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Posted 2/20/11 , edited 2/21/11
I finally finished it after delaying for like a week. A lot of things were so irritating to me, such as how kurono kept acting like a pussy, all the characters constantly chose to stand around instead of shooting, and no team work at all. The hentai part of the series was great and so were the chosen characters except for kurono. Mission 3 was so sad and f-ed up despite all of the show's shortcomings. The ending everybody hates so much, what about it? Kurono decided to live and keep living, what was so hard to understand about that message?

I think the part that was confusing was when the Gantz disappeared. Well the anime isn't really connected to the manga, except being based on the manga. It's separate from the manga and the director chose to do his own thing, don't forget that.

I never read the manga, so I decided to read up on it on wikipedia. Pretty cool stuff, it's a shame the anime went in such a wrong direction from the manga. You can easily tell the anime is incomplete just like berserk. Overall, the series sits at around 7 / 10, maybe even 6 / 10 but definitely not 8 / 10 or higher.
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Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/21/11
haha i'd give it 8/10 easily. Can't think of many anime i liked more than it other than berserk, gungrave, claymore, and elfen lied, The ending was weak, thats why it falls behind those. Characters are a bit whiney as well.
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Posted 12/22/12 , edited 12/23/12
They change after that mission, become more veteran like, and honestly my life dream is that they release a 2013 adaptation covering the whole manga... Gantz to Alien Arc = LIFE COMPLETE
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Posted 2/28/17 , edited 2/28/17
Yeah I admit I personally would've liked to have seen more. I was told in the anime there's all this extra stuff that was left out, including dinosaur creatures, vampires and more as well as the main character, kurono being brought back to life, though I personally disliked him.

I'm watching Gantz:0 which doesn't have him in it and is on Netflix. Not finished watching but it's quite fun to watch so far I would certainly love to see a new series that was closer to the manga possibly.
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