The Face, a story....
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Posted 2/16/11 , edited 2/16/11
It was almost rush hour, when a loud crashing noise suddenly emanated from, what usually known as; the treacherous intersection. People gathered around barely within the broken glass scattered on a slippery icy road, soaked with blood and petrol, murmuring with each other. While others wonder around curiously with their hands on top of their mouth, as their facial expression revealed the deep concern and anguish, from what now lies before them.

The sound of emergency siren gets louder and louder, as it resonates with the others from all directions, closing in towards; what is now a heavily congested--notorious intersection; where the fatal accident occurred.

“CLEAR THE WAY!” The Paramedic driving the ambulance shouted as they try to squeeze their way in, as close as possible… “THIS ONE’S STILL BREATHING!!” The Sheriff shouted, while waving his hands to catch the attention of the Paramedics, rushing in to offer some assistance.

The delicate nature of the situation required a heavy duty cutting instrument, to remove the entire roof of the vehicle sandwiched between an Interstate express bus and a fully loaded delivery truck. Just to reach the only remaining live passenger of the car, that closely resembled a fully squeezed accordion.

Days, turns into months, after that fateful accident....

The cold snap that triggered the early arrival of winter this year buried the entire town under deep snow overnight. “It’s been a year…” Collin uttered softly while looking through the frosted windows, gazing over the once green and lush garden, his brother loved so much.

The accident that caused severe damage on his left leg is almost fully healed. However, the shattered dreams and his broken heart may never recover… he thought.

Collin turned away from the window and approached the baby grand piano next to it. The thin layer of evenly scattered dust all over; reminded him… that he is not the only one missing someone very special.

“I still remembered those moments… When we let music carried us away… soaring above the clouds… feeling light as a feather. The last recital we did together… Our farewell performance, before we move on to Paris, to further our study and to hone-in on our skill…” Without knowing it… droplets of tears uncontrollably fell from his eyes… dripping on top of the dusty piano leaving an impressionable string of pearls… on its trail.

Collin wiped the traces of tears from his face very quickly, just in case someone might come in and see it, using the sleeves of his jersey. Afterwards, he wiped off the droplets of tears on the cover of the piano keyboard as well… The resulting shiny surface on the piano revealed an undeniable reflection of truth… Unable to restrain his emotion, the deep sorrow he was trying to hold back ruptured… as he falls apart bursting in tears.

“I can’t do it without you… Sam.” Collin sincerely whispered, while staring at the face reflected through the shiny surface of the piano with his tears streaming down his cheeks… “Help me… please…”

Unable to conceal his desperation, Collin rest his cheeks against the reflection on the piano, like a child hiding in his mothers warm embrace. When he felt something.., a warm hand; touching his head, and caressing his hair… along with a softly spoken word of hope, saying “You are not the only one hurting…”

Collin slowly raised his head to gaze upon the face full of compassion… Mom..? She gently lay down the violin on top of the piano… and said, “Sam never left you… my dear child… He’s always with you.., all you have to do, is to look into the mirror and you will see his face.”


The Face
By: RyanDan

Traveler of the great divides
Vagrant on a path to life

Everyday feels a little closer
To where it is that you're headed for
Given to a hope of so much more

For every time you fall apart
There'll be a soul to guide your journey
But if you choose to turn away
There in the mirror
You'll see my face
You'll see my face

Think you're on this road alone
Looking for a truth untold

Many times you've been close to breaking
Giving up and letting go
Something inside says it's not over

For every time you fall apart
There'll be a soul to guide your journey
But if you choose to turn away
There in the mirror
You'll see my face

And when the world crowds your space
Remember days when noise was silent
Now empty vows, loveless displays
Just a sense of knowing
You'd see my face
You'd see my face
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