Freaks- Introduction
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I'm creating a series called Freaks which is based off from the X-Men universe. The story tells about six young mutants who escapes from the Mutant Prison Facility where all mutants have been captured from causing trouble to humanity. However, one of the escaped mutants wasn't captured since he was considered human and now works for the M.R.D. (Mutant Response Division). He decides to help his friends escape so that they can live out their own lives. But the former mutant has his own motives to work for the government and plans to get his power back. Meanwhile, the director of the M.R.D. set his sights on the escaped mutants and plans to recapture them.


Henry Lee a.k.a. Soundproof- A Chinese-American mutant who has the ability to record and display sounds. He can also imitate any person's voice including a song or music.

Qwan Lee a.k.a. Screamer- A Chinese mutant and half-brother of Henry Lee. He has the ability to create a sonic scream.

Sharon Stash a.k.a. Scan- An American mutant who has the ability to scan identities, motivations, powers and abilities of humans, mutants, and aliens. She can also reveal the true identity of a costumed superhero. However, Sharon cannot scan the telepathic mutants or superhumans since their mind is blocked from scanning.

Christy Petrov a.k.a. Alter- An American-Russian mutant who can alter the molecular structure of any object.

Greg Davies a.k.a. Time Bomb- An African-American mutant who has the ability to set off explosive bursts by using his watch timer.

Danny Wales a.k.a. Stealth Mode- A British mutant who has the ability to make himself invisible. Unlike the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four, Danny cannot make other objects/people invisible and create force fields.

Ryan Davidson a.k.a. Hard Shell- A former Canadian mutant who whose skin is invulnerable to any kind of attack. He lost his ability due to the M-Day event which was caused by Scarlet Witch. Ryan is currently working for the M.R.D. to track down mutants.

Director Kevin Stash- A former military commander and father of Sharon Stash. He became the director of the M.R.D. to hunt down dangerous mutants.

Dr. Frank Mendel- A geneticist who studies on mutants and their powers. Many of his co-workers consider him as the descendant of Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics. However, the fact is not true since Gregor Mendel didn't marry in the past.
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OP nuked.

Sounds really good. Sad that you had to go. Well, if you ever come back, feel free to reupload/recreate.

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