Land df Despair
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This is my first attempt at writing a Bleach story. The first chapter is a little sort but I hope that you enjoy it.

Land of Despair

Chapter 1

As he awoke, he shivered due to the stiff cold wind that was blowing on him. Ichigo looked around frantically until he remembered where he was. After the fight yesterday, Ichigo had somehow found himself in a different reality then his own. As the wind died down, he looked upon the vast barren wasteland in which he somehow appeared. It reminded him of the time that he spent in Hueco Mundo. He stared up into the large moon that lit up the desert to show its true beauty. The moon was so big and full that he felt as though he could just reach up and grab hold of it.

OK, rest time is over he thought to him self as he got up off from the sand that was his bed. Looking into the distance Ichigo could just make out the faint flickering of what could be lights. The same lights that he saw earlier as the sun set.Damn it I don’t seem to be getting any closer to those lights. It looks as though it is even further now than it was before I fell to sleep.” Ichigo said aloud due to his anger.

“Well I can’t stay here any longer. I am sure if I just keep going towards that direction I will find something. Maybe even someone that can at least tell me where the hell I’m at.”

He walked for days and days, only stopping to rest for a few minutes at a time. The feeling of loneliness was almost unbearable. It was almost the same feeling that had engulfed him when his mother had died so many years earlier. There was no one or anything to talk to, not even Zangetsu. There was nothing but sand. On his eighth day, a sand storm hit. It was such a massive storm that it even picked him up and sent him flying through the air. When Ichigo woke after the storm, he dug is way out of the sand that had almost completely buried him. He had no idea at all which way to even head to anymore.

Ichigo stood up and started to walk once more. He quickly fell to the ground once again, because he tripped on his tattered clothes. He stood up again but as he did, Ichigo noticed something in the sand. There in front of him, in the base of a sand dune was what looked like a door. As he got a little closer, he realized that it was indeed a door. As Ichigo proceeded to knock, he thought to himself what would he find on the other side. Alternatively, who or even what would answer his knock. There was no answer to his knock. He did it again this time even louder than before, still there was no reply. Then he tried to turn the handle only to find that the door would not open.

Then out of nowhere, Ichigo felt a hand grab his shoulder. Ichigo reacted by shifting his body to one side. In an instant, he had his sword in his hands and swung it forward. Ichigo stopped mere inches from hitting the person standing behind him.

Standing before Ichigo with a terrified look on his face was an elderly man. This man was dressed in many layers of tattered cloths.

“I’m I’m sorry” Ichigo spouted as he lowered his Zanpakuto.

“That’s okay son it appears as though I've startled you. I am the one who should be apologizing. After all, I did sneak up on you. Why don't we go inside there is another storm coming. It may not be as bad as the one last night but I don’t want to be standing out here talking when it hits.” he said with a soft smile on his face.

“Come in and sit down you look as though you have been walking for some time now.”

Ichigo stepped into a small two-room house, if that is what you want to call it. It was dark and a little cramped inside. They walked over and sat down at a small table.

“So you are not from around here are you? I know pretty much everyone from around these parts. But I don’t recognize you at all.”

“Oh I’m sorry I don’t know where my manners are. My name is Ichigo Kurosaki and I am not from this place at all.”

“Then did you get left behind from one of the traveling cities” the man asked.

“Can I ask you a question, it may seem strange but where are we?” Ichigo asked.

“Well before I give you an answer. I would like to ask you a few questions first,” said the old man.

“ The first thing I would like to know is if this your idea of a joke or something? By looking at you, you seem too old to be playing make believe,” said the man.

“What do you mean make believe? My name is Ichigo Kurosaki and I am a substitute soul reaper.”

“Like I said kid that is not funny. You should know that it was the soul reapers that caused this to happen in the first place. In addition, there are no more soul reapers left here in the soul society, and it has been that way for some three hundred years now. Didn’t your parents teach you anything?”

“What the hell do you mean, here in the soul society? Also what do you mean by there are no more soul reapers?”

“It is just as I said the soul reapers are to blame for all of this. The soul society was once green, lush and full of life. Nothing like what you see before you today.”

Ichigo just sat there with a stunned look on his face. As he thought to himself could this really be the soul society?

I hope that you liked the first chapter of my story. Please let me know what you think of it.
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Chapter 2

After hearing such words Ichigo’s head started to spin. That is when he started to hear a loud ringing in his ears. He started to think about his friends and family. He could see their images in his head. Then everything went pitch black, and the ringing in his ears became unbearable, and he passed out.
As Ichigo was floating through a pit of sorrow and despair, he thought to himself that if this was the end of his life then that was fine. All of his friends and family were long gone, so there was nothing worth fighting for in this barren world.

Then a faint dull light started to shine in the distance, it got brighter as it got closer to him. Soon the light surrounded Ichigo. It was a warm and gentle light. As the light wrapped itself around Ichigo, he was not afraid of it. To him it felt familiar; as though he was, complete somehow, the feeling of being completely safe. It was a feeling that he had been longing for most of his life. It was the feeling of being truly happy.

As the light faded away, he opened his eyes once again to see Orihime looking down at him saying that he was going to be fine. The sight of Orihime by his side shocked Ichigo; a look of joy crossed his face as he sat up and hugged Orihime so tight.

“You are alive I am so thankful to see you again. I have missed you so much please don’t ever leave my side ever again,” said Ichigo with tears rolling down his cheek.

“Okay, but I have not gone anywhere,” she said as she started to blush.

“Hey what are you doing Ichigo,” asked Rukia.

A puzzled look went across Ichigo’s face as he looked around to see that he was back in the land of the living. His friends were also there.

“Maybe that Hollow hit him in the head harder than I thought,” said Chad as he was standing next Rukia.

“Yeah if it were anyone but Ichigo that was hit in the head that hard, they surly would have some sort of brain damage. But since its Ichigo we don’t have to worry,” said Ishida with a smirk on his face.

“I can’t tell if that is a complement or not, ether way it’s not funny at all,” yelled Ichigo.

“Yeah it is, because it’s true,” said Rukia as she started laugh.

“Are you sure you feel alright now Ichigo,” asked Orihime

“Yeah I have a headache, but I’m fine. Anyways Orihime how long are you going to hug me?” Ichigo said while he started to blush when he looked into her eyes.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize that I was hugging you,” she said while thinking damn it why did he have to notice it.

“Well if we are done here, I have some things that need to be taken care of,” said Ichigo.

“Ichigo where are you going? If you want we can come with you,” said Rukia.

“ No that’s okay I will meet up with you guys later, like I said I have some things that I have to do so I will see you guys in a little while,” said Ichigo as he turned and walked away.

Everyone stood there and watched as Ichigo walked away from them and turned the corner.

“Do you guys think that there is some thing wrong with him?” asked Chad.

“I don’t know, sometimes he gets into his moods and just wants to be left alone. What do you think Orihime?” asked Rukia.

“I don’t know but when I was healing him I did not sense anything, it was as if he was not in there at all, just an empty shell,” said Orihime as she continued to look in the direction that Ichigo had walked off to.

After calmly turning the corner, Ichigo fell to his knees. As he sat there on the dirty sidewalk trying to figure out what had just taken place. He looked down at his hands that where shaking out of control. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves. He stood up and started to run as fast as he could.

“I guess I have no other choice other than going there to find out what the hell is happening to me,” Ichigo thought to himself as he sped off at full speed.
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Chapter 3

As Ichigo continued to run as fast as he could, he could only think of the experience that he had.

“What if it was not real? If it was not than what is wrong with me. In addition, if it was real than why am I here, and not there? Also if that is what is really going to happen than can I stop it from happening?” Ichigo thought to himself.

Ichigo turned a corner and entered the shopping district. Still running as fast as he could most of the people couldn't see him. Only a few people turned to look but only after he has gone by.

Meanwhile not far behind Ichigo Orihime appears. She is running through the shopping district, when she hears someone calling her name. She stops running and looks around at all of the shops that lined the main strip. It was crowded with housewives with small children, as well as school age kids, going about their daily routines. As Orihime continues to look around for the person that called out to her, a girl steps up from behind her and taps her shoulder. As Orihime turns around, she is startled to find her classmate and best friend Tatsuki Arisawa staring at her.

“Oh Tatsuki hi what are you doing?” asked Orihime.

“That’s my line, why are you running around here for? It’s almost like you are trying to follow someone,” she said while looking at Orihime’s face.

“Um, well I really don’t” Tatsuki cut her short.

“I know you can’t say. Although I’m sure that it has to with why Ichigo went flying through here a few moments ago.”

“Ichigo, I would not know anything about that,” said Orihime

Just then, Tatsuki and Orihime felt a very large overwhelming presence, then it was gone and then it was back but a little further away. Every few moments the presence would pop up and then disappear.

“Wow did you feel that?” asked Tatsuki

“Feel what, I did not feel anything,” Orihime said while trying to pretend that she did not feel it.
“When did she start to become so spirit sensitive, feeling spirit energy is one thing but to be able to see Ichigo in his soul reaper form is quite another,” she thought to herself.

“I have to get going now so I will see you later on Tatsuki,” Orihime yelled out as she started to run after Ichigo once again.

“Really that girl who does she think she is trying to fool. Please do not get hurt this time Orihime. Ichigo please look after her, she really can be a pain. I have a bad feeling something is about to happen, I hope you guys can handle whatever it is.” Tatsuki said while watching Orihime running down the block.

Ichigo turns the last corner and stops in front of a rundown looking candy shop. He slides open the door only to run into the very large Tessai Tsukabishi, standing right in the opening in a French maid outfit and a feather duster. Ichigo fell backwards on to the ground.

“You seem to be in a hurry Ichigo, did you need something?” he asked as he held out his large hand to help Ichigo up.

“Um do I even want to know why you’re in that get up?” he asked.

“It’s cleaning day, I always wear this on cleaning day, is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“Well I guess if you like those sort of things. Anyways I need to speak with your boss right away. Something happened to me that I need his help.” Ichigo said while trying not to laugh at the strange sight before him.

A few seconds after Tessai exited through a door that leads to the rear of the shop. Ichigo jumped when he heard a voice from behind him.

“So you need my help once again Ichigo,” said the voice.

As Ichigo turned around a dark figure stepped out for the shadows. As Ichigo’s eyes adjusted to the level of light, he saw that it was a man whom was wearing a hat down covering most of his face.

“How long have you been standing there?” asked Ichigo.

“Me? Well I have been here for a little while now. Since to day is cleaning day I take photos of Tessai for a certain web sight that I run. You would not believe how popular he is,” said Kisuke Urahara, with an evil grin on his face.

“Well I will have to pass on that one. However getting to the point of why I am here. It seems that something has happened to me. “

After Ichigo explained what had happened to Kisuke, while they were sitting down around the table inside of the living area of the shop. Kisuke sat there of a few seconds taking in the story that he had just heard. Then he lifted his head up to look at Ichigo.

“So what your saying is that either there is someone that has the power to control time and space, and took you to the future to see what is going to happen. Then they brought you back to the present time. On the other hand, your friends are correct and you dreamt it after hitting your head. Is that what you’re saying?” Kisuke asked.

“Well yeah I guess that is what I’m asking you. Since you used to head the research and development institute, I thought you might know something about it.”

“Seeing how you do have a large bump on your head. However being able to control time and space would be a great ability to have. As far as I know, there is not soul reaper with that ability. However if there was such a person than I don’t think that anyone would know about it,”

“Why wouldn’t anyone know about it?”

“Think about it, if one could control time. That person could re-write the world to the way that would want it. However doing something like that would change everything in the world. It’s called the butterfly effect. If you change just one thing in the time line, you will have no way of telling how it will affect the rest of that world.

“So what you’re saying is that you think that I just dreamt it all.”

“Let’s say it more like I hope that you just dreamt it. If I were you I would just head home and get some rest.”

“Yeah maybe you are correct I should get some rest,” said Ichigo as he stood up and then headed towards the front entrance.

Ichigo put his hand in the pocket of his shihakusho. Then he stopped dead in his tracks.

“What the hell is this?” Ichigo said as he then turned around with a look of wonder and shock on his face.

“What is the problem Ichigo? I thought you were going to head home for some rest.”

Ichigo held out his right hand. He opened it and sand fell from between fingers.

“I was not fighting at the beach today.
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Chapter 4

Orihime comes to a stop just out of sight of Kisuke Urahara’s shop. She settles into a dark spot next a rundown building. That is when she started to look around the surrounding buildings.

“I’m sure this is where Ichigo went to. If who is following him is here I’m sure I should be able to see them from here,” she thought to her self.

That is when she felt the same spiritual pressure as before. This time it appeared for a second but then it almost disappeared.

“It’s there but it is so faint I can barely feel it. But it seems to be coming from the side of Kisuke’s shop.”

As she slowly and carefully moved around in between the other building to circle around to ketch whomever it is off guard. Orihime stopped at the corner of the shop and used the mirror from her compact to see around the corner. There she saw someone standing at the side of the shop staring into what appeared to be a portal that was being used to spy on Ichigo and the others.

“That’s it figure it out, come on Ichigo I know that you can do it. You are the man that I fell in love with after all,” said the dark figure in a woman’s voice.

After hearing, the words that the stranger had just spoken Orihime immediately went on the offensive. As Orihime’s spiritual pressure spiked it did the air around her started to spin around her. It formed a tornado that surrounded her. She than yelled out the words I reject. In an instant, a streak of light flashed through the shadows of the dark alleyway.
Feeling the spike in Orihime’s pressure the stranger turned her attention towards Orihime. Within a blink on an eye, the light had reached its target. With a single swish of her hand, the stranger stopped it in its tracks.

“Well that sure is nostalgic I have not seen him in such a long time. It sure does bring back the memories.”

She waved her hand once again and it returned to Orihime.

“How did you just do that? In addition, what do you mean by that brings back memories? Have we met before?” asked Orihime

“Out of all of the people here I should have known that it would have been you to have found me. I am sorry but I cannot tell you who I am. If I did than things would change and I am not sure if it would be for the good, so I cannot take a chance. However, I will say that I know you more about you than anyone else. I know all of your hopes, dreams, and even you fears.”

The stranger stopped talking when she noticed that Orihime had charged forward towards her, actually trying to punch her. However, with a wave of her hand the stranger froze Orihime in her tracks, only a few feet away.

“Just what do you think you were going to do to me with that attack? That is not like you at all; with your current power levels, you are just throwing your life away. Do not worry soon you will become very strong. So strong, that some of your friends will start to become afraid of you. When that time comes do not try to hide your new powers from them. They will be there for you especially Ichigo. In the future Ichigo will make his feelings clear to you. No matter how long it lasts, it will be the best time in your life. I know that you cannot move but you can hear what I am saying. I’m telling you this because I want us to be happy with Ichigo even if it’s just for a little bit of time,” says the stranger as she steps out of the shadows revealing her identity.
As the stranger stepped into the dull light that shined in parts of the dank alleyway. Orihime was able to start seeing the stranger. She was tall, with a slender build. She wore form-fitting clothes, and had long blondish hair. Orihime’s eye widened when she took another step closer.

“By the look in your eyes I would guess that you have figured out who I am now. I am you Orihime,”

As she got even closer, she heard a yell come from behind her.

“Get away from Orihime.” Ichigo yelled just before he released a Getsuga Tenshou. A massive wave of destructive black energy shot out from his Zanpaktou.

The older Orihime stopped time with a wave of her hand moved out of the way and then started time once again. As the smoke cleared she was no were to be found. Then she suddenly appeared next to Ichigo, whom was in full Bankai mood.

“Wow I have always loved to see you in your Bankai. It truly is impressive, even if it is not complete at this time. I still think it is so sexy. I truly have missed you my love. It’s been so long since we have been together. “She says as tears start to fall down her face.

In a blink of an eye Ichigo swung his sword at his enemy, as he yelled “I will not forgive anyone how does harm to Orihime.”

“Harm to Orihime? I guess you have always been this thickheaded haven’t you?” She said as she stopped Ichigo’s blade with her bare hand. It has been some time since I could look deep into your eyes my love. You look so young compared to when we last parted ways.

Ichigo stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face. That is when he finally got a good look at the strangers face. He could not believe what was going on before his eyes. There standing before him holding the blade of his sword, is a fully-grown woman that looks exactly like Orihime. As their eyes met, Ichigo knew in an instant that the woman before him was indeed Orihime. His face turned pail and a chill went through his entire body, making him start to shake uncontrollably. His heart was pounding so hard, that he thought it would explode from his chest any moment. He tried to speak but no words left his mouth. All that he could do for that brief few seconds was to stand there.

“Or, Or, Orihime he stammered as he tried to talk. How is this possible? This must be a trick.”

“No my dear, It’s not a trick it is me whom you see before you. I am from the future, the very same future from which you have just returned.”

“Then I’m not going crazy.”

“No far from it. I took you to the future so that you could see for yourself what is going to happen. I need you to stop that future from coming true. Some things happened where I could not control where you ended up. I am sorry for that. When I found you, I sent you back before they could discover you. I know that you have many questions about what is going on. I cannot answer them here; we need to go back to that time there you will find the answers to your questions. I know that it is hard to believe what I am saying to you. However if you have any feelings for the past me, or should I say your present day, please come with me now.”

Ichigo looked the older Orihime in the eyes, within an instant Ichigo made up his mind.

“I will go with you, how could I not, if there is just the slightest of possibilities to prevent that future from happening. Then no matter what I must do to change it.”

Ichigo lowered his sword and steeped towards Orihime. Then he stopped and turned to the younger Orihime.

“Do not worry she will be just fine, she will be free her from the frozen time that is surrounding her in a few minutes after we leave.”

“Okay then I’m ready to go,” says Ichigo.

Ichigo walked towards Orihime with a determination in his eyes. Orihime opened her arms up as to give him a hug. Ichigo settled into Orihime’s chest, which brought a smile to her face.

“I must hold you like this so that we don’t get separated in time like we did the first time. So please hold on to me and relax it will only seem to take a moment. “Orihime says as she looks around the ally and thinks to herself, I just hope that no one herd or conversation. Then they just disappeared.

From out of the shadows that blackened the alleyway, two figures step into the light.

Well that is chapter four I hope that you enjoyed it.
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Chapter 5

When Ichigo opened his eyes, the darkness surrounded him once again. However, this time it was different. The overwhelming loneliness that he had felt before was gone. In its place was warmth, which he could not comprehend. He looks up into Orihime’s eyes, to see her smiling back at him.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“This is the void, a place of nothingness. It knows no time, or physical existences. It is merely what is between the ticking of time itself. This is where I call home now and then.” Explains Orihime as she holds Ichigo even tighter to her well-developed chest.

“What happened to you Orihime?” asked Ichigo as he managed to free his face from her cleavage.

“Let’s just say that things in that time did not work out for any of us. After the tragedy that happened to the Soul Society and the earth, things where bad for everyone you especially my love. Now we can’t stay here much longer or they will detect us, even in this void we are not really alone.”

“Who will detect us? Is it Aizen and his Esparta?”

“No Aizen died with that explosion that devastated everything. The ones that I speak of are the king of Soul Society and his court. They are the true villains of our worlds. They are the ones that could have done something to stop Aizen before it happened. However, they refused to help, saying that what we bugs do is our own bisness.

“I didn’t think that they would let something like that happen. What is the since of having a king if he is not going to do anything for his people?” Ichigo asked.

“Well when they do interact with our world it is only for their amusement and nothing more. I must leave you once more my love. However, this time I will place you where you need to go. Don’t worry there are friends there.”

“Why do keep calling me your love? What happens between us?”

“What happens you ask well we get married of course? That story has to wait until another time though. I must leave you before it is too late. Don’t worry we will see each other soon.” Orihime smiled one last time as she started to disappear.

Ichigo started to run towards Orihime yelling, “Why don’t you just tell me what I need to know to change the future.”

“Because I can not do that, I told you that I have restriction. Please be careful so that our future together is ruined.” Was the last thing that Ichigo heard her say.

Ichigo stopped running and looked around his surroundings. It is a dank alleyway that was not the same one where he left his Orihime. The buildings were closer together. The air was stale it smelled like a sewer system that has been broken for quite some time. Ichigo pulled his shirt up over his nose and mouth, trying not to throw up. It was indeed a city unlike anything that Ichigo had seen on earth or in the soul society. Most of the buildings resembled shacks than the normal houses or buildings you would see in a city. Most of the shacks were in disrepair. Many of the buildings are missing pieces and the once bright paint has faded by the relentlessness of the sun and sand. Ichigo could fell the rumbling in his entire body as the city moved a crossed the barren sand. As Ichigo took a closer look, he could make out a few taller buildings towards the center of the city. That is where I might get a few answers Ichigo thought to him self. As Ichigo started to walk to the center of the city, he started to come across some more of its inhabitants. For the most part, they did not say much to him. It was as if everyone is on a drug or something. Most of the people were just sitting around not doing anything, surrounded in their own filth.

“Is this what the world has come to? He asked himself, as he looked around. From what the old man was saying, he made it sound like these roving cities were prosperous. I wonder why it is like this. Well I guess things are pretty hard to come by around here.

Just then, Ichigo heard a voice yell out. “Someone stop that thief. Ichigo turned to see two people running down the roadway towards him. As the first one ran past Ichigo, he got a good look at him. He was a young kid no more than eight years of age. His cloths are tattered and dirty, his eyes sunken in and his cheeks are hollowed. It is obvious that the kid has not been eating properly. However this did not stop him from running as fast as he could to get away.
Unfortunately for the kid the man was right on his heels. The clothing the man was wearing was not as tattered as the kids and by the way his stomach protruded outward he surly has not missed any meals. As he ran past Ichigo he gave him a dirty look as to say you could have stopped him. Ichigo turned to look at what was happening as the tow of them ran to the end of the alleyway which is a dead end. As they reached the end the man yelled out “I got you now you little bustard this will teach you to steal from me. I’m going to kill you.” He then pulled out a knife and started towards the kid. The child’s eyes grew wider as the terrified look took over his face. As he realized that this was going to be the end of his life.

In a flash Ichigo was standing between the two of them. Ichigo grabbed the blade of the knife by the hand and snapped in two. His eyes almost bugged out of his head as Ichigo stared deeply at him. The man then ran away as fast as he could, stopping only to yell obscenities at the two as he ran away back to his shop.
Ichigo then knelt down and rubbed the kids head as he asked him if he was okay. The boy looked into Ichigo’s eye and smiled. Ichigo was shocked to see the boy’s reaction towards him. As Ichigo got a closer look at him, he felt as though something was familiar about him.

“I’m I’m okay, the boy stuttered as he was trying to hold off his tears. That man didn’t scare me one bit, he is lucky that I didn’t kick his ass. “

Ichigo started to chuckle a little as he stood up. “So what did you steal from that man too make him want to kill you?”
The boy turned and looked away from Ichigo in shame. Because he knew that he had been fond out.
“It was just an apple. It’s not like he did not have plenty more of them. Also it is not even for me, my mother is sick. They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so I thought it would make her feel better. My father is off working two jobs to try to get the medicine that she needs. So it is up to me to take care of her.”
Ichigo’s eyes started to tear up while hearing the boy talk. “You have it pretty tough around here don’t you kid?”

“Sir are you okay?” he asked.

“Sir, I’m not that old you know. My name is Ichigo.”

“Ichigo? I think I have heard that name from somewhere before. Anyways where did you learn to run so fast? The only one I have seen move like that is my father.”

“Your father you say? I would like to meet him if I could. Ichigo said with a curious look on his face.
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Chapter 6

Orihime screams out “Ichigo don’t go with her, there is something about her.” As she returns into current time, she stops herself as she realizes that she is no longer in the alleyway. She looks around to find that she is instead in a small room. The room seems to be familiar to her. It light level is dim as she looks around the room she notices that there are other people in the room with her.
“Who is there?” She yells out into the dark room. As the lights get brighter, she hears a voice coming from the corner.
“It’s just us Orihime,” said the voice.
As her eyes adjusted to the light Orihime found Kisuke Urahara kneeling in the corner near the door. Then she turned to see Yoruichi Shihoin, kneeling on the floor next to her.

“We found you in the alleyway, and we couldn’t leave you alone in that state. Who knows what would have happened to you if someone else found you. This is not the best of neighborhoods,” said Yoruichi.

“I see then thank you both for taking care of me until now. However I really need to get going there is someone that I need to find.” Orihime said while looking out the door.

“He is not here anymore, he went with her. On the other hand, should I say he went with the other you, “said Kisuke.

“So then you.”

“Yeah we know that you from the future have come to get Ichigo to try to change our future and her past. There is no doubt that you are one with her. Furthermore, it seems that you are going to have the power to control time and space its self. You my dear are going to be our secret weapon in this war. With your help there will no one who could defeat us.” Kisuke said with a glint in his eyes.

“I do not understand. I do not have those kinds of powers.”

“Not yet you don’t however they are already starting to manifest them self. While frozen in time, you were still able to moving. It was a small amount however, it was enough to surprise the other you. It must be that she did not start to notice her own powers until a later date. Anyways we are going to help you awaken and control your new powers. Is that something that you want to do? Once you have control I am sure that you will be able to find Ichigo.” Yoruichi says while smiling at Orihime.

“Well if you think that I can do it then I will do whatever it takes to get Ichigo back to me, I mean to us.
Orihime said while blushing. So when do we start my training?”

“We will start right away, because it’s not like you have to explain things to your parents on where you are going to be.” Yoruichi said while motioning for Kisuke to start moving out of the way.

“Okay, I can do this if it’s for Ichigo.” Orihime said with a look of determination on her face as she followed Kisuke and Yoruichi down into the basement on the shop.

As Ichigo and the kid walked down the alleyways, Ichigo could not help but to feel bad for the kid. The houses in this area were at least a little better than the one they were previously . However, the living conditions are still very bad. They stopped in front of a shack made of sheets of metal.

“Okay Ichigo we are here, this is where I live. It’s not much but this is what we have,” said the kid as he smiled up at Ichigo.
Ichigo knelt down and placed his hand on top of the kids head. ”I like you kid, you know I don’t even know your name.” Ichigo said as he was rubbing the child’s head.

“I am sorry Ichigo, my name is Chad.”

Ichigo heart started to beat harder when he heard the boy’s name.
“Chad you say I have a friend with that same name.” Ichigo said as he stood up. “Say Chad could you tell me the name of your father and mother?”

“Of course I can how hold you think I am. Their names are dad and mom.” Chad said with a big smile on his face.

“Sure their names are mom and dad. What was I thinking? Well should we go in so I can meet them?” Ichigo said sarcastically.

Chad unlocked the door and yelled into the house. “Mom, dad I’m home and I brought home a friend that wants to meet you guys.” However, there was no reply to his call. “Well it looks like dad is at one of his jobs. Mom must be feeling better today so she probably went out for a walk. You can come in and wait for them if you would like. I’m sure that they should be back any time soon.”

As Ichigo entered the house, he looked around for any clue on whom Chad’s parents are. As he looked around, he saw no pictures. In fact, he did not find much of anything. This family had very little of anything. The floors were dirt, there very little furnishings at all. Ichigo was about to sit down on one of the three chairs that were in the room when he heard someone come through the door.

“Chad I’m home from work. How have you been today son?”

“Dad I’m so glad that your home. I brought someone for you to meet. He can run really fast like you and is really strong too.”

The man reached down next to the door and pulled out a katana from a compartment, then started to swing it at Ichigo. As Ichigo was dodging the attacks. This was not easy do to the confines of the small house. Ichigo looked at the face of his Aponte and stopped dead in his tracks. Just as the blade of the katana was slicing downward. The man stopped his attack, he looked down to find Chad pulling his leg and crying.

“Please dad don’t hurt my friend, he saved me from a scary man with a knife today. Ichigo is a good person please daddy do not hurt him.

The man looked up at Ichigo and a look of shock and fear filled his face. He shoved his son away and in a blink of an eye, his blade was against Ichigo’s neck.
Just then, they heard a woman’s voice yell out. “Stop Renji, don’t do it.”
They all turned to see Rukia standing in the doorway, with her hand clutching her chest.
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Chapter 7

Rukia was standing in the doorway, clutching her chest. “Renji am I in a delusion or is that Ichigo?” she asked just before she started to fall to the ground. Ichigo yelled out to Rukia and tried to run to her side. However, in an instant Renji was by her side with Chad behind them. Renji was holding with her in one arm and with the other pointing the blade at Ichigo.
“Stop right there I do not know you are. However, I know that you are not Ichigo Kurasaki. He is dead we saw it with our own eyes. Therefore, you need to back off away from my family.

“Look Renji it is me Ichigo, I don’t know what it is that you saw but believe me I am Ichigo. The last thing I remember is that Orihime from the future brought me here. To learn about the future so that I could change it, so that none of this would happen. “

“Don’t you dare mention that woman’s name, she is the one that killed our Ichigo.” yelled out Rukia as she punched Ichigo in the face sending him flying against the far wall of the room.

“What do you think you are doing Rukia? You did not have to do that I had it under control you know.” Renji yelled over at Rukia as he was standing over Ichigo’s unconscious body. “Man he sure does just like Ichigo did before he disappeared before the disaster that happened to the Soul Society and the human worlds.”
“If he is telling the truth that she brought him here than maybe he could really be him.” Rukia said with some excitement in her voice. Rukia reached down and touched Ichigo on the cheek. She then looked over at Renji, who had a weird look on his face. “Do not worry my love I on longer have those kinds of feelings for Ichigo. The only ones that I love are you and our Chad,” she says as she over at them.

“Mom and dad what is going on here, I don’t understand what happening. Ichigo helped me earlier so I brought him to meet you and this is what happens. No wonder I don’t have any friends,” says Chad with tears in his eyes.

“Come here Chad. A long time ago before the world turned into what it is now. Your father and I had a friend by the name of Ichigo Kurasaki. He was a very close friend of ours. We almost named you after him. However having to hear his name all of the time would have been to painful. Therefore, we ended up naming you after another friend that had past away. The truth of the matter is that your father and I were both soul reapers, as well as Ichigo. We all fought many great battles together and after the last battle when everything turned into sand. Some of us could not take what had happened not only to the Soul Society but also to the world of the living. Most of the soul reapers perished in the great explosion. Leaving the ones that lived on in a great amount of pain and confusion.
Except for Ichigo, he pushed himself past his own sorrows. He started moving everyone forward. The remaining people in this world decided that what had happened was because of the Soul Reapers. Therefore, they turned against them, and even managed to kill some of them. After that, we Soul Reapers went into hiding and give up being Soul Reapers. Your father and I along with our friends Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad wandered around until we came to this place. This is where we all decided to settle down, and start anew. However, soon after we arrived here in this city Chad past away from an illness. That just left the four of us. Ichigo and Orihime got married and things were good for the four of us. At least for a while, you see Ichigo was not just a Soul Reaper, He also shared the same powers of Hollows, which were the monsters that we as Soul Reapers fought. We all kept an eye on Ichigo because of those extra powers. However we over looked the powers of one person. Orihime had a power of her own that no one saw coming this power when it fully awakened made he go insane. Ichigo tried his best to stop Orihime; however, her new powers were too great. She killed Ichigo.
With the knowledge of what she had done. To kill the only person that she had ever loved drove her further over the edge. Orihime left this world and has never comeback. That happened over one hundred years ago, we have never seen of her since then.
The man that you see here laying at my feet, really is the same Ichigo Kurasaki that your father and I knew back then. I felt it the moment that my fist touched his face.” She said as she picked up her son and held him tightly.

“Well if you knew that it was me than why did you let me pretend to be a sleep?” Ichigo says as he starts to get up from the floor.

“I thought that you probably had a lot of questions about what happened. So I let you know without you having to ask.

“So that is what happens in this time. I guess that if I am going to stop this future than I’m really going to have to stop Aizen. I guess when I get back to my time then maybe Kisuke can come up with a good idea.

“Did you say Kisuke? Because we found out after the disaster that he was actually working the King’s orders. He could have stopped Aizen at anytime, however the king told him not to do it. Renji told Ichigo just before giving him a long hug.

“Why wouldn’t the king stop Aizen if he could? That does not make any since.”

“You see we found out that the king and his followers think that they gods. They also believe that we are just mere bugs to them. So they do not care what happens to any of us. Kisuke seems to be like a go between, him and that demon woman of his Yoruichi. If I seem again I don’t think I can control my anger. “Renji said angrily while to Ichigo.

“So they are here in this city?” asked Ichigo

“Well occurs they are they are the ones in charge. They sit up in their tower and only come down to collect taxes and to kill people.” said Renji.

Before Ichigo could say another word he fell to the ground with a splitting headache. He started to hear the same loud noise that he heard before he would time travel. However this time it was something different than before. Instead of going black a strange purple light flashed everywhere. Ichigo then blacked out for a second in time. When he awoke he found himself still talking to Renji and Rukia. However there surroundings had completely changed. The shack that they were in had been transformed into a nice house. There were many valuable items throughout the house. However what had changed the most was Renji and Rukia. Their cloths were not tattered Renji was wearing a fine suit. Rukia had on a silk low cut dress that was very reveling to say the least.

“Yo boss I asked you what you want to do about the old man and his shop. He is refusing to pay tribute to Kisuke. Should we kill him as an example to the rest of the scum in that area?” Asked Renji to Ichigo.

“I’m sorry what was that you said? I thought you just asked if we should kill someone.”

“Why would you ask a stupid question like that Renji? You know how Ichigo handles anyone who stands up against the big boss. Now why don’t you get out of here Ichigo and I need some alone time, if you know what I’m saying. Rukia said as she started to take off her dress.

“Okay I’m going now but Ichigo remember that you have a meeting with the big boss in a few hours so do not take to long.” Renji said as he was laughing as he shut the door behind himself.

“Now where do you want to start my dear, in the bedroom or here in the living room?” Rukia said as she wrapped her naked body around Ichigo.
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Chapter 8

Orihime is bending over trying to catch her breath, in what looks like the middle of a battlefield.

“I can’t believe that I did it Yoruichi.” Orihime yelled out the best that she could. “Do you really think that it will be okay to leave him in the void in between time? She asked.

“It can’t be helped you heard Kisuke, Aizen it now immortal so we can’t kill him. This is the only thing that we can do. Because he does not posse the same powers as you and since we also removed the Hougyoku,
He will never gain those kinds of powers. So that is the best place for him.” Yoruichi said as she wrapped her arms around Orihime and gave her soft and gentle kiss on the lips.
After a few seconds, Orihime ended the kiss and looked to see if anyone was around.

“Yu-Chan what are you doing someone might have seen us.” Orihime said coyly while looking into her eyes.
“That’s okay my dear sweet Orihime, It’s just the two us here. Just like when we were training.” Yoruichi said while caressing Orihime’s cheek softly with her hand.
“So now that this is over I can start to look for Ichigo right? Because you and Kisuke said that I could when it was over,”
“Oh honey, just because we defeated Aizen that does not mean that we are done. We still have things that we need you to do before we can let you take off. Think about the person that took Ichigo is you in the future, then that she knows that you have awakened your powers. I am sure that she has more experience using your powers. So she has probably put up some kind of a barrier so that you can’t detect him.”

“So you’re saying that I won’t ever find him?”

“No I’m not saying that at all, I think that you need more experience with your powers, before you can take her on. So just do as Kisuke and I tell you to do and in no time you will be ready.”

“I guess your right, it’s just when it comes to Ichigo I just can’t think straight.”

“Well that’s enough for today you really did a great job. Go straight home and get some rest, my little kitty.” Yoruichi said as she swatted Orihime on the butt.

“Okay than I’m heading home then, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Orihime said as she started to walk down the road towards he home.

Yoruichi heard a voice come from someone in the dark. “So do you think that we can keep using her like that?”

“As long we can keep Ichigo away from her she will do whatever we tell her to do.”

“Do you think that you are getting a little close to her my dear?” Asks Kisuke as he steps out of the shadows where he was watching.

“If I didn’t know you better, I would say you are jealous Kisuke.”

“Well maybe I am.”

“Jealous of me, or are you jealous of Orihime?”

“Maybe a little bit of both.” Kisuke said with an evil smile.

“You will have to wait your turn my dear.” Yoruichi said as she walked over and kissed him on the lips.


“Now where do you want to start my dear, in the bedroom or here in the living room?” Rukia said as she wrapped her naked body around Ichigo.
Ichigo held Rukia against himself for a brief second. Then he suddenly pushed her away. The look on his face resembled that of a deer in the headlights.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing? Ichigo said as he was staring at Rukia, then he turned his head and started to blush at the sight of Rukia’s naked body.

“Wow your going to get shy now. I have not seen that look in quite a long time. I mean after the things that you have done to this body, and now you get embarrassed. Are you sure that you are feeling okay. Did someone hit in the head or something? She said as she started to approach Ichigo once again.

“Stay over there, also please put some cloths on.”

“Now I know something is wrong with you, for you to want me to put my cloths back on. Or are you just trying to play hard to get?” Rukia said as she covered herself up.

“How can you do something like this with me when you and Renji are married, and have a kid together?” Ichigo yelled out at Rukia.

“Married to Renji? What in the hell are you talking about. There is nothing going on between Renji and myself. Moreover, as far as me having a child, I think that I would remember something like that. Besides I can’t stand kids you know that.” However if you want to bring Renji in to our relationship I might not be against something like that. Anyways you have to get ready for your meeting with Kisuke. I’m sure that he wants to talk about what you guys are going to do next to get more money from these animals that live around here.”

“That’s another thing what’s all this talk about me working as a gangster for Kisuke?”

“I know you can’t wait to take him out and become the boss. However as long as he has that bitch Orihime by his side, we can’t make a move on him.”

“Orihime is with Kisuke? What do you mean by that?”

“I’m sorry that I brought up her name, I know that you still have a little thing for her. However, you have to let that go. She turned you down along time ago to be with Kisuke and Yoruichi. You know I think there maybe still enough time for quickie.” Rukia said slyly as she dropped her robe to the floor.

“No we can’t do something like that.” Ichigo protested as Rukia once again jumped on him.

“You keep saying no however I can tell that your body is saying yes.”

Just then, Ichigo felt a hand touch his shoulder. He slowly turned to see the full-grown Orihime standing behind him. She looked very pissed off.

“You know you can put her down anytime now, I stopped time so she dose not know that I’m here.”

“It’s not what it looks like, I mean she is naked and all but I was not trying to well you. Ichigo stammered while blushing.
“You don’t have to explain anything to me, I’m the time traveler, and I know what is going on. Somehow, the other I awoke her powers much earlier than what was supposed to happen. When that happened, it changed the future. Also without your influence over the other me Kisuke and Yoruichi were able to manipulate her into making their plans in to reality. They started by trapping Aizen in the void between time. After that, they set their eyes taking over the Soul Society. However, I do not know yet what causes the worlds to end. At first it was Aizen, now I am afraid that it could be something that the other me is going to do. Ichigo if it is something that she is going to do than for the better good of the world, you are going to have to stop her before it is too late.”
That is the last thing that Ichigo heard before he felt himself going through the emptiness of time once again.
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Chapter 9

“Ichigo, Ichigo, can you hear me, are you okay?”

Ichigo slowly opened his eyes, only to find himself in Rukia’s arms. Ichigo freaks out when he realizes that her face is merely a few inches away from his own. He jumps up out of her arms in the blink of an eye. Then he starts to stammer incoherently.

“We can’t do this Rukia I just do not have those kind of feelings for you. I mean in the beginning I thought that maybe you and I could. However now I just do not. Especially since the future, you and Renji had together. I do not want to do anything else that would put a stop to it.” Ichigo says as fast as he could with only one breath.

“Are you okay? I find you unconscious on the ground in front of the house. After being missing for the past three months, now you are talking all this nonsense about Renji and me. What the happened to you and where in the hell have you been Ichigo? Do you have any idea how worried everyone has been? We have all be looking for you everywhere we could think to look for you. This whole time Orihime has been completely beside herself. For some reason she is blaming herself for your disappearance. So much so, that she went and started some sort of secret training with Kisuke and Yoruichi. Ichigo she has gotten so strong in such a short amount of time. Just yesterday Orihime, Yoruichi and Kisuke somehow they defeated Aizen. However, they are not saying exactly how they did it, only that he is somewhere that he will never be able to return. That really has the captain commander in an uproar. I am not sure what is going to happen next. Well I am really glad that you are back from wherever you have been, however I have a bad feeling that something is about to happen.” Rukia said with a sad look in her eyes.

“Well after you hear what I have to tell you, that the feelings you are having are going to be ever worse.” Ichigo says with a depressed look on his face.
Ichigo continues to tell Rukia about what had happened to him, and what the future awaits for both worlds. In addition, he told her what the future Orihime had told him. It took a few minutes for everything that he had told her to sink in.

“So do you have any ideas on what we can do to stop that from happening?” Rukia asked in a broken voice.

“Orihime seems to be the key to everything that is going to happen. I think the first thing that we need to do is to separate her from those two.”

“Well now that you are back that should be a piece of cake. She said that all of the training she was doing was to get you back.”

“I got a feeling that it is not going to be that easy. She is a big part of Kisuke’s plains; he is just not going to let her go. That much I am sure. He has been working for the soul king all of this time. Now he and Yoruichi want to takeover the soul society, with the power that Orihime possesses he could definitely make that happen.”

“Are you sure that you are telling me everything? It just seems that the Orihime would know her own weaknesses.”

“I find that hard to believe myself.” They heard a voice from the back of the room say.

Ichigo and Rukia both turned around quickly only to find the captain commander Yamamoto, standing in the back of the room. A look of sheer terror filled the eyes of both Rukia and Ichigo. As Ichigo explained what had happened to the captain from the very beginning. You could literally see the fire growing within his eyes, as he sat there not saying a word. For about two or three minutes the only thing that he did was to sit in the chair and tap his cane on the floor. Ichigo was about to go nuts waiting to hear what he was going to say. Just then, the captain stopped tapping his can and looked up at Ichigo. Ichigo and Rukia’s eyes widened with anticipation. The old man looked into Ichigo’s eyes and said.

“Well I got nothing at all.”

Ichigo flipped out and was about to hit the old man in the head when Rukia stopped his arm from making contact. The old man’s eyes grew very cold as he looked directly into Ichigo’s eyes, and said, “That is unless you want to kill them all. I do not see any other way out of this. I will let you know this, over these few years I have grown very fond of you and your friends Ichigo, especially Orihime. She has a smile that I think could melt snow in the coldest places on earth. She really is a very special person. Not to mention that she has one hell of a body.” He said with a great big grin on his face.

“You can’t say those kinds of things; you are the commander you are supposed to be above all of those kinds of thoughts.” Rukia yelled as she tried to punch the old man. However, he dodged all of her attacks with ease.
“My dear you are about three hundred years to early to try to catch me.” He said as he pinched her butt and laughed aloud.

“Are you going to do something about this Ichigo, or am I to handle it? You need to let me know now because it has to be handled right away.” The old man said with the intense look on his face.

“Yeah I will handle it. I will do what ever it takes to stop that future from happening no matter what.”

“Good my boy, I’m so glad to hear you say that. However you only two days to put a stop to their plane, if you have not accomplished it by that time. I will have no other choice but to step in. You do know what I am saying don’t you Ichigo?”

“Yeah it means that you will kill them.”

“I’m glad you understand my boy. Ichigo I know that it is a hard thing for you to do. However, I know that you will be able to think of someway to get the job done, without killing her. My boy you have always surprised me in everything that you have done. I will be counting on you.” He said as he step through the gate that connected the world of the living and the Soul Society. Stepping out of the gate on the other side, the captain stopped and looked up at the sky.

“I don’t envy you my boy. I am sorry things turned out this way Ichigo. It is not my decision to make you do this. I really do hope that you can do it in time, before he makes me step in.”

“Welcome back sir. I hope that your tip to the world of the living went well.” Said a man that suddenly appeared before the captain.

“Your timing is always perfect Byakuya Kuchiki, I need you to get word to all of the other captains. I have a very important mission that must be carried out immediately.”

“Can I ask you what the objective of this mission is sir?”

“You and your fellow captains will be eliminating Ichigo Kurasaki, Orihime Inoue, Kisuke Urahara, and Yoruichi Shihoin, and anyone that tries to stop us. These are the orders that have come directly for the king himself. Do you have a problem with caring out these orders Byakuya?”

“No sir if it is an order than I will do what is necessary.”
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Chapter 10

In a large brightly light room standing at attention, divided into two groups were the captains of the Soul Society. Standing waiting to hear what captain commander had to say to them. Sitting in a large chair near the end of the room sat Captain Yamamoto. He sat there stroking his long gray beard that reached down to his navel, looking distracted. He then took a deep breath and looked over at the captains with a cold look in his eyes.
“I have brought you all here today to inform you all of the orders that I have received directly from the king himself. We are to eliminate Kisuke Urahara, Yoruichi Shihoin, Orihime Inoue, Ichigo Kurasaki and anyone else whom my stand against these orders. As you know, we follow his orders without question or hesitation. If any of you have a problem with these orders, step up now and I will hear what you have to say.”

The captains looked at one another with looks of shook and disbelief on their faces, until one of them stepped forward out of their line up. Captain Yamamoto lifted his head to see whom had decided to not to follow the orders that he had just given. As he looked up his steely eyes meet those of captain Soi-Feng, the captain of the 2nd division. Standing between the two lines of captains stood a short petite woman with gray eyes. She has short hair except for the two long braids wrapped in white cloth.

“I can not go against my former master. Therefore, I will not be going on this mission nor will any of my men. I am sorry I must refuse this order.”

In a flash the captain commander kneeling down over Soi-Feng’s lifeless body. With one hand still on the face, he asks the remaining captains, if there were any others that felt the same way. The other captains just stood there, watched as the blood from the back of her head leak out, and formed large dark red puddles on the mats that they were standing on.

“If there are no more objections you are all dismissed. You will each receive you individual orders within the next few hours, now leave my alone.

“Yes sir”, they all said before leaving through the door. They each took one last look at Soi-Feng’s lifeless body as they left the room.

“Sir my will you allow me to look at her.” Asked Retsu Unohana, the captain of the 4th division,

“Captain Unohana, could you be siding with that traitor instead of your king?”

“No sir I am trying to do my job by taking care of someone that is hurt.” She said wile looking directly into his eyes.

“That will not be necessary no leave, go back to your men.

“Yes sir” and with a flash she was gone.

“Byakuya Kuchiki, I will leave her to you, you do know what to do don’t you.”

“Of course I do sir; I will take care of everything, so worry not.”

“So than are all of the preparations ready?”

“Yes sir the captains are ready as well as the three men from each division.”

“Then shall we go to the world of the living. To Ichigo Kurasaki’s destiny, Ichigo I really hate to do this to you however something has to happen. With the abilities that you have now and what is lying just underneath waiting to get out. That combined with the new powers of Orihime. It will make you even more powerful than the soul king. I just can not stand by any longer. I do hope that you will understand, what is about to happen must happen of the greater good of both of our worlds.” The Captain Commander said as he instructed everyone to move forward through the gate.
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Chapter 11

The door suddenly slides open with a bang. Everyone turns quickly to see whom it was that just entered the room. Kurasaki-kun it is nice of you to be finally joining us, after three months. The teacher said while standing in front of the class.

“Um, I have been kind of sick as of late so.”

“I am well aware of you sickness, your father has informed us of your sever case of hemorrhoids. I must say I did not know that they could be life threatening. Please take your seat that is if you can sit down. You really should thank your father for letting us know all about you progress with your illness.”

“No I can sit just fine, as for my father I will definitely thank properly the next time I see him.”

All of the Ichigo’s classmates laughed at the conversation that was going on in front of the class. As Ichigo walked over to his desk, He could not help but to notice the look of excitement on Orihime’s face. The smile on her face seemed to overpower the rays of the sun itself. Throughout the first part of class, Ichigo kept looking over at Orihime, whom was still staring at him. As soon as the bell had rung, she sprung up from her desk and ran as fast as she could out of the classroom. Her actions confused and relieved Ichigo all at the same time. Seeing as there was only a few minutes in-between classes, Ichigo stayed in his seat.

“Wow so it really is the great Ichigo.” Said Keigo Asano who is by far, what you would call an average person in all aspects of the word. The best way to describe Keigo is that he is of average height, build, and looks. Even grades, nothing about him sticks out. Most of all to Ichigo he is one of the few people that he can call a friend.

“Of course it’s me who else would it be?”

“So Ichigo where were you really? It really does not take a genius to know that the story your father told everyone was fake. So did you get into a fight or was it perhaps a girl? Or maybe it was a fight with the yakuza over a girl.”

“Just who the hell do you think I am? You know what never mind do not worry about it. What matters is that I’m here with you guys.” Ichigo said with an obvious fake smile on his face. The fake smile really set Keigo back.

“Yeah, if you say so. You know we are still friends and you can talk to me, I my not have all of the answers. However, I can still listen to your problems, sometimes just much alone. Anyways I have to get back to my seat now, so I guess I talk to you later.” Keigo said as he walked back towards his seat, with his head hung low.
“Keigo wait I just.” Ichigo stopped in mid sentence as Orihime interred back into the room.

This time instead of giving him a smile as before, She avoided eye contact altogether. She also seemed very distant, for the rest of the school day. Even at lunch, she ran away before Ichigo could say anything to her.

“Ichigo what the hell did you do to Orihime? If I find out you hurt her in anyway I will beat you to death.” Said Tatsuki Arisawa

“What do you mean by hurt her? I have not been able to say one word to her since I got to school. I have no idea what this is all about.”

“You do know that she has been looking for you ever since you disappeared three months ago.”

“Yeah I heard about it from Rukia.”

“I have no idea what she has been doing, however recently she has started to change. I do not know how to describe it. The best why I can say it is that there is something not right about her. Ichigo please tell me where you were, you had us all so worried. Is it about the Soul Society and you being a Soul Reaper?”

Ichigo’s face turned pale when he heard what she had just said. “How did you know about that? I mean what are you talking about?”

“You think that you guys are the only ones that can see those monster and the Soul reapers. I’m not the only one either.”
Just then, the bell rang for the end of lunch. “I’m sorry I can’t talk about it right now. However I promise that I will talk to you about it, okay. But right now we have to get back to class.”

After the final bell rang to let out school, Ichigo made a beeline to the main gates of the school. Therefore, that she would have to talk to him, or so he thought. As soon as they spotted one another, Orihime used her powers to stop time so that she could easily avoid having to talk to Ichigo. After time resumed she was no were to be seen.

“So that is how she wants to play things. Then I guess I have no other choice after all. She said that was the last resort, but I guess I have to.” Ichigo said as he stared into the distance, and then ran off towards Orihime’s home.

“Why is it that she is avoiding you Ichigo? Could it really be as old man said it was? This is going to be a big problem my friend. A fight with you like this is not going to be any fun at all.” Said the man that was standing at the top of the building, over looking where Ichigo was standing. Suddenly he heard a voice that came from behind him.

“Kenny are you sure that this is the right thing to do? I mean Ichi has been our friend for some time now. How are he supposed to kill a friend?”

“Well you know I only follow orders that I really want to follow. If I can fight him again at his full powers. Then and only then would I not feel bad for killing him, or any of his friends for that matter. However, they are all small fries so I would not waste my time on them. Now let’s get going, our job for now is to keep an eye on him.” He said through cold steely eyes just before they both disappeared.

Moments later Ichigo knocks on Orihime’s apartment door. What he sees on the other side when she opens the door he was not prepared to see.
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Chapter 12

As the door to Orihime’s apartment swung open, Orihime greeted Ichigo. Who was wearing nothing except for a very small towel that barely covered anything. Her eyes grew wider as she focused on Ichigo’s face. She then immediately jumped onto Ichigo, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. With out thinking she kissed him deeply on the lips. Ichigo reacted by returning her kiss with any hesitation. This embrace felt like it lasted for hours.
Ichigo’s head started to spin with all of the thoughts that were running through his head. They slowly pulled themselves apart as the embrace ended. Ichigo looked deeply into Orihime’s eyes; he found a look that he had never seen on her face before. A look that he really enjoyed seeing, at that moment he only wanted to kiss her once again. Without saying a single world, their faces started to move towards one another once more.
That is when Ichigo heard a voice from the shadows of the other side of the room.

“Would you two please not do something like that in front of me.”

Ichigo stopped what he was about to do. He and Orihime separated themselves by a couple of steps. Ichigo stared over at the corner of the room where he had heard the voice come from. His eyes widened when the person stepped out of the shadows.

“Yoruichi, why are you here?” Ichigo asked with a concerned look on his face.

“Well to tell you the truth Ichigo, I have kind of moved in here with Orihime after you disappeared. I have been giving her some; well let’s call them special lessons so that she could find you.” Yoruichi said as walked behind Orihime and sled her arms around her waist. Then she slid her leg up and down the outside of Orihime’s leg. Then she smiled over at Ichigo.

“Yeah I heard that you and Kisuke had been helping her with some new training.”

“Oh yeah we have been helping her with a lot of different kinds of things. Isn’t that so Orihime?” She said as she gingerly kissed the back of Orihime’s exposed neck.

Orihime shut her eyes and took a deep breath as Yoruichi nibbled on the back of her neck. The next thing that Orihime heard was a light thud sound. Then she heard Yoruichi say

“My, my do really think that you will be able to do with that against me Ichigo.”

Orihime slowly opened her eyes, to see Ichigo standing in front of her with his Zanpakuto next to her head pointed at Yoruichi. Orihime froze from the fear of what was going on around her.

“You know all to well that you can’t do anything to me. You have learned many things Ichigo. However you still have a long way to go, if you want to take me on.”

“You know I did learn a lot of things about you and Kisuke when I was gone. I know all about your true plans. I also know that you have been using Orihime, to get to those goals. I have seen with my own eyes what will happen if I do not stop you here and now. By any means possible I will stop you.”

Then Ichigo turned the sharp edge of his Zanpakuto towards Orihime’s neck.

“I know without her powers you will not be able to overthrow the soul king. Now tell me where Kisuke is hiding.”
Just then, Ichigo felt the cold edge of a Zanpakuto against the right side of his neck.

“Well look here I think what we have here is what they call a standoff don’t we.”

“I guess so the moment that anyone of you moves than I will slice through Orihime.”

“The same thing can be said about your situation as well Ichigo,” said Kisuke.

“I’m fine with that, if you had seen the future that is awaiting all of us if your plans succeed. You would do the same thing.”

“See Orihime it is just like we have been telling you. You cannot trust anyone except for us. I told you something like this was going to happen,” said Yoruichi while still staring at Ichigo.

The expression on Yoruichi’s face changed when she noticed the smile on Ichigo’s face.

“Well since I finally got the three of you here now I guess it is time.” Then Ichigo said the word Popsicle as loud as he could.
Just then, the door opened and the future Orihime froze everyone with the wave of her hand. Then she freed Ichigo. Then Orihime freed herself after only a few seconds.

“I see that you have come a long way since the last time that I saw you.” The future Orihime said with a smile.

“You did this to my Ichigo; you took him away from his friends, from me. I have trained hard, and I have done unspeakable things to be able to get to this point. I will kill you for turning Ichigo against me.” She said as she started charging towards the future Orihime.

Just then, Ichigo stepped the two of them.

“She has not done anything to me. I am and I will always be by your side.”

“Look deeply into Ichigo’s eyes; you will be able to see everything that Ichigo has seen in the future. Then you will know that he is telling you the truth. This is something, that only Ichigo and I can do, I mean we can do. Go ahead and give it a try you will see for yourself.”

Orihime gazed into Ichigo’s eyes then a flash of light went through her head. She saw, heard, and even felt everything that Ichigo experienced when he was in the future. Orihime came out of her trance then she grabbed her head as she fell to the ground in pain.

“Now do you in our Ichigo once again.”

“Yes, everything is just like he said it was. I cannot believe that they used me. The things that I have done, I cannot stand it anymore. Ichigo please do not look at me anymore. Because of the things, that I did with them I cannot even look you in the eyes, let alone ever be with you. Please just go away I do not want to hurt you any further than I already have.” She said with tears falling down from her checks on to the floor.

“Hurt me, do you have any idea what you are saying. Being away from you, not being able to see you, to touch you, is a fate worst than death it’s self. You have not done anything-wrong Orihime. Those two over there are to blame. They tricked you when you were vulnerable. They isolated you from our friends when you needed them the most. It is okay my sweet Orihime; I still love you with all of my heart. If you do not believe me, look into my eyes once again and you will know the truth.”

“Thank you Ichigo Kurosaki, you have done a great job capturing those three for us. Now step a side and let us finish the job,” is what Ichigo heard from the doorway.
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Chapter 13

“Thank you Ichigo Kurosaki, you have done a great job capturing those three for us. Now step a side and let us finish the job,” is what Ichigo heard from the doorway.

It was a voice that Ichigo knew all to well, without even turning to see who it was, Ichigo responded by saying.
“You guys are a bit early don’t you think. I still have a few hours left, to handle things my way, so tell me why you are here. Byakuya Kuchiki.”

The older Orihime turned and froze time in the surrounding area.

“I have never liked this pompous ass; it is like he was always staring down on everyone.”

“That was suppose to be a secrete you should not of said that other me,” said the younger Orihime while blushing.

“It is okay you can release him now, I need to talk to the head captain about this so we will play along with them for now.” Ichigo said with a calm look on his face.

“Are you sure, with both of us here there would be no problem getting away from these fools.”

“Yes I’m sure. What I need from you is to hide your presence from everyone. When the time comes, I will give you the signal. So know that I am counting on you to pull us out of the fire if needed, okay.”

“See this is why I love you. You are starting to use that brain of yours. Okay then I am off to hide, but before that there is one thing from you.” Future Orihime said as she was walking towards Ichigo. She grabbed him and planted a big kiss on him in front of the other Orihime, then turned and said.

“That is how you are supposed to do it, other me.” Then with a wink, she vanished.

Ichigo had that deer in the headlight look on his face as he turned and meet Orihime’s gaze.

“Don’t worry about it Ichigo she is me after all.” She said with a chuckle.

Byakuya Kuchiki and a few of his men interned the room after Orihime started time up once more. They bonded Kisuke and Yoruichi Shihoin together with a high-level kido even though they are frozen in time. Byakuya personally brought Ichigo and Orihime out into the courtyard where the rest of the 13 court guard was waiting for them. They were bond together by a set of chains that suppressed their powers so that they could not remove them.

As they where paraded though the captains Ichigo could not make eye contact with any of the captains or their lieutenants. No mater how he tried every time he would look at one of them they would look the other direction out of shame.

“Sir I have brought you the prisoners, like I said there was no need to have all of the captains here just for this. Ichigo and Orihime gave themselves up voluntarily.”

“So you do not think that something like that is strange, since you have known Ichigo how many times have you known him to follow order? As far as why the other captains are here you will see why soon. Now Ichigo and Orihime please step forward. So that I may address you better.”

Ichigo and Orihime did as they where told. They walked over to the head captain and stopped a few feet away from him.

“Ichigo are you sure of this I’m getting scared?”

“Its fine Orihime I will not let them touch a single hair on your head. Remember we still have an ace up our sleeve.

“Ichigo I want to thank you personally for taking care of this matter, without you it would not have gone so peacefully. I am sorry that this is not what the two of us had agreed to do. However, orders are orders and like Byakuya Kuchiki, I must follow orders. If it makes you feel any better like, I said the other day I really do like Orihime and yourself. Let me ask you something, do you know why I have to follow the orders of the soul king?

It is simple he is the leader because he is by far the strongest of all of us, and until the time comes that someone can dethrone him he is the king and we must obey.”

Ichigo looked up into the cold eyes of the head captain. Just like all of the other captains, he looked away as soon as their eyes meet.

“So why is it that all of the captains of the 13 squad guards are he for me and Orihime? Are we that dangerous that you all had to come?

“They are here on my orders, because of the things that you have done in the past, there has been some shall we call it disagreements. When it come to following some of my orders that is why you do not see captain Sui-Feng. She disobeyed my orders so I had to end her life as an example to the rest of the captains. Orders are all that matters from here on out.” The captain said as he looked around at the other captains in the group.

“So then are you going to kill us like you did her?” Orihime yelled out at the top of her lungs.

“No we are not here to kill the two of you. We are merely here to hand you over to the king himself. Now captain Hitsugaya, please open the gate and send the signal out.”

From atop of a near by building watched the older Orihime, she watched as Ichigo and the younger version of herself were led into the courtyard below. She hid herself in between time and space itself. Looking down on them, she noticed that something did not add up. Although she could not hear what it was that they where saying to one another she figured it out when she saw the gate open and felt the power that was waiting on the other side. It was a presence that she knew from the past that she had levied. She started to tremble at the thought of what about to step through that gate.

Just then, she also noticed someone else that seamed to be lurking among the shadows. No there are more than just one, but there where a large number of people hiding themselves. All of a sudden, her attention turned back to the gate, as the overwhelming power grew even closer.

Back in the courtyard everyone of the captains where finding it hard to even stand before the great power that was making it way to them. They could not believe what was happening. To think that there was someone with this much power, that even the great captains of the 13 squid guards could not overcome. That is when the first of them stepped through the gate, followed by three others. The four quickly assessed the area that they where in and placed up a barrier around the area, and after a short amount of time another figure stepped through the gate.

“Oh shit this is bad, I can’t believe that this is happening at this time something like was not going to happen until after the explosion.” The older Orihime thought to herself.

She looked down on at Ichigo and Orihime only to see Ichigo looking over at the men that came through the gate. She noticed that he was trembling; however even though he was trembling, he had a very large smile on his face. As the king stepped out of the gate all of the captains knelt down onto one knee. The only ones that were still standing upright, where Ichigo and Orihime. In a split second one of the four men appeared behind them. He placed a hand on to Ichigo and Orihime’s shoulders and forced them down onto their knees.

“You will bow down before the king. If you know what is good for you that is, you two lowlife scum.” The man hissed under his breath.

Just then, out of nowhere, the head captain grabbed the man by the head. Everyone there could hear a loud crack, as he broke the man’s neck.

The captain yelled out as loud as he could, “Now Sui-Feng put up the barrier”.

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