Rain, rain… Please, don’t go away.
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Posted 2/23/11 , edited 2/23/11

Its 5:30 pm already, I could probably be at home by now, relaxing in front of the television, if I started walking back one and a half hours ago, instead of standing in a cue. Just when I think… It’s not going to get any worst….

The sky turned gray, then, it started to rain. “Pambihira talaga!”

The neat cue of passengers squabbled under the inadequate shaded area of the bus stop. Meanwhile, the rain gets heavier by the minute.

“Talagang walang patawad,” I thought.

Barely under the shade from this relentless rain, another one joined the cue of miserably drenched dudes under the shade. A lady with relatively big enough umbrella, and she’s standing a couple of feet away from me. I wasn’t about to say anything, however, the droplets of rain dripping from her umbrella happened to spray on me every time the wind blows our way. So, I lifted the edge of her umbrella slightly to divert the drips to the other side.

“Miss… Paki-suyo lang yung ….” But before I finished; what I was meaning to say… She lifted her umbrella and then said,

“Oh my god! I’m… so sorry… Gusto mong maki-sukob?” For the moment there, I thought I died and gone to heaven!

“Wow! She’s cute” I thought….

“Oi, gusto mong maki-sukob?” She said it again; while looking directly at me… curiously.

Only then, I snapped back into reality. “Pwede ba?” I replied back softly. She nodded, afterwards a shallow smile for confirmation.

I’m sharing an umbrella with the girl of my dream, and all I could do, was to pretend like a statue. *Deep Sigh*

Every time the wind blows our way; we receive a negligible amount of cold rain sprayed on our legs just about. Perhaps this is the reason: why… She tends to get closer and closer, could it be…? She’s feeling cold…? I held the handle of the umbrella tightly, so she could hold on to her purse a bit more securely, while the rain poured relentlessly. But instead she wrapped her arms around me….Eh?

“Wow, she feels so warm and smells so nice,” I said to myself. While trying to conceal a bashful smile on my dial.

I never thought; I would say this… but at that very moment, I wished… for the rain: not to go away with all my heart.

7:09 pm… there’s still; neither a bus nor a jeepney… I couldn’t believe my luck! *Smiles*

Until a taxi cab happened to stop next to us, without any hesitation, she hopped inside, leaving me with seven other rain soaked guys. Although the rain eased up a little, I still feel so, miserable. After I realized, I forgotten to asked her name, or her phone number… or at least give her my E-mail address.

With a deep sigh, I reminded myself: It could have been one of my worst days except for the fact; that, the girl of my dream suddenly popped her head out of the taxi window, and said,

“Hey! Need a ride?”

On the other hand….

I never thought, I would say this, but… I think this is the best… worst day of my life.

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27 / Australia.
Posted 2/23/11 , edited 2/23/11
Authors note:
This story is based on a favorite song about "Rain" that never failed to brightened-up my day; everytime, I listened to it. *Smiles*
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