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Posted 6/5/07 , edited 6/6/07
Kingdom Hearts is a outstanding RPG where luv is involved, drama,fights and awhole lot good azz art work, KH2 is not a wack RPG that can pass on its has ur favorite characters King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and any of those little annoying characters sorry I luv them to. It spins off rite before the first KHI but its has a twice Chain Of Memories is rite after the first its start rite after Sora Lock the door to the light. KH2 has many levels many boss fights a good kick azz story, u can change into a differnet forms of Sora thankx to ur friends powers. After Sora come out the hero theres a new battle ahead...

FFXII is a weird game the battle system is stupid but quick to learn it took me a day to uinderstand the fighting system, Its different from the other Final Fantasy. Its has a great story a Queen loses ur King her father is killed, her empire is in the shit hole. She meets wonderful friends throughout the story some friends, enemies, and two time bitch traders.. Wat I like about this game is u can call mystic creatures wait they not really mystic thats only word came to mind. And u can summon the monsters and the good thing each character could get one, there's a totasl of 10 cool i will me up all nite.

If ur mad about wat said or didn't say fffiiinnnnggg bad write ur on little thing....... just joking .... To me FFXII is the better Game between the two....(Even G4 says its better).....
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