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Ideal Guy/Girl?

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24 / F / over there! :)
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11

Maybe this question was asked a couple of times before....

But I just want to ask in again anyways....

What is your IDEAL girl/guy?

From the head to toe.....
Personality too of course.....

Personally, I like a guy who's atleast taller than me (i'm 5"3)

I like someone who's funny

i like someone who is nice but not too nice..... :)

For physical aspects, I really don't care much.....
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F / Earth
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
The guy has to be able to put up a fun argument with me, but in the end, I'm always right ; ) Of course, and the standard nice, funny, handsome, taller than me...etc. Yay, I'm the first to post in this one!
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24 / F / over there! :)
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
that's great.... it seems we have something in common with this.....
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25 / F / somewhere besides...
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
Like most girls, i have an ideal guy in my mind

I like a man that is funny but not in a perverted way

a man that is nice but not to nice

a man that is taller than me

a man that encourages me all the way

a smart man but not to smart

and for physical i like a man that cute but not cute cute that all girls like him

and a man that has a little muscle and fat
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28 / F / Evergreen, Colora...
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/20/11
Isn't there another thread just like this? If not, I'll edit this with my ideal. This one's kinda similar. But nvm.

Ideal Girl:
5'4" - 5'6"
100 - 135 lbs
Athletic, slender, and/or curvy.
Loving, caring, kind, compassionate, and empathetic
Beautiful on the inside
18 - 24
Emotionally strong
Funny / Good sense of humor

Much in common as far as values, ideals, ethics, interests, and activities go.

Ideal guy would basically be the same, except change the height to 5'10" - 6'5", the weight to 140 - 180 lbs, and the age range to 22 - 28. I think I would also be pickier with a guy's appearance.
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26 / F / Toronto
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
big penis
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33 / M / WI
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
If I were to look for my ideal girl, the personality would be the most important.

Someone with an open mind.
Someone who can laugh at my occasional dry humor.
Someone who can smile with me. Frequently.
Someone not opposed to discussion about philosophy, psychology, and society in general.
Someone who's not opposed to video games, card games, or board games.
Someone who likes music, especially instrumental, but a good tolerance for many genres.
Someone who isn't opposed to being doted upon regularly.
Someone who I can talk to well into the night before going to bed.
Someone who can look past body for beauty.
Someone that enjoys taking walks.
Someone who likes the idea of gardening and/or greenhouses.
Someone who's not opposed to slapping me when I need it.
Someone who can take the semi-random pranks and bouts of mischievousness I have and laugh about it, maybe even return the favor.
Someone who takes relationships seriously.
Someone who is looking for a lifelong partner rather than quick meet-ups.
Someone who can criticize me when I do something that may not be agreeable.
Someone who will remain loyal and trustworthy in times of joy and hardship.
Someone who doesn't mind to be complimented on things I find endearing. Often.
Someone who will put effort into a relationship.
Someone who doesn't needlessly swear, or swear at all.
Someone who doesn't mind productive criticism.
Someone who doesn't mind cooking or being cooked for.
Someone who doesn't mind being bragged about when I'm among friends.

I don't mind if they're tall or short.
I don't mind what color hair or eyes they have (but I might comment on them anyway if I find them fascinating)
I don't mind how they consider themselves physically.
I don't mind long shopping trips.
I don't mind cuddling.
I don't mind adopting.
I don't mind taking care of kids in general.
I don't mind religious predispositions.

Suppose that's quite a list, but I think it's exactly what I'm looking for.
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M / Hawaii
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
Generous [no nasty thoughts]
likes to learn & try new things
thrill seeker
Likes Anime
Likes Motorcycles
not taller than me
likes asian foods
doesnt need to be entertained every second
enjoys simple things in life, corny haha!
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118 / F
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
One that creates many dupes.
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
Ideal Girl:

Super Sexy......


100 - 150 LBS

Long hair(Sucker for long hair)

Same height or a little shorter than me, 5'6 - 5'9

Slender and Curvy,



A scientist(different meaning then you think)

Not brain washed,

No celebrity crushes,

Interested in what's behind the curtains,

Interested in who's behind the curtain,


Somewhat perverted mind,

Does not take anything without question,


Trust worthy,

And one thing that you all forgot.... Love me back the way I do her.

Not caught up in drama and secure, I hate screwing up so l don't it.

I love these threads cause these make me wonder if such a girl exists....
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27 / F / Mongolia
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
intelligent & great body
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25 / F
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
My ideal guy, in terms of looks, he has to be tall, taller than me, so I guess 5'8 and up! But like I don't want a giant, so less than 6'5.
Umm also he has to be slim, and not hairy, I dislike muscles. I like a guy with long-ish hair! Ohh and I like my guys tan!
(Think Kim Hyun Joong during WGM days!)

Personality, well he has to loooove me! Funny (Sarcastic/Perverted Funny lmao!), faithful, protective (like not my parents protective but he wants to be like my knight in shining armor teehe!), sweet and romantic an always buying me stuf (hehe), and he has to be a supporter of the feminist movement, animal rights, and same sex marriage.
I really don't care about his religion as long as he accepts mine too.
Also he has to be pretty smart so we can have interesting conversations, but he's also immature at times so we have looots of good laughs and inside jokes!

Oh oh and good fashion sense, animal lover, good at cooking/housework (cuz I can't do any of that crap).
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32 / M / London, England
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
Ideal girl:

One who isn't so shallow as to only want some tall pretty white douche. (even if its genetics, it's still shallow)
Hey im not some midget, but i sure as hell don't like being regarded as a lesser man, just because of height. Lets see what happens when i take out your boyfriends knee caps, see how tall he is then (pout).

Smart enough to actually make me want to SPEAK TO THEM.

Funny enough to not take everything i say like it's doomsday, but laugh with it.

pretty enough to make me enjoy waking up in the morning.
(and not shit myself waking up next to oscar the grouch)

Feisty enough to know when to keep me in check.

But sweet enough to know not to push my buttons.

awesome enough to want to be my friend, not have initial interest only as a sex toy...

sounds rather vague but that's the only way I can really say it.
Posted 2/13/11 , edited 2/13/11
My ideal girl -->

Can sing,
has a cute smile,
not arrogant,
likes kids,
spunky and romantic,
gets along with family,
has and can easily make friends,
makes me want to be a better person
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