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Posted 2/8/11 , edited 2/9/11
Ok this is where all fight no mather what planet ship city or dream your are located will be hold
1: no god fight like i blast you whit my overpower super size mega plastrome banana gun and you are dead.
2: you can use overpower super size mega plastrome banana gun if you use it properly like i shoot your big asteroid thing and make it explode but my laser is now on recharge mode and i use me laser sword and jump toward you etc..
3: Fight must not last for all eternity plz i have seen to mutch fight that lasted for like 1 month and more so.
4: if me or a mod think that the fight last for to long we will ask you to stop it ok
5: READ THIS ok since this is for no the only pvp zone plz quote your partner and put all pass quote in spoiler so it will not be a endless message the repeti him self over and over if you don'T know who its done ask me or other people
6: I will name at each month the best fight i have read so make it cool. The winner can ask me anything and i will give him if i can (no i won'T give you my money n paypal and no no kiss etc:)) it must stay on the forum it could be a new ship for your characther a place in the mod a place in my bd etc.

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