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Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/28/11
STORY BY: Yoshirou Hirashi // iYoshirou
DATE: Sunday, Feburary 06, 2011 @ 9:43 PM

The Rich Life

"Hey, that kid over there looks like a girl.."
"Maybe he's gay.. Don'cha think..?"
Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second. I always hear that shit. It tires me out. It makes me angry.

I want to kill someone.

I'm always being pushed around like this.

I want to hurt someone.

Why can't I be normal like all the other guys? I have a dick, I don't have breasts, and I'm a boy. It hurts to hear people calling me "gay," or "freak of nature," or even "slut." I'm only 12 years old, and yet I have to suffer like this.
I don't talk much, and I try not to stand out, but this happened. I just happened to be molested by an old guy, and everyone's saying something about me.

I just want to cry.

"Hey.. Hey Sakura.. You're not gon'na leave school, right? You're going to make me and Chiru lonely.." My best friends, Rika and Reo, Yuu're, Kaine, all of them.. I just don't want to go to school right now.


"We are currently reporting an accident at 22nd and 53rd. A car crash between a truck and a mercedes seem to have hit a young boy. The young boy had seemed to run out into the street to save an injured cat from on-coming cars. We are not able to report his status as to the paramedics have requested not to reveal his condition. However, both the drivers seem to be well and came out with very few injuries, but were taken to the hospital for further examination."

Ah, thinking about how stupid I was. Did I have to run out and save that cat? Well, it was helpless, so I guess it's alright. But now, for all I know, I might be dead, or on the verge of dying.


I hear crying.. It almost sounds like my mother's voice, and her wet tears dripping onto my hand. She is sad. It pains me to hear her cry, it pains me to see her cry. It makes me want to cry. Despite my opinions towards life, I think my mother is the only person I would want to always be with, the one who I want to have there next to me.

I realized that I wasn't dead, that I was alive. I could open my eyes, but I was scared. It felt like I'd be engulfed by something if I opened my eyes. Slowly, carefully, cautiously, I opened my eyes, revealing my deep, gray eyes to the light in front of me. It was blurry for a moment, but as I waiting, everything cleared. I saw my mother, and the ceiling of a hospital room. I slowly turned my head, I still felt dizzy, but I wanted to see her face. I looked at my mother, my hand against her face, her eyes closed, tears dripping down my arm. Her gentle, warm hand was wet with tears, her once beautiful and young face is now covered with tears and contains wrinkles here and there. She must have not slept at all. She wore her pretty clothes, the striped black and white blouse I loved to see her wear, the white headband that seemed to glow against her black hair, the metal, gold-colored bracelet I bought for her when I was younger, her gorgeous heart-shaped necklace from my father. My mother was the mark of youth, she was beautiful, pretty, sexy, any word that describes her would be the most wonderful words anyone could think of. I couldn't help but crack a smile on my face.

As she let her head off my and her hand, she caught sight of my gaze and my smile, her eyes widened. She looked surprised. No, shocked. Her gentle streams of water upon her face were now roaring rivers. She reached down and hugged me, so tightly it felt like I was going to break. I shed a single tear, feeling her warmth as how cold I felt.

"Sakura.. Sakura.. I'm so.. S-so happy.." She spoke quietly, but there was much happiness in that voice of hers. I soon heard another shocked voice behind her. "Ah.. The patient.. He's.. Awake?!" The one who had this voice was a man. He had a low voice, and he sounded like he was a doctor. "Yes, my son! He's awake! I'm just.. Just so.. Happy.." My mother's voice, it was graceful and beautiful, I missed that voice. It seemed the doctor started to have a discussion with her.

I was hooked up to a machine that would help me breathe. There was a mask over my mouth so I had to breathe slowly and not inhale any faster than I am now. The doctor looked at the machine, then me. "Are you alright, boy?" The doctor looked me straight in the eyes, studying how I'm reacting to everything. I spoke softly, but enough for him to hear me. "I'm.. alright.." He smiled. "Is it painful?" I nodded slowly. Everything ached. Everything felt painful. I don't want to move.
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You're such an amazing writer <3 I can't even put into words how amazing this is. I love it and I hope you continue it soon~!
Posted 2/26/11 , edited 2/27/11
Starting off with the postive comments first, this story has few mistakes and captures the reader's attention right away. I love it <3 But as I said before, there are a couple of mistakes. Some things that could be changed or improved are that you could change some present tense words into past tense to make it sound better. But besides that, it's really amazing. Can't wait until you continue~!
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