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Posted 1/12/08 , edited 1/13/08
HELLO!! my name is SANDY...
IF u wanna be FRENDZ the feel free to
TALK to ME okies THANK U!! :)

(my fanfic)
I was bored so I wrote this!!!

I went to Paris and saw a guy laying on the bench near by...

As he got up and walked away I followed him to see
where he was going since I was very curiouse...

I followed him everwhere until night he stopped
and looked back and saw me...i hided quickly behind
a by a BIG statue that was beside me!

But then I herd footsteps!! I looked up OMG!! he was right
there standing next to me with a curiouse expression...
He said "I know you've been following me why?"
I said "ummmmmm.mmm...mmm because I'm lost!!!"
I thought to myself (how stupid am I! what a stupid excuse
he won't buy it)...Then he said "OH!! where are you
suppose to be?" I said "the Royal Hotel" then he smiled
"that's where I'm staying come with me it's near here
that's where I'm going" so I followed him and we were there!! It was soo pretty ROYAL HOTEL (a hotel in Paris)

So I went in and I lost my registration (NOOOOOO!!)
I had lefted it on the train while comming to Paris and
I didn't have enough money to stay in that expessive hotel...
so he paid for me and said "You ow me.." as he
was done I waited for my key while he went to buy a cup
of coffee and then left.

I got my key to my room and unpacked
I looked out the window WOW the view is GREAT from
here I can see the Eiffel Tower from here. I felt a little
guilty because I wasn't lost but OH WELL I was SOOOOO
TIRED from following him all day so I went to sleep..(zzZZz)


Next morning I went to get something to eat and saw him
I went over and sat across from him "HI" I said "oh hey,
how was your first night here?" he said "it was good"
as I finished he gave me one of is croissant since he didn't
finish it "it's o.k i said" "no just eat it i can't finish it, it'll be a
wast" he said soooo I ate it.

Then I said "by the way whats your name?
I forgot to ask you yesterday night" "it's o.k my name is
Kim JaeJoong from Seoul here on vacation for 2 months how about you?"
(I didn't think he would tell me that much he's soo nice) "Oh my name is
Sandy from Kansas and here on vacation for 3 weeks" Then after
I was done he told me to go with him since I had nothing to
do I went..


We went to the laundrymat since he wanted to wash his
clothes and he needed me do wash his clothes and
fold it, since he paid
for my room in the hotel!!
While we were there all he did was look at the Paris
magazines and didn't even help me (what a JERK!)

And then he said "YAH! if my clothes are still wet and not
folded properly you'll be sleeping outside GOT IT!!"
(man he's not as nice as I thought) "O.K" I said


As the LONG days went by I've been spending time with
JaeJoong he would dragg me around like a puppy, and
him being my master he would always YELL for me
to do this and do that (I'm sooo annoy and TIRED!! URG
I have to do what he says or I'll be sleeping outside but
I'm glad I'll be going home soon in 2 days =)...


He knew i was leaving soon so for the last 2 days before I went home he tooks me out for ice cream.

And to try some of the French foods in Paris.

I started to feel he was really a sweet and gentle guy but
just doesn't really show it.


As the day came I packed and went to his door and knocked on it...........But no answers so I thought he went somewhere so I left...
As I went outside (O_O)
"JaeJoong!" I said in shock "I'll send you to the airport
get on.." he said.

I was SCARED!! since I never rode one but I trusted him
so I got on and we rode to the airport but before we got there he drove me to Paris shop and bought me and him
a paris of cross necklace "hear I want you to have this one" I was shocked
"thank you so much JaeJoong it's very pretty" I reply happily ^^

Left :JaeJoongs Right : Mines =)

This is how they fitt together

So then he putt it on me, then we left and headed for the airport.


As we reached it I stepped off the motorcycle "thanks
for sending me to the airport JaeJoong" I said "no problem
ummmmm...keep that necklace as a gift o.k and don't forget me" he said. I smiled and gave him a BIG HUG!!
as I left blushing..Then he yelled "SANDY! ummmm....
have a safe trip home" and gave me a smile I've never
seen before, since I came to Paris and met him

I felt soo happy that I saw his smile before I left. I knodded my head and smiled back "O.K SEE YOU!" then I left.


While in the plane I looked at the necklace I smiled..
(I know that one day we will meet agian JaeJoong)


wow this was fun I LOVE writing these kinds of story with pictures!! I got the idea from looking at some DBSK forums it looked like fun so I decided to try it!! lols it was
fun u have to find the perfect pichas =P if u read I hope u
like it lols =P


ANYONGGESAYO!! * wave* *wave*
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Posted 1/12/08 , edited 1/13/08
i know i made some mistakes in spelling sorry!! i hope u enjoy it it's
my first!!
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Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/22/08
u choose right pic in every part...haha..welldone...!
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Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/22/08
nice work
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Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/22/08
LOL! I really enjoyed it thanks for posting there should be more like this! ^_^
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Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/22/08
Awww, so cute =]

I love it, and i love how you added pictures~!

Makes it more interesting

and easy to imagine

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Posted 1/23/08 , edited 1/23/08
omg, you're so good~!! very nice job..I love how u fit the words and pictures..I can really see what is happening..hope u make one again!! lolz~!!
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