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Character Name: Yoko Orihara
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Age Appearance: 16

Appearance Description: Long black hair, typically worn in one or two ponytails. Blue eyes. Pale complexion. Busty. Average height.

Personality: Yoko's an average teenage girl who typically comes off as chilled and nonchalant, but has desires of her own [mainly boy crushes and her own opinions].She wishes to dispell all vampire stereotyping, including rumors that tie vampires to religion [being vulnerable to holiness, sunlight, garlic,etc.]

Race: Vampire.
Relationship Status: Single.
Life Status: high school

Special Abilities: as a vampire, she heals twice as fast as a human and also has twice as much stamina as a human.
Powers: none

Likes: sugary food, designing and art, dancing, manga
Dislikes: vampire stereotypes, spicy foods, having to sit still.

Biography: Yoko is a biological vampire, her body requires blood just as a human body needs water. Her body is twice as strong as a human woman her age. She was born and raised in a vampire family and lives a seemingly normal life.

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Character Name: Niji Kankitsurui
Gender: female
Age: 15
Age Appearance: 18
Appearance Description:blonde hair, brown eyes, pierced ears, long hair, tall
Personality: quiet and kind but when you get to know her, she can be loud and crazy
Race: demon
Relationship Status: single
Life Status: high school
Special Abilities: strength, singing, speed, (secret power~still unknown)
Powers: dark magic
Likes and Dislikes: Likes~music, manga, sweet foods
Dislikes~ spicy foods, demon sterotypes, stuck-up people
Biography: abandoned when 6 months old. brought into an orphanage and adopted by a witch and a wizard. They accidentally used magic on her and she turned into a demon.
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Character Name: Sapphire (Phire)
Gender: F
Age: Undisclosed
Age Appearance:15
Appearance Description:a young cute girl with a bandage over her right eye and wears a pretty dress. she has bat wings
Personality: Yandere sweet childish and innocent to ones she likes but to those she doesn't shes a demonic girl with a taste for flesh
Race: demon
Relationship Status: single
Life Status: does what she wants regardless of anything else
Special Abilities: enhanced basic human anatomy (aka better eyes reaction time strength and agility),incredible healing
Powers: nearly immortal
Likes and Dislikes:adores fun things and sweets but hates bugs with a passion
Biography: a cute demon girl who is a sweet innocent girl...aside from that her past is unknown
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