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Posted 1/12/08 , edited 1/14/08
DBSK/TVXQ's Christmas Message For Cassiopeia! ^_^

All: We are Dongbangshinki!
Yunho: Today, it has been a long time and we are here to say hello! Cassiopeia, you're doing good right?
Jaejoong: How you guys are doing..very curious!
Yunho: Well five of us are very healthy, but we haven't been doing things in Korea.
All (murmuring): Right..
Yunho: But we want you guys to know that you guys [Cassiopeia] are always in our hearts.
Jaejoong: Right, but most's Christmas right? Up until this time, how many times have we been together for Christmas?
All (making noises): Ahhh..
Jaejoong: I know it, I know it! It's our fourth Christmas right?
Yunho: How did you know that?
Jaejoong: Well, is that right?
Yoochun: Has it been already?
Junsu: Ahhh..
Yunho: Yes..
Jaejoong: Already our fourth time!~
Yunho: Yes..but well this Christmas, somehow, like White Christmas, I hope everyone will make a lot of good memories. Also the most important thing, the day after Christmas!
Jaejoong: Right..
Yunho: On the 26th, it is a special day for Cassiopeia and Dongbangshinki.
Junsu: Right, why is it a special day?
Yunho: Well, it would be good if Junsu-shee can tell us why.
Jaejoong: Why won't you tell us?
Junsu: Right, on the 26th, exactly today, 4 years from now, we had first met everyone (fans).
All: Yes, that's right..
Yunho: If you say it like that, that means it has been 4 years!
All (claps): Yes, ahhh..
Yunho: Congrats!
Jaejoong: I think time went by so fast. That time, our Jungsam (?) female fans became adults now (?).
Yunho: Ohhhh, that's right..
Jaejoong: Don't you think that is so amazing? I believe time is really fast but next year, our 5th year, I hope it would be a time where we will be together until then.
Yunho: Also last year, we did a party with our fans right?
Jaejoong: Right, we even took pictures..
Yunho: Even now, we still remember it but even next year, I hope we will spend some warm and great time with the fans. Up until now, us, Donbangshinki have worked hard and next year, we will do better and show you guys more amazing things. So we hope you guys will look forward to it.
Jaejoong: From now on, forever (all the way), with everyone, we can be together, we will work hard to become the Dongbangshinki you can be together with. Yes everyone, please continue to send us heartwarming love. We will become a more hardworking Dongbangshinki! Up until now.
All: This was Dongbanshinki and thank you very much.
Yunho (?): Merry Christmas!
Yoochun: Merry Christmas--(he makes weird noises)
Jaejoong: White Christmas!

Credits: DNBN, jungyunho, [email protected]!; [email protected] for trans
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Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/13/08
LOL. changmin didn't talk? and jaejoong and yunho talked the most =="
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Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/16/08
rlly? to me it was murr like jae talked the most XD
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