Side project - Alphabetizing the folders
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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
Ok so though there is a way to alphabetize the raw folders, but i scrapped the idea after like 15 minutes of planing as it would take way too much time and effort, though i figured i would just throw it out there in case some one decided they wanted to make a side project of it.

the problem with it is that the folders would need to be renamed and the raws moved every time a folder was added which is why i scrapped the idea, as i assumed it may have been thought of already but the same conclusion was reached. any ways here was my rundown on the plan till the point where i scrapped the idea

step 1. organize a list of the 152 current album names in alphabetical order

step 2. create at least 2 new sub folders to use as raw holders while the original folders for said raws are being renamed and alphabetized

step 3. empty first folder on the list for now i'll just say, folder (A) in to sub folder (C) then rename folder (A) as the first folder alphabetically on the list, move pictures from folder (B) in to folder (A) which has now replaced folder (B) and been placed in alphabetical order.

now as that just confused me as i was making it i'll try a different method. if we take the first folder on the list (raws for amp) and put the pictures in to a new empty folder then take the folder which would be first alphabetically (for arguments sake ill say Ah my goddess) rename raws for amp as Ah my goddess and move the Ah my goddess raws to the new folder therefore making it alphabetical .

now comes the reason i scrapped the idea, even if we did repeat the transfer process and make everything alphabetical if a new folder is added everything that comes after it alphabetically would need to be moved down 1 folder and re named again making it a continuous effort.

i'm just going to leave this here in case some one can see something i missed, or even come up with a solution to make this do able. either way i figured a bad idea was better than no idea as some one else may be able to make something of it
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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/7/11
It's something that the CR software should take care of. Anything we do to try to work around the arbitrary order is inherently fragile and likely to break when any part of the site decides to behave differently. I just went through something similar in MOTs from AMP -- I added numbers to file names so the alphabetical sorting shows the files in the desired sequence, but the PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons show files in the order they were created. No ordered sequence is provided by CR, and the present behavior can't be trusted to remain the same.

It will be nice when photos behave less like a haystack. Right now it's really hard to find a needle, all we can do is dive into the stack and swim blindly.

EDIT: We can't put folders inside folders either, can we? So we can't use that method to make related clusters.
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Posted 2/22/11 , edited 2/22/11
Too much work :P
We`d also have to do it for every new folder, and there is probably 1000s of animes not added yet
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Posted 3/16/11 , edited 3/16/11
IT was a lot of work but i did it for you.
it took me four days =(
i simply made a new album for every anime
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