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Doggie-Girl Cafe's Piano Room
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 3/1/11
Welcome To The Host Room ^-^

Welcome to Doggie-Girl Cafe's old piano room! This old music room had gotten turned into a host room where you can come and enjoy sweets her and chat with some of the girls her that work as the host. The female host will help you out with any need. If you want to be a host post it in the forumn reply and i'll make you one ^^




1.) Do not make any of the girls feel uncomfortable
2.) NO sexual favors
3.) Keep it PG people -.-'
4.) Have fun ^^

The Host

Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
ohhhh can i be the bottom left one lol
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
Lol you are Yana-chan that is your character
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
lol thats the one i picked right lol
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
lol yes ok let start!!!!

-walks into piano room-
hello...? o.O anyone here?
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
*black rose petals appear spiraling around*(lol)
"yes" me appearing holding ur cheek delicately "hello fair maiden"
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
Ooooh quiet fancy
*picks up a black rose*
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
u accidently trip then i catch and give u my awesome stare xD*thumbs up*
Posted 2/12/11 , edited 2/13/11
umm hahaha
*in mind* how come i got the weird girl
i'll be over there sitting okay
Posted 2/14/11 , edited 2/15/11
would u like any treats madam
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/15/11
umm sure ^^ i would love some cake yay cake
and ummm strawberries with sugar
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/15/11
"looks at u with blank stare"
ahh gomen-ne, but we only have chocolate strawberries since we ran out of sugar"

*in mind(hehehehe we still have sugar but im not giving her any kekeekeke)*

But we do have cake, wat kind would u like since we have a good amout of cake xD
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/16/11
ummm i would like chocolate cake
*in mind* i wonder how much they pay xD
also i want cold milk
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26 / F / In my room
Posted 2/25/11 , edited 2/26/11

I wanna be the girl with the white hair, blue eyes, with big bow on her head ^^
Posted 2/25/11 , edited 2/26/11
Sure onee-chan i'll add you to the list xD
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