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Posted 2/27/11 , edited 2/27/11
Roleplay here once you've chosen your character and gaurdian.
(When we want to talk and its not rp we talk in () like so)
when you want to rp you talk like this
Yaya: Cute!!
if you want to think in rp talk like this:
Like this!
here are some rules:
(1.)You can have any available character and ANY available guardian character(s)
(2.)once you've chosen a main character you SHOULDNT change characters but if you have a good enough reason ill think about it
(3.)IF you choose a character and join you should honor your commitment and RP its not that bad, its actually very fun!
(4.)you CAN have relationships it doesnt even have to abide by the anime.

Here are some things i just want to say
1. i will most likeley play the people that havent been chosen once the RP starts so you guys dont have to worry about playing 20 million characters
2. Nadeshiko And Nagihiko will actually be twins
I think thats it.

Oh wait! the biggest rule of all

(not in the rp though you can be mean to people in the rp just behave niceley outside of rp XD)
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 2/28/11
(okie! even though the pullipfan is the only one that has joined yet imma start RP so you guys will see how it works XD
later when thepullipfan logs on we will RP and play the players that havent been chosen until they are chosen! )

Amu walks into the royal garden

No one is here..
amu sits down and waits for others to arrive
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 2/28/11
*walks in*

Nadeshiko: Amu-chan! ^____^

Temari: *giggles*
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 2/28/11
Amu: Nadeshiko! How are you??!!
Miki: Hi Temari!
Dia: *giggle* Hi!
Su: Desu! temari!
Ran: Aha! temari hi!
Amu: today when i woke up ami played dress up with miki and dia!
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
Nadeshiko: Im doing great! *sits down*


Nadeshiko: *laughs* Ami-chan is so cute! <3
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
( XD sorry i had to eat dinner BACK XD )
Kukai walks in

Kukai: Hey hey! Nadeshiko! Amu-chan!
Daichi: HeeY ran miki su dia and temari!
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
Nadeshiko: Kukai! ^____^

Temari: Hello!
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
Kukai: I came to visit!

Yaya: KUKAI!!

yaya jumps on him

Amu: You ok kukai?
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
Nadeshiko: *giggles*

Temari: *giggles*

(Like in the picture!! <--------)
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
( XD sorry had to brush my teethers!)

Kukai: im fine!

yaya: Kukai! i havent seen you in SOOOO long!
Pepe: Dechu!!

Daichi: Hi pepe!

Miki su ran& Dia: Amu-chan! yaya kukai Nadeshiko! X eggs! character transform u guys!!
(umm!! im gonna transform with miki XD )

Amu: Miki! My heart: UNLOCK! Character transform: Amulet Spade!

Kukai: My heart: Unlock! Character transform: Sky jack! (i dont know his powers soo XD )

Pepe: My heart: Unlock! Come on pepe-chan! Character transformation: Dear baby!
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
(Dang it its 10:48 DX I have to go now...I didnt even get to transform :p I'll chat with ya and the others tomorrow!)
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
( Aw.. ok.. Byee. )
Posted 3/1/11 , edited 3/1/11
Amu: Come on Nadeshiko! transform!
Posted 3/1/11 , edited 3/1/11
Nadeshiko: My heart: UNLOCK! Character transform: Yamato Maihime!
Posted 3/1/11 , edited 3/2/11
(Hello?? XD)
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