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Which characters will survive at tbe end of Puella Magi Madoka Magica?
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Posted 2/18/11 , edited 2/18/11
So here we are 7 episodes into a 12 episode Magical Girl series where the Title character has yet to actually transform and not only is most everyone okay with that, but I know for my part I'm hoping that all the PR pics and OP are just there to screw with the audience.

So where do the main characters stand?

Mami Tomae bit it early on...Well ok, she actually GOT bit, but you know what I meant.

Homura Akemi is under a prediction of death from the first episode.

Sayaka Miki looks to have turned up a few fries short of a Happy Meal and is probably going to actively get herself killed if someone doesn't strap her down.

While Madoka Kaome hasn't signed a contract yet, she can't seem to keep out of the crossfire. Maybe everyone else gets killed defending her and she gets it simply because there's no one else left standing.

Additionally, given that all cynics are closet romantics, Kyouko Sakura's sudden attempts to mentor Sayaka don't bode well for her future.

And lastly, that Kyubey is in serious need of having his head separated from the rest of his body. He's got all the scruples of a demented used car dealer. Homura's already gone after him once. Given how the rest of the cast is only now discovering just how much the little weasel has played Yankee Trader with them someone's likely to try to fry the critter.

Your thoughts?
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Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/14/11
Apparantly Kyubey has many lives and is the deep dark hand behind... everything. He'll live. ... Or maybe die in a spectacular final episode. only to be replaced by another critter from his home race. Kyu-Cee?
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Posted 3/24/11 , edited 3/24/11
Madoka Kaome
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Posted 3/24/11 , edited 3/24/11
Puella means girl in latin... just thought i'd throw that out there.
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Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/23/11
homura? iunno, she can go back in time...
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