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Posted 2/20/11 , edited 2/20/11

First game in PIkaPun,gimmie some lovin'!
So this game pretty much is about,
You come on here whenever your here and you write one incident that has happened to you that you think will make people laugh...or feel sorry for you.
You get it?
Posted 2/20/11 , edited 2/20/11
Once i got invited to a friends house.Now bear in mind that i really loved this friend and wanted to tell him.
He has a dog named scruff.So im hugging scruff and talking to him when..i feel wet.
I look down,it turns out the dog peed on me.
I screamed,chucked the dog and ran out.
Now me and the boy are best friends
But me and the dog? enimies¬____¬
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