This Damn Video Problem
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Posted 2/22/11 , edited 2/23/11
SInce you guys finally fixed the video issues within the last two weeks all the videos i try to watch will not fully load i have to wait and wait and wait for them to continue to load.

I'm on Cable with power boost never have a problem loading a video anywhere but here and the occasional Youtube but thats because the videos are 720p.

This has bothered me so much i ilterally wait weeks to try and watch some of my fave shows because they just wont load. I have to pause it when it does play and walk away and watch tv for 30 mins or so and then see it load and play for 5 mins.

These shows are Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Tegami Bachi, and sometimes even Kore wa Zombie desu ka.

i disable video smoothing, i clear the caches on all three browsers i use, IE, FF, and GC. and they all still act the same way.

Im pretty much fed up with it and curious if there is anything you guys think i need to do further.

Thank you for your time.

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