Post Reply It may not ignite the world ablaze but in its own subtle way I reckon it's a breath of fresh air.
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Sometimes I really prefer the laid back cliche anime with themes like fighting on and never ceasing to believe in yourself and friends. I also enjoy seeing pretty characters and sleazy free fan service. Dragon Crisis has it all, still I don't like grouping anime into categories proclaiming that it's been done already because every anime has its unique way of relating those things and its own unique characters.

This new series is chill and nice to watch. If you like or dislike this anime feel free to post your sentiments below.

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I love this anime, but i wish they'd explain the engage a little better, exactly what does it do? the obvious part is that it enhances the slash breath but does it improve rose any? What about Ryuuji, does it only affect weapons he wields, or does it have a more direct effect on him (such as increased strength, he is borrowing the power of a dragon, after all) if anyone knows any sources that better explain how engage works, let me know. I've searched for wiki sites, but it seems people are just making them, cause so far all of them have been blank
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i love the anime it has a little bit of fighting but the rest of it is great i just hope they'll have a chance to explain everything they didn't mention in the first episode
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It explains engaging a little in episode 8. Bianca uses a device to measure Ryuji's ability to use Lost Preciouses (L). She measures it at 123, however, when he and Rose engage it's at 5800. So engaging with Rose doesn't increase the weapon, but Ryuji's ability to use it, and probably other Lost Preciouses.
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i really hope there will be another season. dose any one know if there will be another season
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Personally I think this anime is really great, it's refreshing to see a harem anime where the male lead isn't a douchebag or a total loser (Demon King Daimao is another like this) and moreover where the romance actually makes solid progress.

There are a few underlying themes and messages here too but they are fairly common in more recent animes so I won't go into that.

I loved it. The pace seemed a bit slow sometimes but progressed steadily, loved the art style. The character archetypes were a bit tried but hey, it works. Could it have been better? of course.
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All animes end in a way that allows for the possibility of a second season so a second season for this series is likely, but it will probably be a couple of years. Here"s why: Seeing as the whole world's economy is going down the drain, I don't think that the people who made Dragon Crisis would make a second season so soon due to the fact that money is going to be tight and the second season could end up a flop. I believe they dub the show and release the dubbed version to N. America and Europe and see the overall response and then maybe one to two years later (If received well) they will make a season 2. Bottom line, don't expect a second season anytime soon.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this show from start to finish, had it all watched in under 12 hours! ^^

Fingers crossed for the potential of there to be a second season! ^^
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They do go into the "mechanics" a bit during the "testing" episode, and they indicate that during the "Engage", his power measured higher then has ever been seen. The implication is that Rose is actively enhancing the abilities, which would (in theory) allow him to better use any artifact.

To throw some philosophy in, it also implies a common element between dragons and humans in that the energy they're able to "wield" is the same, or at least compatible. Perhaps Dragons aren't really a separate species, but simply an old evolutionary offshoot?
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