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Posted 2/18/11 , edited 2/19/11
Okay, here's what you have to do to join:
1) type the below
2) follow the rules below:
1) NO god modding(which means no being unbeatable)
2) Be kind to other players
3) If you want to fight someone ask them first.
4) You may not be overly desciptive in some either gory scene or a sensual scene.(hey, this is a drama so deal with it!)
5) most importantly have fun.

Name: Alchemonde

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Being: Fallen God(in other words a wraith)

Position: King

Powers: turn into a shadow, super speed, & super strength

Bio: Alchemonde was one of the followers of Lucifer the Morning Star. When they fell he felt betrayed and thought to seek redemption. Lucifer was angered by this and banished him from Hell. Now he is here wanted by neither Heaven nor Hell and is the founder of Wraith Wright.

Picture:(in spoiler)
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Name: Melissa Shade
Gender: Female
Age: not known
Heigh: 175cm
Being: Demon
Position: Citizen
Powers: good smelling; "Demon´s Wrath" (her skin turns red and her speed and strength triples); "Rope Control" (Can control all ropes, chains or wires no matter from what they are made)

Melissa is what other demons would say a "low-class-demon", but because of her abilities she made herself a big name in Hell and on Earth by assassinating powerful (and very careless) being may it be demons, vampires or other creatures. That´s the reason she was banned here and now lives here life in "peace" and takes every job she gets. She has great temper when males don´t respect the other sex and even killed more than two dozen men because they called another woman a bitch.

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25 / M / Where ever darkne...
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