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Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Character Name : Kasumi
Gender : Female
Age : 12
Age Appearance : 10

Appearance Description : Kasumi has long pink hair and dark pink eyes

Personality : Stubborn , sometimes hot headed , friendly ,

Race : Unkown
Relationship Status : Single
Life Status: high school
Special Abilities : Talk to cats
Powers : Light magic

Likes : Looking at the moon , star watchng , cats

Dislikes : Storms

Biography : Kasumi lives in a mansion with the staff . They keep calling her Hime-chan ( princess ) Theres Umi her maid who's a android . Izumi her butler who is a vampire but he seems to be more intrested in flowers then blood . The cheif Toru who is a monkey demon . The three cooks that help Toru . Yuki who is a snow women who cooks a lot of cold food . Sera a witch who drinks alot of tea . And Val a wolf demon . They all try there best to keep after Kasumi .

Picture :
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Posted 4/19/11 , edited 4/19/11
Character Name: Clara
Gender: Female
Age: 294
Age Appearance: 16
Appearance Description: Pale, blonde hair, blue eyes.
Personality: Cold, serious, smart.
Race: Living Doll
Relationship Status: Single
Life Status: Working
Special Abilities: Can influence another beings emotions.
Powers: None.
Likes and Dislikes: Unknown
Biography: Clara was kidnapped at age eleven, her kidnapper an evil scientist working on creating the perfect human. Though he had seen the perfect human was only found in a doll he went on that. She was the first among many, being used for tests and torture. All this had made her cold, not trusting most people. One day she found the courage and the moment to kill the man and free the other children.

Character Name: Felix
Gender: Male
Age: 300
Age Appearance: 18
Appearance Description: Pale, brown hair, green eyes.
Personality: Fun loving, mischievous, friendly.
Race: Living Doll.
Relationship Status: Single
Life Status: Working
Special Abilities: Can read others mind.
Powers: None
Likes and Dislikes: Unknown
Biography: Another child escaping from the evil man, Felix ran away after he was marked as a success. He knew Clara since she was the first success for the man. Though he is like her opposite he finds her as a role model. Felix often wanders from town to town never staying in one place too long in fear of rejection from everyone.
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Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/25/11

Character Name: diva
Gender: F
Age: 173
Age Appearance: 17
Appearance Description: she has very long black hair up to her thigh. Her eyes are normally blue but turns into a sapphire ruby blue tht glows. She wears a long white dress with a blue stripe on the ends. She is tall and lithe as well
Personality: she Is childish,cruel,sadistic,appears "sweet"
Race: Chiroptera. (type of vampire)
Relationship Status: single and not looking.
Life Status: She had a side job as an new opera singer. But it was jt to make ppl all over the world be able to hear her singing.
Special Abilities: very flexible. Can destroy stuff easily.
Powers: If someone hears her singing live they will turn into a chiroptera.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: drinking blood,destroying stuff, new dresses,her babies
Dislikes: her sister,humans,
Biography: She was locked inside an old tower to be used as a test subject. Until one day her sister released her to sing at someones birthday party but she went and killed everyone.

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Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11

JayyAshley wrote:


Here you can create your own character that you may enter/use in any roleplay (that the group provides) that you want.
You may not copy a name of a character from any anime, manga, game, and etc.


No god modding
You may not create as much characters as you want unless you invite your buddies to the group
You may not give your character more than 4 powers/special abilities unless you are a mod
Your charcater has to be approved first before you start roleplaying


Character Name:
Gender: ( Male / Female )
Age: ( How old is your character? )
Age Appearance: ( How old does you character look like? )
Appearance Description: ( Tell us how your character looks like in words. )
Personality: ( What's your character like? Is your character nice, mean, fierce, intense, etc. )
Race: ( Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Soul Reaper, Death God, Angel, Demon, etc. )
Relationship Status: ( Single / Taken )
Life Status: ( Studying in university, college, high school, middle school, elementary, graduate, working, etc. )
Special Abilities: ( Mind reading, monstrous strength, healing abilities, telekinesis, etc. )
Powers: ( Dark magic, pure magic, black mist, white mist, summoning magic, sealing magic, etc. )
Likes and Dislikes: ( Cooking, sports, etc. )
Biography: ( Tell us about your character. Where's your character born? etc. )
Photo: ( Give us a photo of your character in a spoiler. )

Characters Approved

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Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11

JayyAshley wrote:


Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11

Please be active.
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JayyAshley wrote:

Please be active.

I will~ oh and i invited my buddies!~ this ish a cool group btw~
Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/28/11

Thanks and I hope you have fun. :))
Posted 4/30/11 , edited 5/1/11
Character Name: hadow
Gender: ( Male
Age: 16 years old
Age Appearance: 16
Personality: intense deep, brave,foolish
Race: human
Relationship Status: single
Life Status: traveling
Special Abilities: send energy bolts, fly. and can run at super sonic speeds
Powers: can teloport, control other's shadow
Likes and Dislikes: likes-running, mountains, swords disikes- peapke gettong in his way
Biography: born on a floating island he was grown up as a warrior but his peaple was slaughtered in a raid he was the only survovor he now traveles cause he still beleves there is another suvivor out there
Posted 5/5/11 , edited 5/5/11

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Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11
Character Name: J
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Age Appearance: 16
Appearance Description: black hair , dark brown eyes, slender
Personality: Kind , abscent minded, fragile and, clean
Race: Human
Relationship Status: Single
Life Status: high school
Special Abilities: soul cleansing, healing, sees into the heart (on rare occasions), voice
Powers: Pure/Soul magic, blue mist
Likes and Dislikes: likes reading, cleaning dislikes running and insencerity
Biography: Son of human mother. Father was the stuff of legends but, after fighting one day, lost his abilities. His father was rejected by his people because he could molonger protect them. He then went into exhile. He then met J's mother who taught him how to live as a human ( he never regained his powers). Then J was born a fragile person because he can't control his (father's) power. Oldest of 3 siblings.

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