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Express Yourself.
Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11

Natsumi_Fyoko wrote:

Thank god for this thread. I'm freaking depressed right now.

Sooo....I'll just let it off my chest.

Apparently my test scores were terrible. I'm dead.

I was cheated from ANOTHER test, in my opinion.

I have inferior complex issues, I know, but I can't help them. I feel so friggin' useless sometimes. I can't do anything better than the average person.

I'm so stressed I'm pigging out. I suck.

Oh ya, you are so inferior in every single way, I mean we have the credentials to prove it, I mean it does show your mental capacity, and also your social issues,might as well get on four legs and call yourself a dog.
Oh please, you're a tool.
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Posted 2/28/11 , edited 3/1/11
My ex has been calling me like crazy! I'm about to break weak. I wouldn't mind a trip to the bonezone.
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