how butterflies disgust him. He will never let butterflies do it with him nor will he ever fall in love with a butterfly. She becomes even more excited that he is a virgin and how hateful he is. Her antennas reaches out of her skull and she tries to insert some chemical into Ivis. Enchant jumps in from Maboille's window and she throws rocks at her. Enchant takes Ivis with her. He is highly freaked out.
He asks Enchant who she was without realizing that she was Enchant. She tells him that she is Enchant. He follows her and questions her about her saying that she can't be identified yet as a human, but she can turn into one perfectly fine. Enchant then tells Ivis that she was used for an experiment that Queen Maboille had done on before she had the chance to come out of her cocoon. There were rich chemicals that affected her glands and her joints, so turning into human was sometimes impossible. Also, most of the time, she was proportionally uncoordinated. This time though, she was lucky.
They ran into Sear and Minka ( the one who groomed Ivis), who are dating. Enchant asks Minka to see if she knew the way out of Ariama Square. Minka is clueless, but then Sear tells them the way. The two leaves and looks for a way for Ivis to really leave Ariama. Weeks have passed, and they are finally out of Ariama. The two of them developed feelings for each other; Ivis's hate towards butterflies only vanishes as long as he doesn't see her as one. Though they were out, Maboille sent her troops after the two. As they encountered the troop, Zin crawls in and takes away Ivis from Enchant. Enchant was left with the troop and was brought back to Ariama.
Ivis was disappointed that Zin had done that. What worried him the most was that Zin was going to eat him live. Zin then tells Ivis that his intention was not to eat Ivis. He was only warning Ivis that the Queen would catch him no matter what and turn Ivis into a hybrid like Zin. Ivis was astonished to realize that Zin wasn't bad at all. Zin tells Ivis that Zin was human before too. He also tells Ivis that when all of his caterpillar legs and skin are fully visible, Maboille will absorb his energy which kills him and it leads her to live for ten more years. He accidentally entered Ariama without a hint and was affected by Maboille in his unconscious form. Ivis starts thinking about Enchant and wonders where she is. He questions Zin. Zin tells him that she was already taken back to Ariama and has perhaps held as a hostage.
Enchant is locked in a cell inside the Queen's chamber. She is put on security.
Ivis starts thinking about Enchant and begins to worry about what is happening to her. He leaves Zin behind. Zin hears him leaving and stops him. Zin tries to convince Ivis that if Ivis goes back, the Queen would certainly get him for good. Ivis couldn't let his heart go and really ignored Zin. He runs back to Ariama.
Days passed, Ivis makes it back to Ariama. He sneaks into the Queen's chamber while she is meditating. He sees Enchant as a human locked in the cell and calls her name. He tries to break the cell door but then Maboille catches him. Her troop invades the chamber and takes Ivis into a cell while Enchant is put on trial for trying to escape the Queen. She is to be determined to get her wings cut off.
Enchant begs the Queen to at least set Ivis free. She will do anything for the Queen. From there on, the Queen realizes that Enchant has feelings for Ivis. "Do you realize that you have fallen for a man who can't even tolerate the sight of your true form? Do you not note that a human and a creature like us cannot love each other? It's forbidden." Enchant pleads and tells her that he has nothing against her true form. Maboille makes a bet with Enchant: "If you say that he isn't disgusted by your true form, prove it to me. I want to bring him to us and see how he really feels. If he is still disgusted, you can never transform into a human and you then can stay as a free butterfly forever, and if he isn't, I'll set the two of you free." Enchant accepts.
The guards push Ivis inside the Queen's room. Ivis, hands tied at the back sees Enchant and runs to her. Enchant cries and asks Ivis some questions. Ivis speechless and stands still without moving. Maboille turns Enchant into a butterfly and Ivis sees Enchant. Ivis becomes even more speechless and shows a disgusting face. He falls down and cries to himself. Enchant becomes upset and disappointed. Maboille laughs evilly and turns Enchant into a human again. "Take a last glance at your ugly human, Enchant"! Ivis looks at Enchant and Enchant whimpers. Mayboille curses Enchant to stay forever a butterfly and her guardians knock Ivis out; he faints. Then, Zin crawls in and burns the Queen's chamber. Sear flying outside waits for Zin, Ivis, and Enchant. The three of them leave leaving Enchant behind.
Ivis wakes up and sees Zin and Sear in front of him. He wonders where Enchant is. Zin tells him that when he and Sear went to go rescue him, Enchant was already gone. Ivis was in denial and looked all over for Enchant. Zin then told him that it was pointless since he made such a stupid reaction in front of Enchant at that time. Ivis felt bad and couldn't believe it. Zin convinces Ivis that Ivis should leave soon since the Queen is for sure not dead yet. Ivis asks Zin how he could leave. Zin had no knowledge in that part. Fortunately for Ivis, Sear knew. Sear told him that he needed to go look for the Aspieras Emperor; he who grants wishes. Ivis thinks to himself. He then started to think of Enchant. Conveying to the other two, he tells them that he wants her to go with him. He wants her to send him home even if she were a butterfly. He misses her and he is sorry. The two felt bad and helped him look for Enchant; no one knew though that Enchant was near them the whole time.
Enchant was sleeping on a pedal and heard Ivis calling her name. She heard him screaming at the top of his lungs saying all of his true feelings and she smiled. She flew to him and he noticed her shiny wings. They finally meet again. From then on, they started their journey again to Aspieras Minds.
Queen Maboille is back to attack Ivis and especially Zin.
Sear tells the three that he needed to go back because he told Minka that he would return to her in a few days. The four split.
Sear makes it back and tells Maboille where the three are headed to. Maboille leaves office and Sear follows her. Mayboille meets the three behind their backs. She uses magic to separate Zin from Ivis and Enchant. Zin noticed something was fishy and he realized that the other two were gone. The moment he turned around, Maboille stabs him with her sharp fingers. She then hides his body. The Queen and Sear trap Ivis and Enchant in the forest. Enchant and Ivis were surprised. They were looking for Zin and Sear tells them that he had already died. Enchant cries and asks why Sear is with the Queen. Sear tells her that because she never noticed him, he will do anything to get rid of those in front of her eyes. The only way to do it was to tell the Queen so she could slaughter Zin and then Ivis and leave her to him. Enchant was confused because she thought he was in a relationship with Minka. There was no relationship between Minka and him, he was just using her for his own benefit. The Queen laughed at Sear and smiled. Maboille asked him what made him think that she was going to leave Enchant behind for? Sear got angry and tried to kill her. The Queen killed him instead. Now, it was only Ivis and Enchant left. From behind, Zin hits Maboille's head. Maboille went unconscious. From there, Enchant and Ivis tried healing Zin's wounds. Zin told them to give up since he had nothing to live for anymore. He told them that Sear had left him a map to the Emperor's place. He handed them the map. They made a burial for Zin and Sear.
The two have reached Aspieras Palace and entered. Aspieras was known to be tough, strong, serious, and really fit. When they met him, he was all the opposite; short, scrawny, childish, and a comedian, but he was indeed powerful. He asked the two what they wanted. Ivis says that he wishes to be a butterfly and stay with Enchant forever, but then Enchant refused so. She told him that he needed to go home, that this place was not meant for him. Aspieras laughed and laughed at the two. She kept forcing Ivis to return home, so he wished for it. Before leaving, he wanted to know what Enchant wanted to wish for. Enchant wished to be able to transform into a human again, properly. Her wish came true and they were about to kiss, until his time ended up and his wish came true. He left Aspieras World before he got to kiss his love goodbye.
Ivis wakes up with the same face he had before he entered Ariama and was looking for Enchant. He noticed that he was back at his mailbox laying next to his Butterflies' Hearts Club card; it was just a dream. Ivis felt embarrassed for sleeping in the streets and no one woke him up. He looks at the card once more and observes it. With his sad emotion, he could only remember Enchant's face and butterfly form.
One decision made, he decides to join the club. He grooms himself up. Entering the room, he sees a butterfly that looks exactly like Enchant's butterfly form inside a tank with the name, "Enchanted". His eyes mourned while closed and he told the butterfly that she was so pretty. When he opened his eyes, he saw a reflection. The reflection wasn't a reflection though, it was someone's face at the other side of the tank. Her hair was the same length as Enchant, her lips, her eyes, her nose, her everything looked as perfect as Enchant. They see each other and she smiles at him. He asks her for her name. She tells him, "Enchant".

Well, that's it..? I don't know...I am running out of ideas here so yeah...feedbacks are fine. I don't really care. Just constructive ones and be really analytical towards this ugly draft and thoughts. Till then, ciao! :D

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Feel free to recreate.

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