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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
So I recently had gotten A new tablet and was hoping I could get some constructive feedback or critiques on my work. I definitely don't want to stray in the wrong direction. D:

check out my work here

I really appreciate any feedback/advice. :D

ill post my images on here if for some reason people hate deviantart 0.o
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Posted 3/12/11 , edited 3/12/11
def very good for a beginner! rose's dragon crisis i think is coloured especially well.
shading + lighting are all good.
It's kinda hard to describe, and i dunno if that's the look your going for, drawings look a bit flat and um... not sometimes a bit not in concord?, like... the some colours don't seem to harmonize with the rest of the picture, but that's a colouring style that is sometimes used.

the easiest/quickest way to make a picture look umm.. more harmonized is to add a photofilter (try it out on one of your pictures and you'll see a difference)
autotone/auto colour (under images in photoshop) can also do this quickly, but it kinda dulls the picture too much, so you might want to alter those manually.
another way is to alter saturation levels (usually ppl say lower them, so that colours don't stand out, but i personally like increasing them =_="
also, i dunno if you're doing this already, but shading with one colour for everything (like a dull/dark purple) usually also pulls a picture together.

hope it helps and that i havent been too critical? i really do think your colouring is good and has potential tho
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Posted 4/25/11 , edited 4/26/11
You art is really nice. I like the use of colours, and how you rarely use lines to shade. There's a very realistic aspect to your art, and it's really sophisticated.

What I think you should do, to add more realism, or at least more harmony into your picture, is to ass other colours in your surrounding and environment into your character. For example, in your Jirachi and Minun picture, if you added a tint of blue of green into Minun, or added some lighter shades of yellow-green into the surroundings, there would be more harmony.

But your art has a lot of mood. I like how you add backgrounds in your pictures, instead of leaving them blank. There's a lot of emotion in your works. Sorry, I didn't critique it much.
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