What the heck was that?

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Posted 2/21/11 , edited 2/21/11
Seriously, what the frack was that? I wanted to see it so badly after being disappointed somewhat from the anime. How did the director get it so wrong? Why did they copy the anime, which wasn't as great as it could've been? I skimmed though the whole movie, it was that bad.

The female cast was horrible, both Kei Kishimoto and the other girl were both flat, hardly any tits to be seen. I'm not sure if she was supposed to be Sei Sakuraoka. The fact there was no sex was a huge detriment to the movie. Sure most movies don't need sex scenes, but this one definitely needed it. If there was to be no sex, at least gets some gravure idols with huge boobs. With sex, get an AV idol such as Hitomi Tanaka, again with huge boobs. The movie copied the anime, at least copy that part as well.

There was english dubbing? WTF? Subs are the best way to go, most people prefer to hear the actors speaking in their native tongues. Felt weird trying to pay attention to the movie, since it was dubbed and made it difficult to take it seriously. Sure the SFX were excellent, but it didn't really have anything else going for it. Sure the statue aliens were cool, but weren't there about 12? The movie only shows about 3, um, really? The anime showed a better representation of the Goddess of Mercy, each arm had a different ability or weapon. Whereas the movie had the Goddess of Mercy with only swords.

The director needed to look over the manga and go in a different direction from the anime. The 1st movie should've been only the 2nd and 3rd missions. There was plenty of time to make the audience care for the characters before and after the 2nd mission and then watch them die during the 3rd mission. In the anime, the 3rd mission was epic on its own. The director missed his chance to make the 3rd mission insane on the big screen. Then the movie ends at the start of mission 4, lame...

The 1st movie is 6/10 at most. I really doubt the 2nd movie will be that much better. I predict 7/10 for the 2nd Gantz movie.
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