Post Reply Your Favorite Youkai in Nurarihyon no Mago
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Posted 2/11/11 , edited 2/11/11
I have a big crush on Nura Rihan

But my favorite would be a tie between Tsurara and Kubinashi:
Tsurara mainly for her personality (she's one of the few female character I crush on...SHE'S SO CUTE!)

And Kubinashi, because his character design and powers are so unique and fresh:
Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
1 post? well my fav would also have to be Rihan, that or kurotabou now that we get to see his fear ^^
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23 / M / hayate no gotoku
Posted 7/6/11 , edited 7/6/11
for me its nura and yuki-onna of course XD
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Posted 8/6/11 , edited 8/6/11
i like nura and the nurarihyon in generial because even though it isn't the best fighter or has the strongest power it makes use of what it has, and in an interesting way
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24 / M / Indonesia
Posted 9/25/11 , edited 9/25/11
Rikuo Nura

The main character is unique. He is also a good looking one in his Yokai Form.


Kinda funny and pretty. Also hot on the other hand. Her hair technique quite impressive.

Tsurara (Yuki Onna)

She is a cute Yokai. Also strong on the other hand. I kinda like how she turn her Ice into a spear during the Shikoku Battle.


Leader-like, Cool, Scary, Strong. He is an amazing yokai.


I think Awashima has a good voice. He is also unique. I kinda like how he turn into woman during evening too.
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28 / M / norway
Posted 9/30/11 , edited 9/30/11
Yukii Onna ^^
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21 / F / Finland
Posted 12/28/11 , edited 12/28/11
Yuki-Onna, Nura Rikuo (and i love his yokai-form!♥ handsome.. ) amm Kappa is so cute too! And i like Kurotabo, Natto-kid and Kubinashi too! Andandand Kuroumaru♥ (The Sanbakarasu)

Posted 4/14/12 , edited 4/15/12
yuki-onna all teh way for me
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