Post Reply vote 4 every seasons theme! ^.^
Posted 2/11/11 , edited 2/12/11
everyone can vote and/or suggest what can whe do to make this group more exiting and fun!
for example...... whe could d a host club/group , or a cafe , maybe an angels devils and magical beings akademy and so on ^.^ ......... theres gonna be some new stuff 2 so welldeffenetly make this world increess on popularity ^.^ ... so start suggesting or voting ^.^!!
Posted 2/23/11 , edited 2/24/11
i like the idea of a cake and a host club. we could have guys in the host club and serve guests. and kinda the same for the cafe. :P
Posted 2/23/11 , edited 2/24/11
sorry meant cafe. >//<
Posted 3/2/11 , edited 3/3/11
great ideah!!! XD
Posted 3/8/11 , edited 3/9/11
would it be ok me to add the cafe or host club?
Posted 3/8/11 , edited 3/9/11
yeah cause ur one of the moderaters ^.^
Posted 3/13/11 , edited 3/13/11
cool, thanx! :p
Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/14/11 thinking of rose " red rose , black rose , yellow rose , orange rose , white rose , purple rose .....roses of all colors for the maid / waitresses ( they could cosplay or spmething if they want ^.^ ) but its an idea that the moderators and creator must discuss so i want to see if it can work ^.^ .
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