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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/7/11
"Hey, that kid over there looks like a girl.."
"Maybe he's gay.. Don'cha think..?"
Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second. I always hear that shit. It tires me out. It makes me angry.

I want to kill someone.

I'm always being pushed around like this.

I want to hurt someone.

Why can't I be normal like all the other guys? I have a dick, I don't have breasts, and I'm a boy. It hurts to hear people calling me "gay," or "freak of nature," or even "slut." I'm only 12 years old, and yet I have to suffer like this.
I don't talk much, and I try not to stand out, but this happened. I just happened to be molested by an old guy, and everyone's saying something about me.

I just want to cry.

"Hey.. Hey Sakura.. You're not gon'na leave school, right? You're going to make me and Chiru lonely.." My best friends, Rika and Reo, Yuu're, Kaine, all of them.. I just don't want to go to school right now.


"We are currently reporting an accident at 22nd and 53rd. A car crash between a truck and a mercedes seem to have hit a young boy. The young boy had seemed to run out into the street to save an injured cat from on-coming cars. We are not able to report his status as to the paramedics have requested not to reveal his condition. However, both the drivers seem to be well and came out with very few injuries, but were taking to the hospital for further examination."
Ah, thinking about how stupid I was.
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