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Minion Academy Service Center

Welcome! This is where there are many places for your need! Scroll down and there are many stores and places to help you with school....and also to entertain you! UNDER CO.

Red Cross Minion Hospital

Welcome to the hospital! If you ever feel queezy, sick, or in an emergency, head for the hospital! You're always welcomed! We'll treat you!

(Powered by the Ninja's House Nurse)

✍ Library ✍

Welcome to the library! Here, you can do your homework and even get sum hwk help! Just post your question for a hwk activity and we'll reply asap! Also, you can read manga here!
Now...let's just read manga for the currently popular anime(under co):

Advertising/Support Center

Welcome! Here you can affiliate w/ us and we support you/your group in return!
Just fill out the following form:

For Group Support
Group Name:
Group Link:
Group Banner:
Will you support us?
For User Support
Username(please link it):
Support Icon/gfx:
Will you support us?

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