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Posted 2/10/11 , edited 2/11/11
I'm an adamant reader of bleach manga and i just read the newest chapter and all i can say is OMG!! he's getting new powers i can't wait for next week.
going by with ichigo as he dawned the mantle of substitute shinigami is pretty darn impressive.. from being the kid who watched his mother die to a hollow to a teenager who saw spirits around his town to meeting the shinigami girl who awoke his latent powers at huge risk to her life health and her continualed status as a shinigami was also impressive.. from all the manga's/ animes i've read watched or simply came across this is by far the most stimulating because it's always intense and all the battles he fights just makes him stronger.
In the anime the current none filler episode just reached the climatic battle between ichigo and aizen and even after reading it i still can't wait for it to air so i can watch and gasp at his actual final getsuga tenshou in action.
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