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Top 5 movies of all time?
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25 / M / BeverlyHills, CA
Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/31/11
the punisher
forest gump
8 mile
the dark knight
step brothers
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F / あなたのベッド
Posted 3/31/11 , edited 3/31/11
I would say my favorite are

1. Queen of the Damned
2. Underworld Series
3. Ace Ventura Series
4. Scary Movies series
5. The Labyrinth
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28 / M
Posted 4/3/11 , edited 4/4/11
My (Ever-changing) Top Five:

1. The Graduate
2. Annie Hall
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
4. A Single Man
5. Cinema Paradiso
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Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/6/11
1. Lord of the Rings
2. Ben-Hur
3. The Sounds of Music
4. Brokeback Mountain(Yah, i've seen what, nothing to be ashamed about)
5. The Princess Bride
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101 / M
Posted 4/7/11 , edited 4/8/11
Top 5 as of present are:

1. Grave Of The Fireflies

2. Princess Mononoke

3. Castle In The Sky

4. The Classic

5. Once Upon a Time In The West
Posted 4/9/11 , edited 4/9/11
1. Predator
2. Taken
4. Ajussi/The Man From Nowhere
5. Fighter In the Wind
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24 / M / philippines..xD
Posted 4/10/11 , edited 4/10/11
My Sassy Girl
Death Note
Harry Potter..
Camp ROck
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30 / M / NJ
Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/14/11
Serbian film? really? (gets squeamish >.<) lol

well 5 that come to mind in no particular order are..

-Army of Darkness (evil dead trilogy is just great)
-Pan's Labyrinth
-American History X
Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/15/11
My top 5 (Subject to change per usual)

Not in any order.

1)Bladerunner - The daddy of all cyberpunk films (Metropolis- 1927, being the grandad) , this is a brilliant piece of cerebral sci-fi.
2)Star Wars - A New Hope, I thought this was the most exciting part of the original triology.
3) Batman (1989) I can't get bored with this film at all, never
4)Akira, yes, I'd never put an anime in my top 5 let alone top 10 or even 20. But Akira is still a brilliant piece of sci-fi, may be messy, but this was the film that got me into cerebral sci-fi.
5) Inception - This film caught me by surprise, restored my faith in cinema.

Honourable mentions:
-RoboCop (One of my favourite films EVER!)
-Wizard of Oz
-Shutter Island
-The Departed
-Star Trek 2,3,4,6, First Contact, 11
-Coming to America
-The Lion King
-Old Boy
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