Innocent Sin
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Posted 2/11/11 , edited 2/11/11
This basically a prototype so don't think of this as a staying plot yet.

Endless white.
The snow fell
in endless numbers from the mute gray sky. Heavy steps crunched down on
the white cold ground,walking slowly without a care.
The light
clanging of metal sounded as a macabre looking blade lightly scraped on
to two highly polished guns on the hostlers on man's back
Red leather fluttered in the cold winds as it's owner strode as if without a destination.
Heaving a bored sigh,the man stopped on his tracks and scratched his head of silver white hair.

"Well...i can't say im not grateful for finally getting out of that borefest that was hell,but..."

The man looked upward on the dark gray sky with his light blue eyes filled with melancholy.

"I don't know where the heck im supposed to be!"

Sighing again,the silver headed man slouched his tired shoulders then once again continued to walk without a destination.
continued for an agonizing 3 hours. Not agonizing because of the walk
itself,it was agonizing because he was getting really really bored.
For the past 5 hours since he first arrived,he saw nothing but snow,snow,snow and...well,more snow.
would have been better if something jumped out and attacked him,wether
it be wolves,bandits,demons,anything to take this silent boredom off
As he was nearing the end of his patience,he at last saw signs of civilization.

"Oh thank the big guy! something remotely human in architecture!"

up in spirits,the red claded swordsman dashed in inhuman speeds with a
childish grin on his face. Not 10 seconds later he was by the great
wooden door.
Momentarily dusting himself then adjusted his black
vest,the man then made a gesture to knock on the door like a
gentlemen...only to punch the door wide open.
The wooden door was
sent flying off it's hinges at the sheer force of the punch,crashing on
the altar and knocked the church's cross down from the wall.

"Forgive me father! for i have knocked...your...where the heck is everybody?"

The church was empty. not a soul was found on the quiet stone halls,not even a mouse.
a light chuckle just to keep his temper in check,he was about to ram
his fist into the nearest wall from frustration,until something caught
his nose.

"that smells like blood to me~" He said in a perked up tone.

the scent,the swordsman ended up walking on the church's graveyard. It
was still night,and all the snow made the place seemed a bit deader then
it's supposed to be.
Sniffing the air,he looked to the source that
was coming from a small hill under a dead tree. Pocketing his hands,the
man strode lightly towards the hill.

"Man,talk about a depressing atmosphere. I get the feeling that someone just kicked the bucket recently here."

As he came to his destination,the man just raised an eyebrow at the scene in front of him. There was blood everywhere.
A lone grave stood on the hill and resting on it was...a child covered in blood and snow.

"Well,i can't say i didn't expect this" The swordsman voiced in a casual manner.

"Still,what's a little kid like him doing sleeping here all by his lonesome covered in his own blood and snow."

Then the man realized something was off...The boy was alive but...there was too much blood.
Taking a patch of blood covered snow,he took a bite off and examined it's flavor.

"This doesn't even remotely taste human" he said,spitting out the melted liquid from his mouth.

This was something new to the swordsman.It smelled strongly of human blood but tasted like a premature demon's guts.
There was no body either,only traces of some metal debris here and there,but nothing organic.

"Okay,this is new"

wanting to waste time on something he can't understand at present,the
silver haired swordsman walked to the slumbering child and picked him

"Wouldn't want you turned into a popsicle now would we
son...nice arm by the way" He said to the sleeping child as he began to
carry him back to the church.


The boy woke up in pain. His body felt like a sack of bricks and his limbs like jello. The boy felt like dying.
fault' were the words that repeated in his head. His fault for being so
weak,his fault for being so foolish,his fault for...killing his own


For that,he refused to wake up. For that, he just wish someone would end his misery for good.
something was off. The boy didn't feel cold, but instead he felt
warmth. This was strange as last he checked he was crying on Mana's
Slowly opening his eyes,the boy found himself in front of an
old fireplace. On top of it seemed to be a pot of stew cooking on the


A low growl then echoed in the room's walls. The boy blushed lightly and looked intently at the pot of stew in front of him.
His lips moistened and saliva began to drip from his mouth as the golden brown liquid simmered slowly from the pot.


the church,The red claded swordsman was keeping himself busy by
collecting firewood. And by collecting,i mean cutting down trees with
his blade without abandon.


With a light grunt,the
silver haired man cut through two birch trees in front of him. But as
they were in the process of falling,the man did an extra swipe upwards
before sheathing the blade back.
And as fast as they fell,the trees
were cut neatly into manageable pieces as they hit the ground. To the
eyes of the untrained it may have seen like an impossible scene. But to
those with good perception they may have noticed his second upward swing
that was actually just an afterimage of several lighting fast strikes.

"Oh im a lumber jack! im okay! i sleep all night and i whack all day!" He sang as he collected the wood he chopped.

been 5 days since the night he found the boy,and the kid was still out
like a light.But it was strange that he didn't feel annoyed by the fact
that he was babysitting the kid.
He guessed that 300 years locked up
in Hell with nothing to do but kick ass and take names made him miss
contact with other humans.
But was a refreshing feeling
that he was doing something humanitarian for the first time in 300 years
since he locked himself in hell.

"well,the stew should be about done by now. And with any luck,the kid might even be up already"

was basically a everyday thing now.Putting the firewood in the shed
besides the church,Passed through the devastated doorway,
brother Jesus a good day then climbing up the stairs to the church's
sleeping quarters to check if the kid snapped out of his long sleep and
cook breakfast,lunch and dinner.

"Well look whose up! how ya doing squir--!!"

Was the last thing he said before suddenly being grabbed by a giant arm and hurled off the window.

"Well that's new!" said the swordsman before crashing through a tree.


boy didn't know what just happened. One moment he was eating then the
next,his left eye throbbed and his left arm transformed again to launch
some red claded stranger straight through a wall.
But he didn't have
the leasure to make heads of the situation. His left eye hurts like
hell,and his deformed arm was going crazy and uncontrollable.

"GAH! What the...hell is happening!?" He said in a pained voice.

arm suddenly shot up then plowed through the wall,sending the child
outside where the red claded warrior was;strangely enough,siting in a
casual manner on a tree stump.
At seeing the man,pain shot through the boy's left eye that he screamed in agony.


The boy screamed in agony.

"Jeez,he screams like a little girl..." The man said cringing at the high pitched tone of the child's screams.

"But he's got one heck of a fappin' arm! wooohwwweee~!"

boy's hand suddenly launched itself towards him. As if anticipated the
man in red just back flipped from his position to the top of a tree
behind him.
Sitting in the exact same posture on it's branch,wearing an amused smile.

"Over here scrappy!" he said waving his arms at the boy's deformed limb.

arm answered by ripping the tree from it's root,but the man just jumped
to another one. So it ripped that out as well,only to jump to another
one. And another. And another. And another one...


and tear,rip and tear. That was what his arm was doing and the boy no
longer had any idea of what was going on anymore.He was just dangling at
his arm's mercy now.
After seeing his arm rip another tree which was
his 15th one already,it suddenly stopped and he got a face-full of snow
in the ground.

"Well that'll save me the trouble of cutting for firewood"

boy looked up to see the red claded stranger looking at him with a
smile and crossed arms. Now he wondered as to who the silver haired man
But just as he thought that the arm rampage had ended,it launched itself again.

"WATCH OUT!" screamed the child as his arm jumped at surprising speed towards the man.

something happened...or a better way to put it was something did not
happen. His knees were on solid ground and he was no longer moving.
He had completely stopped flat. The boy then looked up and didn't believe what he was seeing.

"I believe this is the first time we shook hands"

His giant deformed arm was being held down like a vice by this man's own hand.

"Name's Dante, what's yours kid?" the man Dante asked still keeping his hand in check.

"A-A-Allen...Allen Wa-Walker" Replied Allen in a stuttered voice.

"Good to meet ya' kid. Nice fappin' arm by the way."


"Oh by the way, sorry in advance" Dante said in a cheeky tone.

"For wha--!"

Before he could finish, Dante's fist slammed right at his abdomen, knocking the air out of the boy.
It felt like a hammer, and last thing he saw was an amused smile on the older man's face before fading to black.

"Sleep tight kid."

Was the last thing he heard from Dante,before losing consciousness.

To be continued due to laziness.

I'll finish the prototype prologue up when i feel like it.
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I like alternate stories in anime. Please continue!
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