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Posted 2/8/11 , edited 2/8/11
Hi there~

May I introduce my self?
I'm Mei-chan, the head moderator (:'D) of this awesome group.
As you can probably see, I'm a close friend of the creator of this group, Mikki-san/ Doitsu-san
My favorite anime is Hetalia and Vocaloid~
...Yesh. That's it XD

Finland says: "even Christmas comes to the battlefield"

Okay now to the main topic~

Since I am the head mod, I can do stuff. lolol.
Now our theme is Vocaloid for February 7 to March 7.
Next month:

-insert drumroll here-

Will be poll'd.

Here are 2 possible themes, though:
---> Hetalia
---> Gakuen Hetalia (School Version, for those who don't know :>)

Yup, that's pretty much it!
Hope we get to be friends, yes?

Have fun~!!!

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