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all credits go to who ever made them okay?
dont make it yours. The one who made them will get mad.
for your comments just here.

If you have any question go to the [hearts] Question? Help?.
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Making Black and White Background

Okay so here's the image i am using right now.

Step 1
Go to the open file and select a pic you wanted to edit. And click "Open".

Step 2
Then go to Colors and find "Hue-Saturation" alright and select any color to fit on the pic. So i'm using the red and blue.

Step 3
Select letter " B " and move the Saturations to negative 100. and it should be like this. and Click Okay button.

Step 4
Then go scroll back to Colors and click on "Hue-Saturations" and select the red one. that would be negative 100. Then Select another letter " R " click okay again

Step 5
Follow Step 2. Then select another color click on " C" and put it on negetive 100. and click okay

And thats how you make it black and white.

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Typography Texts
requested by yiseunggi & winnie11

Ok here's an example that i just did a while ago.

Step 1
Open a new file and you can find a size "450 x 600 " in a retangular shape like, and click okay.

Step 2
Use your left side of your mouse. And click on the background. Then scroll down to "Alpha Channel" then use and click on the white background with ur left side of the mouse and select Edit then scroll to ur left side and click cut. Or use the .

Step 3
then you go to the A fonts and find something you want to type in. For me I use Typography. for it. And you know how to make font big and small. then you can delete the background and click on delete layer.

And you click on the "Layer" and scroll down to alpha selection. for the "Typography".

Step 4
Then you select the bucket fill and select any color you want for the font colors.

Step 5
Then you click on a new layer for it and click okay. And move the new layer below the text then above it. then click on okay.

Step 6
And click on Select the scroll down to "Grow Selection" on 2 pixels. and click on okay button.

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12

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