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22 / F / California
Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/22/11

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20 / F
Posted 2/24/11 , edited 2/24/11
name - Shannon
gfx - profile
text -

size -
extras - anything that suits it
animation - surprise me
picture -

payment - yep
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20 / F / In The Ocean
Posted 4/7/11 , edited 4/7/11
name -Jikeya
gfx -avii
text -Coco
size -tall and thin
extras -Hearts
picture -
payment -yes,invited bubbies
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19 / F / ♥A house under a...
Posted 4/12/11 , edited 4/12/11
Hi there! I just joined and I just LOVED these edited photos that you people do <3
So please let me??
name - Usagi Sakura (written above) CherrimMew (written below)
gfx - Avii
text - (small saying under the name) Life is magical. Anything is possible.
size - tall and thin (longest possible size?)
extras - A big ribbon that has a leopard, white and brown, print on top of the avii.
Then small rabbits running up and down the avii.
Small cherry blossom branches around.
animation - None
picture - - Form these three girls top on top so it will make a long avatar. So it's like left girl on bottom middle in the middle and right girl on top.
- REFERENCE for the bunnies
- REF for the Cherry Blossom branches
And you'll be in charge of the leopard print ribbon, thank you ^^
payment - Group invitations sent to 83 users! 12 users are already members or invited to this group.
Thank you soooo much! I will be patiently waiting.
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22 / F / a place where eve...
Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11
name -Nightangale
gfx -avii
text -Yuya Matsushita
size -tall
extras -RnB stle
picture -
Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/19/11
name - Saeko-chan
gfx - Banner
text - I <3 Pikachu!
size -idk like a banner maybe?
extras -none
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