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It's the zombie apocalypse!
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19 / F / Nevada
Posted 12/14/12 , edited 12/15/12
Theme song: B Team by Marianas Trench
Weapon: Toothbrush
Partner: My friend that is a guy
Health: White rice
Outfit: Pajamas
Posted 12/14/12 , edited 12/15/12
Theme: Streets on fire-lupe fiasco
Weapon:cell phone...?
Partner:little Sister
HP: Hotdog...
Outfit: Tanktop and basketbal shorts.

Well life was great for a bit

*calls in a nuclear airstrike* (I saves everyone with my phone )
Posted 12/14/12 , edited 12/15/12
theme song: Last Day of Summer- Action Item
weapon- My ipod shuffle
partner- My dog, (Maltipoo)
health potion- Brownies
outfit- Shorts, Kingdom hearts t-shirt, Senior sweatshirt.

If my ipod shuffle is my weapon, I'm dead. lol xD Unless i can distract the zombies with the songs.....?
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24 / M / Maryland
Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/15/12
Theme song: Sex Life-Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows
Weapon: scissors(not half bad)
Partner: My best friend since childhood (she's hot that's a win)
Health Potion: Strawberries
Outfit: Boxers, purple fuzzy socks, code geass t-shirt

bring it motherfuckers...
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