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Perfect World - Ether Saga Online
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28 / F / Toronto, ON
Posted 1/25/12 , edited 1/25/12
Used to play it like my life depended on it. Stopped at level 86? Blademaster, Sanctuary server. Helvinek.

I broke up with my girlfriend because of this game. And ended up meeting my first boyfriend/the love of my life because of it as well. Go figure!
Posted 10/30/12 , edited 10/30/12
I'm a retired player. I wish more people had played, it was really fun, but I got so busy with school that I dont have time anymore. I get on every once in a while now. its changed so much, but I wanna learn how to play it again cause i really do miss it
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25 / M / Australia
Posted 11/1/12 , edited 11/1/12
I have a level 120 on ancestral ruins (: quit ages ago though man this takes me back haha i remeber the old days of Dissidia/Slayers/Eternity all hatein on my guild haha because we won every territory war
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22 / F / In your closet : P
Posted 11/4/12 , edited 11/4/12
I used to play that game.
I want to again computer is too slow atm
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 5/1/13 , edited 5/1/13
Spring forum cleaning! Since it's a new month I'm closing all the old threads in room for the new ones. We close old threads from 6 months past with no activity. Please recreate if you wish to do so!
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