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Chapter 1

As I pull myself out of the debris of what was left of my city, I start to gag on the smell of burning flesh. The smell of fresh blood and rotting body parts permeate trough the air around me. Hiding among the dead was the only way to survive the night. As I crawled over one body then the next, I tried not to look at them. This is what was left of the people that I once called my friends. I did not get much sleep at all that night. My mind kept wandering back to earlier in the day, before any of this nightmare had happened.

The day started as just any other day. I got up and got ready for work. I kissed my wife and two children good bye. Then, I headed to the day's first stop. Work stared out fine. There were only a few problems that required attention. My last stop was an apartment complex that took me about an hour to finish. With the work day completed, I got back into my truck. I heard the annoying sound of an alarm going off over the radio. Then it went dead. Not even static could be heard over the airwaves. There was nothing on any of the channels. As I looked into the distance, the sky had turned an eerie shade of green. Then the ground shook and I could see smoke rising in the distance.

I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I realized that, the smoke was coming from the same direction as my house. I tried to reach my wife over the phone. However, there was no dial tone. I sped through town avoiding many people that were just wandering in the streets. All of the traffic was heading towards me. People were panicked, and some were even looting the stores. I saw many explosions as I made my way home.
As I approached my neighborhood, the feeling in the pit of my stomach grew worse. I could not believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. It looked like a war zone. There were houses that were destroyed. In addition, others that were on fire, and still others not even touched. As I approached my block, I began to panic as well. I slammed the truck into park when I reached the driveway. The door flung open as I ran into the house yelling for my wife and kids. However, no one answered. As I searched the house, I found signs of a struggle.

Then, my whole life came crashing down around me. In the far back bedroom there were shotgun blast holes in the door, in addition to the adjoining walls. As I looked into the door, there was a lot of blood on the floor and the walls. I fell to the floor sobbing uncontrollably. After what seemed to be hours of crying, I looked around once more. Mixed in with the blood of my family there was a strange fluid. It was black, thick and gooey, and it stunk like rotting fish.

“That’s my wife - you went down fighting didn't’t you?” I thought to myself. However, what did this?

I got up and tried the phone. Just as with my cell, there was no dial tone. I gathered up some things and went outside. I started to yell up and down the street to see if anyone was around. However, there were no answers to my calls. I knew that what ever happened here was not any type of natural disaster. This was a battle zone. It has been ten years since I last saw a battlefield. I was in the army during the last war. I saw many disturbing things during that time in my life. I knew the first thing that I needed to do was to arm myself. Luckily for me, the gun shop about five miles away was still there.

“Is anyone there?” I yelled into the open door way of the gun shop.

No one replied, but I was still weary. I could see that none of the lights were on, but something just did not seem right. I took a few steps towards the open door. I yelled again, still no reply. I pulled out my flashlight, and looked in. Every thing looked OK. Cautiously, I threw a rock into the store. There was no movement at all. After going inside, I could smell that same rotting fish odor that I detected back at my house. Scanning the room with my light, I found more of that gooey black liquid on the floor and walls.

I have spent some time at this shop, so I made way over to were the the good guns were kept. Not sure what I would be facing, I needed some real fire power and a whole lot of ammo. As I was loading a 12 gauge shot gun, I heard something slowly moving behind me. I looked up into the mirror that was on the wall, but all that I could see were a pair of yellowish eyes glowing in the dark. I turned and fired three shots at whatever it might be. The first two hit it, and it let out a loud scream that nearly blew out my eardrums. As it ran towards the door, I shot two more times. I could tell that I had hit it at least once more.

I still couldn’t quite make out what it was. I have spent a lot of time hunting in my life, and it definitely was not any animal that I had ever seen before. Nor, was it human. I stood there fixed on the door with my gun up and my finger on the trigger until I started to hear a slight moaning sound coming from the same corner that the creature had come from. I shined my light over behind the counter. There, I found the owner of the shop, or what was left on him. As I approached him, I could tell what the creature was doing. It was eating him. One of his legs had been ripped off, his stomach had been ripped open, and his intestines were spread out on the floor. I did not even have time to turn my head as I threw up. Then Steve moaned again.

“Steve, my God you’re still alive,” I said as I grabbed his hand.

“Wes, is that you?”

“Yea buddy, it’s me.”

“The damn thing ate me. Did you kill it?”

“No buddy, but I know I hit it a couple of times.”

“What the hell is that thing?” He asked

“I don’t have a clue. But, we got to get you to the hospital.”

“I’m all ready dead. It would just be a waste of time. Under the cash register is a key to the back room were I keep all of the military grade weapons. Take as much as you can, and blow these bastards back to hell. What about your family?”

“I don’t know there were some holes in the doors and walls and a lot of blood.”

“I’m sorry. Well you know that she must have put up a hell of a fight.”

I just shook my head as I stared down at what was left of the man I called my friend.

“ Wes, I need you to do me one last thing for me. As one marine to another, I want you to put a bullet in my head. We know I don’t want to go out like this.”

I knelt down and put my head to his as we both started to cry. We stayed like that for a few minutes as we said our goodbyes. I stood up and wiped tears from my eyes. Pulling the hand gun from its holster, I cocked it and took aim at my friend. Steve looked up at me and said, “ Thank you!” Then I pulled the trigger. I stood there crying for a few minutes. Then I wished my friend, “Farewell.”

After unlocking the storage room, I could not believe what I found. There was every thing from machine guns to rocket launchers. It was as if I had died and gone to gun heaven. There were enough weapons to start up a small army, and that is what I felt I needed. I started out looking for answers and, most of all, survivors that are willing to fight.

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Chapter two

When you are at war with someone. The first thing you need to do, is to know your enemy. At least that is what I was taught, by my father. He is a hard man to get along with. A lifer in the army. Growing up i didn’t spend a lot of time with him. There was always a war or conflict some were in the world. and that is what I needed to do. I headed to the north end of town. To the top of the hill that over looked the whole city. I had to find out just what these things were. From what I saw of the one that killed Steve. It was animalistic in size. But like nothing that I have ever seen before. I would not have to wait long to see one up close. As I was driving past some houses a teen aged kid came running out. I stopped to help.

“Get in I yelled. Are you okay.

“OK! hell no I’m not okay, those things just ate my girl friend and her family. We need to get the hell a way from here.

“Were are they? I asked him”

“You don’t understand these things they just frigging ate them.”

“I wasn’t asking about the people. Were are the creatures?”

“Are you nuts or some thing? If they catch us were are dead.”

I pulled out the gun that I had next to my seat, and pointed it at him.

“If you don’t tell me then I’m going to blow your brains out all over my truck. Now I’m only going to ask you this one last time. Were the hell are they?”

A shocked look came across his face. His eyes got really big when he realized that I wasn’t kidding.

“The last time I saw them they were in the park at the center of the block. These things are monsters man their going to eat you too.”

“Well you may be right. But I don’t plan on letting that happen.”

“Your crazy man your going after them. Don’t think that I’m going to help you.”

“Help me kid you’ll just get in my way. Just sit down I be back shortly.”

“ Could you leave me the keys? You know just in case you don’t come back.”

“Look kid I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. You would be gone as soon as I turned the corner. If I don’t come back in ten minutes you had better run because they will be come for you next.”

I climbed up on a roof top. Looking threw the scoop of my sniper rifle. It was just as the kid had told me. Was about one hundred to one hundred and fifty yards away to the park. The creatures had for some reason had gathered the people from the houses and put them in the park. There must have bee about twenty or so people. And five of the creatures. I zoomed in on one of the creatures to get a better look at them. They looked kind of like bears in a way. Well that is at least the closest thing to them. They could stand up on their hand legs. When they did they were between six and seven feet tall. I would say they weight was some were around eight hundred pounds. Their coloring is a dark shade of green. They do not appear to have a lot of hair. The have dark markings all over their bodies ,that act as a camouflage. They have four arms with razor sharp claws.

As I watch them, they start to surrounding the prisoners. Around and around they went like hungry shark circling around an injured seal. Then they pounced on them. Clawing and ripping apart the people. Body parts flew through the air. As they tore them apart. I sat and watched in horror as they killed and ate them. They would grab them with one set of arms and use the other to rip in to them. After a few seconds there was only two people left. I began to wonder if this what happened to my wife and children. Then I heard two loud bangs and then I realized. That the noise that I heard was me shooting the two people before they were eaten alive. They just fell to ground lifelessly. Laying there on top of that roof I started crying once more. Not for my family or for the people that just lost their lives. But for all of humanity. Who knows if this is happening just here or if it a world wide event. At this point in time I have no way of knowing the severity, of what was going on in the world.

I pulled myself together and decided it was time fight back. From here on out I was going to do what ever I could. I have always been real good at killing. And that’s exactly what I need to start doing. I looked threw the scope at these creatures. The fact that I had shoot their meal didn’t seam to faze them at all. They were oblivious to the fact that I was there. Its time to see just how tough these things are. I thought as I zoomed in on one of them, that was out of the main group. And I let my hatred for what these things had done come to the surface. I could feel my blood begin to boil as I took aim.

I shot it in what I think is its neck. It just fell over on to the ground. Then it just stood back up. And started eating once again. Like nothing had happened. How did I miss this thing, I thought to my self. As I looked threw the scope I could see that it was bleeding, but it was far from dieing. I shot it five more times. Each with the same results . The damn thing just ignored being shot. Like it being stung by an insect. After each shot I would check to see if the other ones had noticed what was going on. These creatures are definitely not smart. Not a single one of them even flinched. After putting in my last clip. The creature stood up and I shot it in the right side of its chest, in between its arms. Once more it went down. But this time it didn’t get up. I finally found the spot. Or was it because of all the other shoots. There is only one way to find out. I take aim at another one. Boom it dropped straight down, and didn’t get up.

All right three left and I have five shots. I drop the next one just as like the last one. Then the direction that the winds were blowing changed. The two remaining creatures smelled me right away. They stood up on their hand legs, turned and looked right at me. I knew that I was in trouble when they started to run at me. They were about one hundred yards out but they were closing in fast.

It took three shots to drop one of them. As the last one jumped from the ground to the roof top. The only thing I could do was to put the rifle in front of me. As it pounced on to me it grabbed the gun with all four arms. I fell backwards and he flipped off of the roof on to the ground. It jumped back onto the roof with ease. Just as it jumped at the I heard a loud bang.

“Here take this,” the kid yelled as he threw me a shot gun.

As it got back up and I shot it in the sweet spot four times. It died right there on the spot. I look over at the kid, and smiled, and said thanks.

“So I would just get in the way.” he said wile staring at the creature

“My name is Bob Cole. But after every thing that has happened. I think Bob is dead, from now on my name is Kid. He said wile staring into my eyes.

“Well kid don’t you think we should get going.” I said

“Were are we going to?” he asked

“ We are going to find others. And now that we know there weak spot were going to kill all of these things.”

Before I started getting off of the roof. Something in the park caught my eye. There standing in the middle of the park. Were four new creatures. They were smaller than the others. I shoved the kid down flat on the roof. Shut up I told him as I peered down on them. I got a good look at them. They are about four feet high and around a hundred pounds. Like the others they are green but with no markings. They had very large heads. They only have two arms and legs. Their hands were more like tentacles. I watched as they started to feed on the remains of the people. Kid looked down on them and started to shake uncontrollably.

I heard a scream and when I looked back at them they had a young girl with them. Unlike the bigger creatures these ones were communicating with one another. There even seamed to be a ranking system. They put the girl in front of the one that acted as if it were in charge. A tentacle came out of its abdomen, and stabbed her in the side. After that they just left her there among the dead.

They left the park and walked right under me. Stopping to look at the dead creature that we had just killed. The leader seamed to get upset, after finding the body. Before I knew it kid had stood up and started shooting.

“Die you bastards” he yelled .

He shoot two of them in the head. Unlike the other creatures these ones died quite easily. When shot in the head their heads explode like watermelons. Yellow tissue and that same black liquid flew every were. The remaining two turned a lookup at the kid. Then he just dropped his gun, and then dropped to his knees holding his head in his hands.

“Well that’s enough for me,” I said as stood up and shot them in their heads. The smell was ungodly bad. I threw up, and then gagged some more. As I turned to my left and looked over at the kid. I saw that he was still on his knees holding his head in his hands. I could see blood trickling out from his ears. And also from his nose. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Kid are you okay? You should have waited for me.”

“I just didn’t want them to do that to any one else.” he said with blood and tears running from his eyes.

At that time I didn’t know what he meant. But I would soon find out.
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Chapter three

After climbing down off the roof, I wanted to get a better look at these creatures. Therefore, I approached the closest one to me. The closer I came to it, the more I could see that it was the perfect killing machine. I did not want to stick around that long. Therefore, I started to leave. That is when the kid yelled out to me that the girl was still alive. I rushed over to be he was to see for myself. She was definitely alive.

“Hi sweetie, I’m here to help you. Can you stand up for me?” I asked

“Yes, I think so.” she said in the shiest voice I have heard in a long time.

As she looked around, seeing her horrific surroundings, she began to cry.

“Where is my family?” she asked.

“Sweetie they aren’t here. However, we are going to take you some were safe. OKay.

“Okay,” she said with a vacant look on her face.

“Sweetie could you please tell me your name,” I asked.

“My name is Luissa Ashcroft“.

“Luissa Ashcroft, now that is a pretty name for a pretty girl.” I said wile staring down in to the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen.

“Luissa, how old are you sweetie.”

“I’m seven years old. But my mommy told me not to talk to strangers.”

“That’s right you’re not supposed to talk to strangers. My name is Wes Miller, and I am here to help you. So now that you know who I am. I’m not a stranger any more okay.”


As I picked her up out of the blood and guts, of what was left of her family. She gave me the most loving hug. That reminded me of my own children, so I began to cry.

“Wes, why are crying,” she asked.

“I’m just happy that your okay that’s all.” I told her.

We got back to the truck and I looked at her side. There was a small wound between her hip and her ribs. I got out the first aid kit that I keep in the truck. I applied some dressing to the wound on her side.

“So were we heading oh great leader?” said the kid.

“Well since we can’t use cell phones or land lines. We need to see if the internet is working. If that is not working, I have one more idea. Therefore, we are going to head over to other side of town. To a friend’s house, he has every thing that we need to get in touch with the out side world. On the there we came a crossed nine more people that willing to fight a long side of us. After pulling into the driveway, I got out of the truck.

“You guys stay here. I am going in alone. You all know were to shot these things if they come after you. Shot at them only if they discover you. We don’t wont to let them know were we are, okay.”

They all agreed and I went inside.

Like with Steve at the gun shop I knew that Mike was armed. I knocked on the door then yelled into the house. However, there was no answer. I pushed open the door and took a few steps inside. I did not get in to far before I tripped over what I can only assume to be Mike. There really was not much left of him. I slowly make way to the basement, were Mike kept his computer. I tried to log on to the internet but there was nothing there. The internet systems were completely gone, just like the TV and radio.

Stepping over to the desk, on the other side of the room, I pulled the sheet off what is our only chance, to contact the out side world. It is a short wave radio. With this, I hope to get through to some one in the army. I flipped the switches and it made a humming sound as it warmed up. At first, all I could hear was static. After a few minutes of asking if, there was anyone out there. I heard a voice faint.

“Hello can you help us. We are being attacked by these creatures.” I asked.

“You and everyone else,” the voice said.

“I need to get threw to the army command, in the pentagon.”

“I don’t know if you can get through or not but try channel 88.

“Thanks for the help. Are you in a safe place?

“Yea I think so; I haven’t seen any of those things in a wile. All of the screaming has stopped.

“You’re not out of the woods yet. The big ones are just the first wave. However, we found out how to kill them. You have to shoot them on the right side in between the upper and lower set of arms. Good luck.”

I flipped to channel 88 and started broadcasting my message.

“I need to talk to General Raymond Miller at US Army. “After a short time, I got a reply.

“This is a military channel that is not open to the public,” said the voice.

“I am captain Wes Miller USMC now I need to talk to General Raymond Miller US Army Command.”

“Sir they are operating on channel 101.8, you can reach the command center there.”

After making a few threats and a couple of very loud yelling matches, I get through to the command center.

“Wes is that you?

“Yeah it’s me,

“Son it’s great to hear your voice.”

“Yeah, it’s good to hear you too.”

“What the hell is going on? What are these things?” I asked

“We don’t yet. However, they are global. They are killing every thing in their way.”

“Tell me something I don’t know. Therefore, this is a worldwide problem.

“As far as we can tell it is. Most of our satellites and commutation systems are down. And China is gone,”

“What do you mean by gone?”

“They fired nukes on them selves to try to kill them. And that is the last that we heard from them.”

“Please tell me that you and the family are safe?”

“They didn’t make it dad. However, they went down fighting. After a few seconds of silence, he comes back.

“I’m sorry son.”

“Yeah, I know’

“Well I found a weak spot on these bustards. “

“Where is it?”

“On the right side of their bodies, between the two sets of arms, and they stay down.
Moreover, these things are not the ones pulling the strings. Smaller ones come in behind them. They are the ones that are in charge. They are a lot easier to kill. However, they have some sort of mental control. They get into your head and you cannot move.

“Do we know were these things come from yet?” I asked

“The only theory that our scientists can come up with at this time, Is that it may have some thing to do with that giant meteor shower from a few days ago. And that would explain why no one saw the meteor coming.”

“So your saying that their from outer space.”


“What about extraction? I have about twelve people with me.”

After a few seconds of dead air, I knew what the answer was.

“Right now all of our resources are going into fighting these things. Therefore, I do not know when that would happen. I’m sorry son.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought. Where is the nearest battle lines to me?” I asked

“Everywhere is enemy territory son."

“You said you have about twelve people with you.”

“Yeah that’s right, why?”

“You need to keep an eye on them.”

“What do you mean?”

“We have heard from a few places that the creatures are also infesting people.”

“What do you mean?,” I asked.

“We don’t know how but it seems that they are laying eggs inside of people. In addition, after a few hours they start to eat their way out of the host. “

After hearing that my mind flashed back to what they did to the little girl.

“I have to go, I think I saw them do that to a little girl that is with me. “

“Wait Wes, if you can get me one of these things alive. I’m sure that they will arrange an extraction for you and your people.”

I ran out of the house just in time to see every one standing around the truck. Luissa was screaming in pain.

“She grabbed her stomach and just started screaming,” said kid.

“Every one get away from her those things laid eggs inside of her.”


I looked over at her. I could see that there were three lumps moving around inside of her stomach. She let out another blood-curdling scream. Then she just slumped over in the seat. I reached in to fell a pulse, but she was gone. Just then, I heard a squirming sound and I looked at her stomach. Three large wormy looking things slithered out of an opening in her stomach. I slammed the truck door shut, and jumped back out of the way.

“What in the hell are those things.” every one asked.

“From what I heard from the military these things are the young creatures. Apparently, they came from outer space. “

“You got to be shitting Me.,” said someone.

‘And these things grow really fast.”

“Well let’s just kill the things,” kid said as he took a step towards the truck.

“NO I can’t let you do that. I am sure that the army wants to get their hands on a live one. So if I can get hold of them. They will come and get it along with all of us. If not were on our own. This is a world wide event.”

Every one just stared over at me, with a look of disbelief in all of their eyes.

“Well if that’s what we have to do to get out here, we don’t have much of a choice do we.” said Kid.

To say that these things grow fast is an understatement. In about one hours time these things went from foot long worm like creatures, to about three and a half foot tall creatures. They were more like the things that attacked the girl. Except they had more human characteristics, they have a large head, two arms and feet. They also have hair on their heads, and more human facial features. The one big difference was that instead of one slit for a mouth, they have two. When they open their mouths, the lips opened in four different directions, to expose a large set of dagger like razor sharp teeth.

After a few hours, the three creatures had completely devoured Luissa. After that, they tried to escape. Two of them escaped, by getting into the head of one of my men. They took control of him after he looked them in to the eyes. As soon as he released them, they attacked and ate him. I had shot two of them; as I turned I looked over at the only remaining creature. I could feel it trying to get into my head. Then I got a flash, I could see several images, and then the world went black.
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Surviving chapter 4

I opened my eyes slowly trying to adjust to the light that was surrounding me. I find myself on my knees holding my head in my hands with a sharp pain shooting threw my brain. As my eyes focused on a small figure that was standing in front of me that was calling out my name.


“Wes, I need you to wake up.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Luissa, is that you? Am I dead?” I asked.

“You’re not dead silly. You are seeing me because I am part of the creature now. And we are inside of your head right now.”

“How is this possible? Your dead aren’t you?”

“Yes the person that you know is Luissa Ashcroft is dead. I am I guess what you would call her consciousness. When we are evolving inside of our host we absorb parts of them.”

“So you’re saying that you are one of the creatures. And that you’re inside of my head right now.”

“Yes that is correct.”

“Then how do I know that you’re not trying to kill me right now?”

“Well if I wanted to do so I would have already done so,” she said.

“What it is that you want from me then?

“I want you to stop us from destroying your race.”

“I want you to answer the questions that I have for you first. Like who are you and why are you here?”

“We are called by many names over the thousands and thousands of years that we have been around. The closest thing in you language would be swarm. We go from planet to planet, searching for now hosts to infest. The ones that we do not infest we devour. That is how we survive we evolve. Our bodies change a little with each host we infest. When we consume a host, we also consume their thoughts and some feelings as well. Therefore, we know all of the knowledge of the Swarm that came before as well as our host. The wonders that we have seen, are only out weighed by the immeasurable amounts of death and destruction that we have caused.”

The whole time she is telling me this. My head is flooded with images of the past of the swarm. I see the beauty of deep space. The wonderful colors of the different nebulas in addition to the clusters of stars and planets lay out before me. The beauties of the planets and cities that was there long before the swarm. Then I start to see the images of what happened to those same civilizations. The massacres and the pure terror, which the swarm bring with them, were ever they go. It was as if I were there when it was all happening. I could feel, smell, and even taste the things were going on in front of me.

Then the area that I am in turns bright again. The swarm is in front of me once more. There standing in front of me in the form of Luissa once again. She looks down at me and places her hand on my shoulder.

“I remember everything that you did for me when you found me, I mean my host. In addition, I know that you are a kind and caring person. I also know that you have every right to hate the Swarm, as well as me that is why I have picked you, to be the one to learn how to defeat the swarm.”

“Okay, and what do you get out of all of this?” I asked looking up at her face.

“Me, I get peace, not peace with just your world, but that with the countless hosts who are within me. We are finally strong enough to keep the craving for blood down so we may take control.”

“It’s funny, but I can tell that you are telling the truth, why it that?”

“That is because we are connected right now. I can feel all of your emotions and you can feel some of mine as well. “

“There is one thing that you really need to know. Sometimes we use a specialty Swarm. You would call them spies. What they do is after infesting the host the spy takes over the body, instead of devouring it. That way they infiltrate the ranks of the enemy. As they gather information, the host is not aware of the fact, that the Swarm is controlling them. I’m telling you this because you have a spy among you as we speak.”

“How do you know this?”

“Because we Swarm can feel one another. The spy must be an old swarm because I can barely feel it. But it is here among you.”

Kid awakens me out of my trance. He slaps my face again, and then swings one more time. This time I catch his arm and throw him to the ground. Every one around me points their guns at me. Out of reaction, I pull my gun and point it kids face.

“Wes calm down put your gun down,” said kid.

“My ass, tell them to lower their weapons. Do it know or else,” I yelled.

They slowly lowered their guns, and I did as well.

“See I told you we need to get rid of these things. I do not care if it is our ticket out of here or not. I am going to kill it right now,” said kid.

He got up and slowly walked up to were the creature was and pointed his gun at it.

“Do not shoot,” I yelled.

“Why the hell can’t I? This thing got into your head. And it’s controlling right now.”

“The hell it is. Your right it was inside of my head. It is not controlling me. It was talking to me.”

“What do you mean, talking to you?”

“”Just that, part of Luissa is inside of it and is in somewhat control over it. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is true.”

“That’s it I’m going to shoot.”

“Hold on she also said that they planted spies among us, and some one here is a spy.”

After hearing, this everyone started pointing their guns at each other.
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Chapter five

With guns pointed in every direction. The slightest wrong move would be disastrous.

“Okay I am going to lay down my weapon; I hope that you will do the same.”

“How do we know you’re not the spy,” said one man

“Because if I were one of them. Every one of you would be dead.”

“Yea you make a good point,” said Kid as he lowered his gun. “But I still think we should kill it.”

“She said that she wants to help us beat them. Moreover, right now I will take any help that I can get. It makes no difference to me. Also if you don’t like it, then leave my guns here and hit the road.”

“I can’t speak for everyone, but I think we are better off with you. Thou I don’t trust it at all.” said one of the men.

“You don’t have to trust me. You just have to let me help you.” said a voice from behind them.

Everyone about jumped out of our skins when we realized that the person behind us was Lui. She was supposed to be locked up.

“How in the hell did you get out with us knowing? Wait you can speak our language,” said kid.

“Yes I have learned your language from my host, as well as from lessening to you talks.”

By the time I got everyone settled down again, it was nearly dark. I went and contacted the army once again. After making the arrangements, with them I gathered the men, to let them know about our pick up.

“This is what going to happen. We need to make our way over to the park in the center of town. We have head out soon. It is going to take some time to get there on foot. And we also need to be there before day brake.”

“By foot, why don’t we just drive there?” asked someone.

“Yes by foot according to Lui, we are somewhat surrounded. They would all attack the truck and we would not stand a chance.”

“So what is it that Lui thinks we should do?” asked kid.

“With her help we are going to take out the swarm that gets in our way.”

“I would like to know how she is going to do that.”

“I can control the Dolong. They are the large creatures that we use kill the population of the planets we invade. They really don’t think for them selves. So when I stop them you shoot them.”

“How can we trust that thing? It is one of them. Moreover, I do not trust traders.” said kid

“Well like I said before, she is our best hope, to get the hell out of here.”

After getting every thing ready to go I hand Lui, and kid each a bullet proof vest.

“I know they don’t shoot at us but the Kevlar vest’s my save you if they slash you with their claws.”

“That’s a great idea Wes.” said kid.

“It did not take long before we had a chance to give Lui a try. After walking a few blocks, Lui spotted a few Dolongs searching threw a house.

“All right I will stop them. Then it is up to you to kill them. You need to make it quick, I am not sure how long it will work in the state that I am in now,” she said.

“You know if this dose not works.”

“That they will kill me, yes I know. Yea I know I would do the same thing if the roles were reversed.”

The plan went of with a hitch. Lui stopped the Dolongs in their tracks. Then we took them out, in just a few minutes. After the first few times, the men started to feel as thou we finally stood a chance against these creatures that up until now.

Over the next few hours as we moved threw the town that we no longer recognized. We killed another forty of the Dolongs, as well as twenty of the swarm. It was all thanks to Lui and her help. With two hours before dawn, we made it to the park. We stopped within eye shot of the park. As I did a head count it was just as I feared. The price that we paid for getting there was great. We had lost most of the people on the way. We are now down to just Kid, Lui, me and four others. As we are standing there waiting for day brake. My mind starts to look back at the events that we had gone thou, to get to this point. The seven of us are suddenly ambushed we could not hold them off. They broke through and killed two of the men. It was so chaotic; the next thing I know is Kid is telling everyone to make a run for it. I look over at him and he says that this is the only way. He will hold them off long enough for us to get away. Lui grabs me by the arm and we make a run for it with a hale of gun fire. I turn a look back at Kid. He stood there giving them every thing he had. After running a few blocks the gun fire stopped.

We hid in an office building that over looked the park. But this did not last for long, the Dolong were going from building to building looking for us. I could the gun fire from the other men and then their screams as they were eaten alive. We ran down the road until we came to a large pile of what were the people of my town.

“You need to get into the pile, they will not find you in there I promise.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about me, I will lead them a way from here and then I will return for you.”

As I got into the pile, the smell and feel of my surroundings were more than I could take, I threw up a few times. I knew that if I was going to make it I would have to get into the pile. After several minutes I passed out, only to awaken just before dawn. (This is now were the story started off at)
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Chapter 6

As I pull myself out of the debris of what was left of my city. I start to gag on the smell of burning flesh. The smell of fresh blood and rotting body parts permeate the air around me. Hiding among the dead was the only way to survive the night. As I crawl over one body then the next, I try not to look at them. I hear a familiar voice.

“Kid, wow I thought that you were dead.”

“Where is Lui, I figured she was with you.”

“Well she told me to get into the pile, and that she would lead them a way.”

“That was very smart of her. She knew the Dolong would not look for you there. She is a smart little trader isn’t she?”

“So how did you get away? I asked.

“I have to thank you for giving me that vest. It worked well enough that the first slice from the Dolongs claws did not rip me open. So after that they recognized that I am on their side.”

“So it was you?”

“You do not seam surprised that I’m a Swarm, why is that?” he asked.

“No I’m not surprised at all; I thought it was you all along. I knew something was wrong after you broke down when we were up on that rooftop. And when Lui, said that there was a spy among us I put two and two together.”

“I was going to kill you up on that roof top. However, I did not have complete control over my host yet. So he stopped me from killing you.”

“So then why didn’t you kill me after that? You had plenty of opportunities?”

“I did not kill you, because you are my ticket to get into the resistance. You see we Swarm are not equipped for a prolonged fight. Our main weapon is the Dolong, and we only have a limited number of them.”

“So what is it that you intend to do with me?” I asked knowing whole-heartedly what was in store for me.

“Well I am going to give the pleasure of becoming one of my brethren. Once you are one of us together we will wipe out you’re resistance from within.”

As he finished his words, I drew my gun, aimed for his head. I heard the defining sound of the hammer, on my 357 striking the firing pin CLICK. I squeeze the trigger once again. Yet again the same defining CLICK, the gun was empty. A smile emerged on his face as he realized what had happened. He took a few steps towards me. A two-foot long tube made of what appears to bone, extended out from the palm of his right hand.

“I am not going to lie to you this is going to hurt a whole lot.” he said with an evil grin.

As he took a few more steps towards me, I drew the only weapon that I had on me, my knife. I could feel it as he was trying to get into my head. A look of amazement came a crossed his face. Them he tried repeatedly, to no avail.

“You are one tough creature, you should have killed me, when you had the chance,” he said as he took yet another step.

“What is wrong can’t you control me?

“That dam trader must have done something to your head. Well we will just have to do this the hard way,” he said.

As he thrust towards me, I pivot to my right and cut the tendon on the back of his left leg. All though I was not fast enough to completely avoid his attack.

I could feel the warmth of my own blood, as it flowed freely down my left side, from what is assuredly a fatal wound. As kid slowly pulls himself up off the ground, he tries to take a step towards me, only to fall to the ground once again.

“What the hell did you do to me?

“I cut the tendons in you’re left leg. You will never walk properly again. You can think of that as my parting gift to you.”

Then I fall lifelessly to the ground.

“Well at least I will die before you can infest me,” I said to him wile laughing.

“Who said that it was too late for that to happen? He said as he got to his feet and hobbled his way towards me once again.

“I can infest you and we will heal you’re wound. That is not a problem for us.”

After finally reaching me, he once again brings out the tube from the palm of his right hand. Just as he is about to insert the tube into me, he goes flying threw the air. As I look up, I see Lui, standing between Kid and myself.

“I’m sorry that I am late,” she says

“Well would you look what we have here, a trader. Why would you give up everything that you are? He asked her.

“Everything that I am, how can you say that? We have become one with so countless numbers of hosts; we are nothing short of murders. What we do is wrong, this whole thing needs to stop and stop here,” she says with determination.

“So you’re that weak that you started caring for you’re former hostess.”

“That does not make me weak, it makes me stronger. I am strong enough to know that this world should be saved.”

“It looks like you have made you’re decision, than you leave me with no choice.”

Tubes extended out of both hands, as he moves towards her. As I look up at Lui, claws grow out of her fingers. They start to fight stabbing and slicing at one another. The fight only lasted a few minutes but it was long enough for me to get back on to my feet.

As I look over, I see Lui lying on the ground. Then Kid stabbed her in the chest. As he turns around and heads towards me to finish what he started. I am able to load three bullets in to my 357. I raise the gun and shoot him in the chest all three times. I turn and take a few steps in the other direction, and reach into my pocket.

“You should have shot me in the head. Did you forget about the bullet proof vest that you gave Me.?” he said as he got up off the ground.

“No I didn’t forget I was just putting some distance between us.”

“What are you planning to do?” He asked with a puzzled look on his face.

I pulled a small metal box out of my pocket.

“You see I did not forget about the vest. I just wanted to put a little distance between the two of us. You see I gave you and Lui special vest. On this world there is a little thing called explosives. You look as though you are confused. Let me put it into terms that you would under stand, explosives = BOOM. I put explosives into you and Lui’s jackets just incase were to happen. Now it is time for you to die.

His eyes widened as realized what I had just told him.

“This is going to be the last thing that I will do in my life. For the lives of my wife, children, and the people of my planet that you have killed, I send you to hell.”

I push the button and moments later, the explosion knocked me to the ground. Looking up at the clouds, I knew that my time here on this world had come to an end. I could feel my life draining away from me. As I laid there bleeding to death. I could hear Lui’s voice telling me not to die. I lift my head up, tell her that is o.k., just as I laid my head back, and close my eyes, I hear the sound of choppers coming and everything goes black.

The next thing I know is that I hear the sound of men yelling clear. Then a white light appeared all around me, as it did when Lui was inside of my head.

“It’s not you’re time to die yet.” said a voice that I new very well.

Then everything went black once again. I wake up inside of a hospital room with my father at my side.

“Dad where in the hell am I now?”

“Take it easy Wes. You’re at the hospital you are going to be ok,” he said as he grabbed my hand.

“What the hell happened? How did I get here?”

“We showed up to pick you and you’re men up. Only to find you and subject A there, and you bleeding to death, Son you died and we brought you back.”

“Subject A, who are you talking about?

“You know the creature that you were bringing to us.

“Lui, where is she?

“Son subject A is with our scientists now, they are working a pathogen to kill these things.”

A few months later the world started to function once again. The satellite systems are slowly coming on line. The world is reporting in on all of the horrors that had happened. It has been a month since we released the pathogen onto the Swarm. It was amazing just how fast it worked on them. Within two days, it had spread worldwide. The Swarm was gone as fast as they appeared.

Everyday now I get up before the sun just watch it rise once more. To remember the ones that did not make it threw. The world has become a different place than it was just a few months ago. It seems that all of the wars around the world have stopped. This is now world communities, nations that have been at war with one another for hundreds of years, are now standing hand in hand. This is truly a time like none other before. I just have to wonder how long it will last.

The world and all of it inhabitants owe every thing to a little girl. A little girl that was the last piece of the puzzle that allowed one of the creatures that was here to kill us, she was actually the one to give her life to save everyone on our planet. The saddest thing is that know one but a few of us will ever know what really happened. The world needed a hero and thanks to my father and the military. I am that person. We know now that we are not alone in this vast universe. I wonder what else will happen to us in the future. Will the Swarm be back, or will the next contact be a good one. I myself hope that I will not be around to see the next one happen.

That is the end of the story. I hope that you enjoyed reading it as I did to write it. Please let me know what you think about it.

Thank you
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