Stop the spoilers!
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Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/19/11
Every now and then the picture shown on the episode being released for a show can contain spoilers that make the "wtf" moments less impactive. Naruto episode 199 picture shows Danzo's sharingan on the front page, for me thats a spoiler and a spoiler is a spoiler weather its minor or large, or even a spoiler for the episode your just about to watch, or a spoiler for something 100 episodes down the line. It still effects how much a person enjoys the surprise moment of something like this being reveled, and is really depressing knowing that its put in a position that no matter what you did to watch it on crunchyroll, you would still probably see it.

All I ask is that if you post a picture representing an episode of an anime, that yall make sure that it doesn't involve any spoilers at all , that includes transformations made in that specific episode, any new moves, any new people, anything NEW and un-known to those that haven't watched the episode yet should not be represented as the episodes advertisement picture.

ESPECIALLY for the long running shonen series where even minor details mean a huge deal to the viewers sometimes (you did it on bleach with their transformations a bit as well).
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Posted 2/24/11 , edited 2/24/11
not so much for pictures, but I do agree about spoilers annoying the hell out of me. Especially when that comment feed is visible on the right and watching certain anime you just get a stream of idiots posting spoilers without the spoiler tags.

Would love if they added a way to flag spoilers in comments >.>
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