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Posted 2/17/11 , edited 2/18/11

At Doggie-girl cafe the only thing i want is the best for my group recently i have been getting a ton of request asking to be a mod so i've decided to take action about it! If you would like to be a mod summit a sample of your work to this forum after that i accept you (which i will post when i do^^) I'm not very picky when it comes to work extra: we are NOT a graphics group he give away freebie avii's but i dont want "pro avii's and banner" like some groups do just try your best

Summiting a sample of work
(please follow these guide lines)

- Only one summition per render
- you must use the pic that is provided
-have fun xD

Example work:
i have a top mod Iveliz shes amazing and shes help my group out alot heres a sample of her awsome work xD

Here's the render ^^ good luck people of CR XD

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i cant do these kinds of stuff D: but i can help
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here is my work. its not tht good tho sorry
Posted 2/26/11 , edited 2/27/11
Its alright susu i think your work is cute -W-
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