Freaks Episode 1: The Escape, Part 1
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Scarlet Witch: No More Mutants.


Beep Beep! Beep Beep! Beep..... Click!

Ryan Davidson: Ugh! What a dream. Man, that witch.

Rinnnng! Rinnnng!

Ryan: Hello?

Director Stash: Ryan. We got trouble. Come here quickly.

Ryan: Another mutant problem?

Director Stash: Yes, what else do you expect me to call you for? We need you here. Now.

Ryan: Yes Sir!

45 minutes later

M.R.D. Guard 1: yeah yeah I know but.... Hey look! It's Ryan or shall I say Glass Shell.

M.R.D. Guard 2: Hah! You got that right.

Ryan: Very funny, guys. I'm in a hurry if you don't mind.

I'm Ryan Davidson, As you know, I was a mutant once but I guess everyone would say that life sucks without a gift. Yeah, I had a gift. It always come to my mind that woman in the dreams is responsible. She's the only thing. Yeah, I do blame her always.

Director Stash: Ah! There you are. We got a big problem here. There are six mutants who escaped from the prison facility.

Ryan: What?

Actually, I was the one who helped them out. No one knows about what I have done to rescue them. But I had to... even though I'm human. They're my friends.

Director Stash: Hey! Are you listening?

Ryan: Yes Sir!

Director Stash: ok. I need you and your soldiers to get out there and recapture them. Understand?

Ryan: Yes Sir!

Director Stash: Move it!

I never liked Stash as much as everyone does. Including mutants. But he's responsible for their capture since he got them once. But this time, it won't happen again.

Computer: Alert! Alert! Mutants Escaping! Alert!

Qwan Lee: Oh geez! I hate computers. If I see any computer around me, I'm goin' to scream at it. For good.

Henry Lee: Calm down! Bro. We're getting out of here as fast as we can.

Qwan: Hey! I'm not Quicksilver you know. Besides, if I had superspeed I would definintely be one of the world's most running athlete.

Henry: Maybe, you shouldn't stick with that voice talent of yours. I guess.

Qwan: Oh shut up! Let's go. We don't have much time. Where's Greg by the way?

Henry: He's setting up his explosive bursts. It should go at any minute now.

Qwan: That Greg always takes time to do things. Anyways, at least he can distract these M.R.D. punks. What about Danny?

Henry: Ummm. He's hiding? Somewhere? I guess.

Qwan: He's nowhere to be seen. He's good at it.

M.R.D. soldiers: There they are! Get them!

Henry: Oh boy. They're coming.

Qwan: I'll take care of them. Cover your ears. Bro.

Henry: Oh I don't like the sound of this.


M.R.D. soldier 1: Ugh! My ears! Crap. Call... for..... reinforce....... ments..... Ah! Thud!

M.R.D. soldier 2: Ahh! Thud!


Henry: Boy! You sure know how to sing. You should sign up for the American Idol.

Qwan: Oh, shut up. Bro.

BOOOM! BOOM! BOOM!.........

Qwan: YES! Thank you Greg! Geez! and about time!

Henry: Bro, Look. It's the guards.

Qwan: Let me.....

Henry: No wait! I have an idea.

M.R.D. guard 1: Man, what a day. These muties always cause problems for us.

M.R. D. guard 2: Yeah. You're telling me. I sure hate those freaks. Every single one of em'.

Henry: Ugh! My ears! Crap. Call... for..... reinforce....... ments..... Ah! Thud!

M.R.D. guard: What? Did you hear that? He needs help.

M.R.D. guard: Where it's coming from? It must be there. Let's go.

Qwan: Nice. Well done, bro. But I could have screamed at them. You know.

Henry: yeah, But I can't let you take all the credit. Can't I?

Qwan: yeah yeah, whatever.

Somewhere in the facility......

Bang Bang! Bang! BANG!

M.R.D. soldier: Ah crap. That girl is using a gun. Take cover.

Sharon Stash: Christy. We need a different weapon. Here! Take this.

Christy Petrov: What? A steel bar? What am I? A construction worker?

Sharon: Just do it.

Christy: Ok.

M.R.D. soldier 2: Hello? We need more reinforcments. We need.....


M.R.D. soldier 2: AH! MY LEG!

M.R.D. soldier 3: What the.....? What's she doing?

Phoot! Phoot! Phoot..........

Sharon: Not bad for a construction worker.

Christy: Sharon. Please.

Sharon: I was just jokin. Take it easy.

Christy: yeah yeah sure. I need more rocks.

Sharon: Here. Got them all.

Christy: This will take time. Plus I need to concentrate how to turn these rocks into pebbles.

Sharon: You're just like Greg. Always taking time.

Christy: yeah, I know.

Elsewhere outside the facility.

Greg Davies: Yo! Yo Danny! You're still here? I can't see you man.

Danny Wales: I'm right here, Greg. Besides, you need to be patient.

Greg: Come on, man. I'm only patient when I set up my old schools.

Danny: That's why everyone calls you a time bomb. Am I right?

Greg: Really funny. Danny, you need to take that British accent of yours and shoved it in your butt.

Danny: Ah American these days. What can you do?

Greg: Say what?

Danny: Never mind, Greg.

Greg: Yo look! Those guys are coming after us.

Danny: We need a plan. How long can you set off your bombs?

Greg: It depends on my watch timer.

Danny: Ah yes. Your watch timer.

Greg: yeah. You got a problem with that?

Danny: No but I was just wondering how long can you set off the bombs.

Greg: Danny. Chill ok. I'll do my stuff. You do yours. Don't worry.

Danny: Sure. Do whatever you like.

M.R.D. soldier: Huff! Huff! Where are they?

M.R.D. squad leader: ok, Vision goggles everyone. Danny could be anywhere.

Danny: Oh great. Queen Elizabeth ll wouldn't be happy about this if I was a spy working for her. Oh well, I'll think of something.

M.R.D. soldier 3: Wait! Did you hear that?

M.R.D. soldier 4: Hear what?

M.R.D. soldier: I can hear someone walking through the bush. It could be Danny.

M.R.D. squad leader: ok everyone. You two. Take that direction over there. We'll look through the bushes.

M.R.D. soldiers: Yes sir!

M.R.D. squad leader: Into that bush, boys.

M.R.D. soldier 5: Sir! I can see him.

M.R.D. squad leader: Ok. Let's take him out.


To be continued in Freaks Episode 2: The Escape, Part 2.
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OP nuked.

Well, if you ever come back, feel free to reupload.

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