Breathtaking Harassment
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Breathtaking Harassment

Start of autumn vacation 2007. Otousan send me a congratulations present, for passing my exams and at the same token, to greet me a very happy birthday in a form of a pre-paid holiday to Phuket (Thailand).

Upon arriving at Bangkok International Airport; ‘one more short flight, and I can finally relax, holiday style…’ I thought, let’s see; Otousan, definitely mentioned, someone will meet me.

All I need to do is look for someone waving an idiot card with my name on it. (Oops, did I just… call myself an idiot?). Well, never mind. Looking… looking.., still looking….

And then all the sudden! A man; from the waiting gallery jumped and hug me… Aaaaah? *Shocked*

He grabbed my shoulders and then, He looked at my face, so close.., I could feel his breath. It’s you… I found you! (He quickly lifted the garland made of orchid from his head and put it on mine).

“Congratulations… I’m your birthday present!”

“YOU…. You are my…WHAT?!” *Shocked*

“Oh! By the way… how rude of me, we haven’t properly introduced…” He said, “I’m Max, ‘Your birthday present’” Your father insisted that I should give you a very warm welcome as soon as you arrive. ‘That sounds more like Okasan,’ I thought.

Sorry-- I didn’t recognize you from the pict…. *Hmp… hmmnp…* (I put my hands on his mouth and nose; to stop him from talking). “Let’s go! Where’s the car?” (He lifted his finger and point out.) “Ooops….”

“Sorry, I forgot to remove my hands from your face.” (He’s turning blue) “Hey, Max san… dai-jou bu desu ka?” (Catching his breath) “Y...yes…peachy.”

So, Max san; where exactly are we going? Max replied, “To the Tangerine Hotel of course!” I see, (turning my face away). “Your father is right…you know… you are way too stiff … I’ll help you… loosen-up….” He said. (With, those dirty smile… again).

As of this moment, all I can think about is… to turn the car around, and go back to Japan.

All of the sudden, his phone rang, he just nod his head, and gave the phone to me. “For you,” he said.

“Gee, thanks” I replied, hello? Okasan? “Hai.. hmmn, Hai …hai , Oka-san… You really out did yourself this time… Eh?” (She hung up?)

For the first time I can feel my hands trembling out of anger.

“Here we are.., and here is… our room key.”

“Our room key..?” I can’t take it, anymore (so, I fainted).

When I woke-up, the first thing I did was to look around, He’s… gone… Yokatta!

So, I decided to take it easy and relax a little… for some reason, it feels as--if all my anxiety vanished all at once. And then… the door bell rings.

“Room Service!”

“Coming….” As, I open the door… to my surprise! It’s Max! (I tried to close the door quickly, but he stuck one of his legs on the gap, and forced open the door).

“Stop this,” he said, “You are hurting my feelings… you know”. Before I can react, (He grabbed my waist and dragged me along with him). ”I made a private reservation for dinner just for us”, he said. “Enough! Max, I can walk by myself… hanashite kudasai.”

After, we ordered dinner. He looked at me… so intently and said, “You looked pale, Ko..ji”. There’s a letter for you. This one will definitely make you feel better.

Disheartened: I slowly opened the envelope; as-- if all of my strength were drained from my body. But before I could read it, Max grabbed it back and read it out loud. “Dear Mr. Koji Izumi; Congratulations, and Welcome to The Best Underwater Adventure of your Life… your personal Scuba Diving Instructor, Max Valentino.”

“Did you just said, Scuba Diving Instructor?”

“Yep!” Max Answered, with annoying grin on his dial.

I stood up from my chair, walk around his side of the table and punch him. “Now were even! You could have saved me from all those horrible anxiety, if you mentioned that earlier!!”

“Oh, I see....” Max said, with his hand still bracing his jaw… “Does, this are disappointed... Ko...ji…” with a teasing tone of voice.

Well... if you like, we could still be lovers you know, (smiling again). “Kekkou desu!” (NO, thank you!)

If I happen to be a beautiful Thai girl; would you... like me? Max said.

I walk back to my seat and settle down, “maybe….”

“Actually, if a beautiful Thai girl-- did all those embarrassing harassment, instead of you... I could have been in heaven by now.”


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Ahahahaha, LOL!!! Your sense of humor is just too extravagant! Loved it! Don't tell me this is
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27 / Australia.
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@ LoveNews:

You got me there! Ha ha ha!!

This one is more of an anecdote, really. *Blushing* My parents has a very weird sense of humor. *Smiles*
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i liked it wuts gonna happent huh
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love it
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