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[J-Spring Drama 2011] Umareru (Born)
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* Title: 生まれる。
* Title (romaji): Umareru.
* Format: Renzoku
* Genre: Human drama
* Episodes: TBA
* Viewership ratings: TBA
* Broadcast network: TBS
* Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-22 start
* Air time: Friday 22:00
* Theme song: 365 Nichi Kazoku by Kanjani∞


A story about a woman who got pregnant at age 51 and the impact of her pregnancy on her four children.


* Horikita Maki as Hayashida Manami
* Okura Tadayoshi as Hayashida Taichi
* Nakajima Kento as Hayashida Koji
* Taketomi Seika as Hayashida Miko
* Tanaka Misako as Hayashida Aiko
* Miyake Yuji as Hayashida Shinpei
* Suzuki Ryohei as Okawa Yoichi
* Toda Keiko as Kuniki Miwa
* Kaneda Akio as Nagasawa
* Fuchikami Yasushi (淵上泰史) as Koike Haruma
* Kugasawa Toru (久々沢徹)
* Sakai Wakana as Mizukawa Maho
* Saito Ayumu as Nakano Eita
* Nishimura Tomomi as Uchida Rumi
* Shinohara Tsugumi as Koyama Yuki
* Miyatake Matsuri as Nishijima Maruko
* Fukushi Sota as Yamanaka Yuya
* Otake Koichi (大竹浩一) as Moriwaki Tetta
* Osugi Ren as Kondo Takumi


* Hofuku Norihiko (法福法彦) as Doctor Omori (ep1)
* Hosono Kyoko (細野今日子) as the nurse (ep1)
* Fujita Masahiro (藤田昌宏) as the civic building clerk
* Akiyama Yu (秋山優) as Koji's group date member (ep1)
* Hamada Jun (濱田准) as Koji's group date member (ep1)
* Sato Kanna (佐藤栞菜) as Koji's group date member (ep1)

Production Credits

* Screenwriter: Suzuki Osamu (鈴木おさむ)
* Producer: Suzuki Sanae (鈴木早苗)
* Directors: Kaneko Fuminori, Yoshida Akio, Muto Jun (武藤淳)
* Music: Kanno Yugo
* Music Producer: Shida Hirohide

Episode Information



The Hayashidas are a family of six. Hayashida Shinpei and Aiko are a happily-married couple who run a small bakery called Pannten. They have four children and appear to be a typical, ordinary family. Their eldest daughter, Aimi, works as an editorial production assistant of a small magazine in Tokyo. She has tremendous respect for her successful superior, Kuniki Miwa, but her own projects do not quite make the grade. She understands her mother the best among the family members, and is a level-headed person who takes care of her three other siblings. Their eldest son, Taichi, is a designer who works at a design company. However, his designs do not get through and every day is an uphill struggle. The only person he opens up to is his senior, Mizukawa Maho, who gently gives him advice. Taichi is secretly attracted to Maho. One day, a man suddenly shows up in front of Taichi and tells him some facts. He is greatly shaken to hear this, but … … Koji, their second son is a university student. He indulges in matchmaking parties everyday, and is exceptionally popular with girls. However, Koji appears to have a hidden past. The youngest child is Yoshiko, a high school student with outstanding academic results and the ambition to be a lawyer. Yoshiko also has worries which she cannot tell her family. The situation undergoes a drastic change with the sudden death of their father, and Aiko finds herself at a loss with her husband’s passing. Seeing her mother like this, Aimi tries hard to support the family, but clashes with her siblings who say whatever they like. Aimi has yet to recover from the pain of losing her father when she is suddenly told by Aiko that she is pregnant … …


Characters Chart:

Characters Description:
Hayashida Aiko (51)
Tanaka Misako
Mother of the Hayashida children. With her husband Shinpei, they're a lovey-dovey married couple. She constantly support and helps at "PANNTEN", the bakery her husband manages. She's kind with her children, but can occasionally be strict, in other words she's a typical japanese mother. Even though she's 51, she bears Shinpei's child...

Hayashida Shinpei (55)
Miyake Yuuji
Husband of Aiko and father of the Hayashida children. When he was young, he quitted a salaryman job and launched his business, he now manages a bakery called "PANNTEN". He's bright and cheerful, and a lot of people comes to his shop because of Shinpei's personality.

Hayashida Manami (25)
Horikita Maki
Hayashida family eldest daughter. With her sense of responsibility distinctive of eldest daughters, she endures a lot of things and she protects her younger siblings. She has by nature an older sister temperament, she can be relied on, and even if she says "Aaaah~ it's annoying. Why does it have to be me!", she'll do her best.
She respects Kuniki, the boss of her company, and everyday she works hard with a job that doesn't well up her interest as an apprentice editor.

Hayashida Taiichi (24)
Okura Tadayoshi
Hayashida family eldest son. Kind and meek, he's consequently always reserved. He has a weak personality in crucial moments. He's the most delicate of the siblings.
He works in a design company in town. He embraces the dream to become a famous designer in the future, but Taiichi's plans are not accepted in competition. He's interested in Mizukawa Maho, the company's copy editor, but Maho has a secret...

Hayashida Kouji (20)
Nakajima Kento
Hayashida family second son. Student in 2nd year of university. The time when he'll have to think about finding employment is coming, but he doesn't show any sign of doing it. As a child he suffered from leukemia and grew up pampered, even now that he's an adult he kept the habit of being spoiled. He's a goukon addict who attends them everyday without going to school, but when he learns about the pregnancy of his mother, he'll start to fully realize the importance of "life"...

Hayashida Miko (17)
Taketomi Seiko
The youngest child of the Hayashida family. Among her siblings, she's a show-off caring about "the way other people see her", and she's very proud. She's bright, and goes to a school preparing for university exams. Some of her friends, jealous, torment her in secret, but she's not able to honestly talk about it to her family. The pregnancy of her mother will be exposed, and the ijime will keep escalating...

Kondo Takumi (55)
Osugi Ren
Very capable obstetrician gynecologist. While the number of doctors dealing with childbirth sharply drops, he's a professional delivering more than 200 babies a year. He's cold, and generally speaking scary, but in fact he loves chocolate. Everytime, Kondou's medical treatment informations become the source of information for anxious women reaching the time of "declining birthrates" and "childbirth at an advanced age", making him yell.

Uchida Rumi (40)
Nishimura Tomomi
Aiko's friend. She married a man a friend has introduced to her. She thought she would be able to immediately have a child, but she couldn't and she's treated for sterility. Completely absorbed by the infertility treament, she doesn't pay attention to her surroundings and has complicated feelings for Aiko who got pregnant at 51.

Kuniki Miwa (51)
Toda Keiko
Manami's boss in the company. She's Manami's favourite sempai. She's a capable editor and writer, and she gains the deep trust of the people she interviews. To evaluate the way she works, she's strict with Manami. In the past, she suddenly wanted to have children, but she thought it would stop her career, so she choosed her work.

President Nagasawa (55)
Kaneda Akio
The president of the publishing house where Manami works. He's been Kuniki's work associate for a long time. Hi wife gve birth at the age of 43, and he proposed to Kuniki the idea of publishing a book on advanced age pregnancy.

Oogawa Youichi (28)
Suzuki Ryouhei
Manami's ex-boyfriend in the same company. He was cohabiting with her in Manami's house but they recently broke up. He was employed on several different jobs and moved from place to place, but now he finally arrived in the publishing house.

Mizukawa Maho (29)
Sakai Wakana
Copy editor in Taiichi's company. She's kind with Taiichi and is someone he can rely on. She occasionally covers up for the numerous honest mistakes that Taiichi makes at work and gives him advices. Taiichi seems to somehow be interested in Maho, but she seems to have a secret...

Koike Haruma (29)
Fuchigami Yasushi
Taiichi's sempai, he's an ace designer in the company.

Nakano Eita (50)
Saitou Ayumu
Enigmatic man. Suddenly appearing in front of Taiichi, he gave him a speech with a profound and hidden meaning. There's a reason behind his appearance...

Moriwaki Tetta (36)
Ootake Kouichi
Long-time employee in "PANNTEN" together with Shinpei.

Nishijima Maruko (11)
Miyatake Matsuri
"PANNTEN" regular customer. She loves the bread Shinpei makes, she always goes to buy some for her younger brother.

Credits: jillia_and_luca @ okura_tadayoshi lj

Horikita Maki

Tanaka Misako

Okura Tadayoshi

Kento Nakajima

Taketomi Seika

Keiko Toda

Sakai Wakana

Official Site:
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Posted 3/4/11 , edited 3/26/11
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F / ♪Inside Your Head♫
Posted 3/4/11 , edited 3/4/11
aw shucks! I wanted Maki and Ohkura to play a romantic pair!! but they get to play siblings....TT__TT

Nevertheless, I'll still watch this for Ohkura Tadayoshi. And oh yay! Nakajima Kento! I liked him in Koishite Akuma! Glad he's part of this!
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28 / M / Beautiful Earth!
Posted 3/27/11 , edited 3/27/11
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Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/31/11
Little Preview of the drama
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F / ♪Inside Your Head♫
Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/6/11

Thank you! If you find more, please post them again! ^____^
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/6/11
wah...i wanna watch it... sounds interesting..!
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31 / F / Germany
Posted 4/6/11 , edited 4/6/11
maki is really pretty
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22 / Philippines
Posted 4/6/11 , edited 4/7/11
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Posted 4/7/11 , edited 4/22/11
Magazine scans

credits: baidu fans

For more pics, please visit
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25 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 4/7/11 , edited 4/7/11
i want to watch this, cant wait!
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Posted 4/9/11 , edited 5/21/11

Umareru's promo at Ousama no Brunch show and some preview of the drama

So cute <3

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F / ♪Inside Your Head♫
Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11
Ohkura is so him!
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Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/17/11

Boy with Down syndrome to star in TV drama

Hosei Takai will be the first from a special acting class for children with mental disabilities to star in a TV drama series.

The 10-year-old with Down syndrome will play a mentally disabled child with seasoned actors and actresses in the fifth episode of "Umareru" (A baby is born), a Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc. program, on May 20.

K Planning, a Tokyo talent agency, runs the special class for mentally disabled children aspiring to become actors or actresses.

The casting of Hosei is a big step forward for President Hidemi Kunieda, who opened the class in May 2008, hoping to make it as common as in Western countries for people with disabilities to appear in Japanese TV programs and movies.

"We've managed to get this far," she said.

Kunieda thought that problems concerning disabilities are not well understood in Japan probably because people with disabilities rarely appear in the media.

About 80 people now practice at the class.

"Hosei loves to sing and dance," said his mother, Yuka, 36. "I want people to find him full of vigor and full of fun."

Hosei was chosen by audition for his role in "Umareru," which revolves around a woman who becomes pregnant at age 51.

The woman, played by Misako Tanaka, wonders whether she should have her amniotic fluid examined to find any chromosomal abnormality in the fetus.

Her eldest daughter, played by Maki Horikita, regrets that she recommended her mother receive the test after spending a happy day with a boy with Down syndrome, played by Hosei.

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Posted 5/21/11 , edited 5/21/11
Episode 1 outline

Episode 2 outline

Episode 3 outline

Episode 4 outline

Episode 5 outline

Episode 6 outline

Episodes Outline translated by: jillia_and_luca @okura_tadayoshi LJ ; CM uploaded by: nomanymore
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