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Character Name: Luna Hie
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Age Appearance: 16
Appearance Description: Cool
Personality: Quite, Bookworm, Kind but not show it..
Race: Human
Relationship Status: Single
Life Status: High School
Special Abilities: Hyper Intuition, meaning know what people are hiding..
Powers: Mapping, Repositioned
Likes and Dislikes: likes small animal and quietness, dislikes noise and liars..
Biography: since she was a child she was weird from people, not really trusting and indifferent. she can locate people by mapping and move object by repositioned. her power was abused by her family when she was a child. when she grow older she no longer use her power and live in seclusion. the only child, live with her mother, father died long ago. the origin of her power is unknown.
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Character Name: Soo Yun
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Age Appearance: 15?
Appearance Description: see pic!
Personality: Money minded and blunt XD
Race: Human-Devil
Relationship Status: single...
Life Status: working
Special Abilities: swordmaster, monstrous strength, sharp instinct, dark magician (summoning etc.)
Powers: Dark magic
Likes and Dislikes: Mysteries but not long winded convos!
Biography: Honest to the point of bluntness, she tend to hit where it hurts. But she is of no ill intention as she hates trouble especially having to explain things in detail just to clear up misunderstanding. She is from no special background but her guts always gets her to worse places when investigating mysteries. This resulted in her successfully dispersing a dangerous cult group but her carelessness got her left foot stepping in their demon circle, resulting in her abnormal body. She is a freelance myth debunker and with no family support (due to her weird personality), so she is rather money-oriented in terms of living. She is a tsundere type and her heart overwhelms her goals when needed. She is a stay-home type and only leaves her office/house when called.
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Character Name: Rei(ko);;Kinu
Gender: Female;;Male
Age: 16;;256
Age Appearance: Mature;;Older, not wrinkle old, like an Adult
Appearance Description: Black Hair, Red Eyes;;Same
Personality:Very serious, sometimes doesn't understand humor;;Serious, hates humor and hard to become friends with
Race: Spirit Human;;Spirit
Relationship Status: Taken by Kinu (Seadull)
Life Status: Adventurer, learns and studies magic
Special Abilities: Enanced Senses;;Death by Touch
Powers: Elemental Generation;;Lunarkinesis
Likes and Dislikes: The World;;People

Photo: Picture of a Prediction of what the Two "could" look like together when they were young.

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Character Name:Aria
Age Appearance:16
Appearance Description:has red hair and has eyes that are the color of flames.on her right arm she as the sign 太陽神 (Sun Goddess) and on her left arm she has the sign 神々の炎 (Flames Of Gods). some times she looks really cute but other times she can be really evil
Personality:it often changes but she also fakes most of her feelings
Relationship Status:Single
Life Status:goes to school and gathers info
Special Abilities:can make almost anything out of fire,can summon fire related demon
Powers:can use any kind of magic but mainly uses fire
Likes and Dislikes:Unknown

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Character Name: Kit
Gender: ( Female )
Age: 20
Age Appearance: 20
Appearance Description: Tall, thin, dark skin tone, short hair
Personality: nice, clumsy, silly, joker, sarcastic (has an evil side)
Race: Half elf half human
Relationship Status: Single
Life Status: working
Special Abilities: telekinesis
Powers: She has a sidekick/buddy creature named Chewy that's always with her.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Food, Cooking, Playing Video Games Dislikes: Prissy/Preppy/Girly & Dropping Stuff
Biography: Born in Loaf Town, Grew up with 3 mischievous brothers and her prissy mom. Found and rescued her sidekick/buddy Chewy one day in the rain in a cardboard box.
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JayyAshley wrote:


Here you can create your own character that you may enter/use in any roleplay (that the group provides) that you want.
You may not copy a name of a character from any anime, manga, game, and etc.


No god modding
You may not create as much characters as you want unless you invite your buddies to the group
You may not give your character more than 4 powers/special abilities unless you are a mod
Your charcater has to be approved first before you start roleplaying


Character Name: Saeko Kinishiharu
Age: 15
Age Appearance:
My character looks 15 :3
Appearance Description:
She has white-ish blond-ish hair and she likes to wear dresses :3
Personality: Nice-Gloomy
Race: Demon
Relationship Status: Single
Life Status: High School
Special Abilities: Healing--Shape Shift
Powers: Ice Manipulation
Likes and Dislikes: Chocolate-Music-Sleep-Texting-Boys-Laughing Hate= Vanilla-Annoying people-Homework
Biography:Saeko was born all the way in a rogue area. She was avoided by others because she's a demon. Don't let appearance's fool you. She may look like a normal,ordinary,every day girl but she's far from it.
Photo: ( Give us a photo of your character in a spoiler. )

Characters Approved

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Character Name: Raven
Gender: M
Age: 21
Age Appearance: 25
Appearance Description: Long black hair, smooth white skin, slim body build, glowing predatory eyes.
Personality: Relaxed, considerate, gentlemen type
Race: Half human, half demon
Relationship Status: Single
Life Status: butler
Special Abilities: can serve people anything at anytime.
Powers: cooking, cleaning, charming smile
Likes and Dislikes: likes a good book, hates a dirty room
Biography: born and raised in the school of master and servant now travels the world meeting people and serving their needs to become the greatest butler in the world.

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