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It was a stormy night, and a man in a suit and his secretary were finishing a job in the building surrounded by trees. The man was old and fat, the woman was young and beautiful. There were many security guards around, and the intruder alarm began.

One after the another fell, heads impaled by kunais or shurikens appearing in the throat. The guards were wielding their katanas, and yelling in confusion. Five of them cornered themselves in a dark alley, then they began to scream in terror. One of them made it out, and other aproached.

"What happened?" Asked the one that just approached.
"Minato, there's a demon hiding in the shadows." Said the man as he spit some blood and the left eye fell from the eyehole due to a new injury that just appeared.
Next thing, both were torn appart in a violent way; next to them stood a man with silver, spikey hair, blue narrowed eyes, a mask covering half face, a scarf, and a dagger in each wrist besides the kunais on his hands.

'I've got to find him soon.' he thought while he pressed forward, using a jutsu to travel in the shadow and attack from there. 'I was told to kill as many as possible, but if I keep doing this he will escape.'

A minute later, he made it to the room with the old man and his secretary.

"You stupid mercenary!!" Said the man while he stepped back. "You won't get me."
"You're wrong Maebara, because the night you decided to hire her," Guirrean pointed to the secretary, which turned to be a puppet. "you died."

Guirrean used the jutsu to travel in the shadows, and the man's face was split to half and the puppet was bathed in blood.
'Now, I have to leave before the guards start using those freaking scrolls.'

Guirrean stayed in the shadows as he saw the guards running around and somehow, he made it out next to a tree miles away. Next to him was an inn, the place where he would get his paid.
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Back inside the city, chaos consumed most of the town-folk. But one house-hold was unusually quiet. Inside the largest room stood two men. One was rather young on the cusps of man-hood. Thin yet strong, he stood half bent over, taking deep heavy breaths with sweat trickling down his face, a sword hanging on his back.

"here and now your training ends" spoke the other man. Old and desolate as he was he spoke with a firm, strong voice. He waved at the door and a servant slowly walked in.
"Father! What are you doing!" Spoke the younger man.
"Quiet, just watch and learn." said the older one.

With a flash he made a complex series of hand signs.
"Seppun no shouten!!!"

The servants body began to form cuts and immediately blood began gushing out. The younger mans eyes watched in horror as the servants body colapsed in a heap of limbs and blood.

"Now it is your turn." said the father.
"What do you mean my turn?" replied the son.
"I know you already memorized the signs with your eyes. So do the Jutsu!" roared th father

With deep breaths he recollected the hand-signs. In an instant he formed the hand-signs with lightning speed.

"Seppun no shouten!"

The boys eyes flushed red and cries broke out inside the house.

"father what have I done?" the young one whispered staring into his own hands.
"With that your training is complete, I now dub you Utsuro, Sora - Shinikage"

As soon as those last words were spoken Sora went into a bloody rampage killing all that the justu did not touch. With his sword the second massacre of that night was created. As he walked out of the room he saw nothing but bodies laying around in small pools of blood. Wherever he heard a scream bodies were sure to show up. Then a girl no more than 8 years of age walked up to Sora.

"goshujin-sama!!! I'm scared!!!"

She was about to run closer to Sora but found a sword in her chest instead. In her final moments she looked up only to see, not Sora's eyes, but the eyes of a demon.

The demonic Sora gave a blood-curdling laugh and ran up the closest flight of stairs. No matter where he went a wake of blood were sure to follow. Hacking...Slashing...He felt a horrible sense of pleasure from killing these people. Limbs were falling and flying in every direction, blood splashed the walls. Person after person that came into his sight fell in a pile of blod, guts, and limbs. With this demonic power he created the second massacre of the night.

When the house was filled with the blood of his family and the servants and his rampage at its end. Sora left to a nearby inn hoping to seek refuge from "his" nightmare.

All he could think of is what he did to her...
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Guirrean cleaned the blood off the daggers, and ate some medicine to recover chakra.
The Yomichi No Jutsu always wore him down like hell, but this time he didn't fainted and woke up covered in blood and gore. 'A relief.' He thought when he walked in the inn.

In the bar there was a man with thick black glasses, Guirrean approached him.

"My my, it seems that the Cerberus didn't take over this time, did it?" said the old man almost laughing.
"Youshiro, don't moke me if you want to live." said Guirrean, with a cold tone while he sat next to Youshiro.
"Well, it seems that killing that stupid drug dealer was easy job for one who surpassed the S rank of missing nin, isn't it? Now, let me tell you something: Akatsuki contacted the leader and it seems they are interested in you."
"Well, I'm not. You know my reasons to leave the Hidden Village of the Rain and I'm sure it wasn't for the fame or the money." Said Guirrean, pissed off.

They kept talking, about next targets and such... then the man told Guirrean:
"Just let me warn you that the Shinikage has awoken again. The mortal enemy of the Cerberus."

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Sora staggered into the inn. Unaware of what was going on, then a sudden rush of killing intent filled his body. He sensed something was wrong but could not put his finger on it.

"Ojou-sama, would you like a room?" spoke the innkeeper

Sora's head snapped in her direction and she ran off screaming. He thought to himself 'Why would she run away like that?'. He stood at the entrance for some time, his blood still boiling. Soon, a rather large man walked up him.

"Ojou-sama is everything alright?" spoke the man.
"Just gimme a room" responded Sora in a agitated manner.

The man showed him to the largest most pretigious room in the inn and left Sora to himself.

"If you need anything ojou-sama please do not hesitate to call"
"Un" replied Sora

'What the hell is going on?' thought Sora, unconscious of his physical well-being he sought the nearest bathroom. As he walked in the western styled bathroom he caught the glimpse of a black cloaked man in the mirror. Sora whipped his body around but saw nothing. He slowly turned back to face the mirror and noticed something different. He began to approaching it realizing in horror his eyes had changed. They were a deep shade of red, the color of blood. His body went numb and in his head a picture of a girl under cherry blossom tree.

'Why am I thinking of her now?'

Sora collapsed onto the floor lost in his own thoughts...
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(A few minutes earlier)

Sora felt a presence come into the room. 'hmm...It feels familiar' thought Sora. He looked in the direction of the presence and saw the black-cloaked man. After getting a closer look he noticed that it had red clouds on the bottom half. When Sora got up to the mans eyes he saw a similar red as in his own. He knew of only one person with those eyes. The one and only S-level criminal who killed almost all of his family members. 'Itachi'

"Well, well, well...If it isn't Itachi" spoke Sora in a half mocking manner.
"You talk big for someone caught in MY GENJUSTU" Itachi spoke.
"Ha, your genjutsu? Sorry, I'm not affected like the others"

With a near blinding speed his sword was pointing in the center of Itachi's forehead. Itachi spoke again.

"Seems as though there are more than just my brother"
"What's that supposed to me-"

At that moment another presence was coming at a abnormally fast pace. Both of their eyes flicked to the window behind them. Before Sora could set his eyes back on Itachi he had already dissapeared. 'Seems as though there are more than just my brother' thought Sora.

"Whats that supposed to f****** mean?"

He sat back down on the floor closing his eyes and pictures of a single girl began popping into his head.

When the presence entered the room he realized it was a girl. Sora looked in the direction of the new-comer. In his head Sora could only think of how she resembled the girl he cared for most.

"I thought so..." was all he heard...

Memories began to flood Sora's head. Clutching closer to his sword he slowly put his free hand on his forehead.

"What is it that you need?" Was all he asked.
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The word Shinikage kept poundering Guirrean's mind during the rest of the night, in the wich Youshiro got drunk and began to yell like crazy. Guirrean was sleepy, tired, hungry, and in a urge for a bath... the smell of blood was too strong.

He went stairs up to his room, entered and went straight to the bed. When he was falling asleep, he heard a familiar voice of a long loved one who was dead now.

Next morning, he left the inn and payed with a bag full of ryu.. more than the regular price for a month in the inn. He headed south, to the Hidden Village of the Leaf; from there to the meeting place with the Akatsuki.

A kunai appeared in front of him.
"Guirrean Yenntao, missing nin of the Rain: your dead is certain!" said a female voice that came from a tree.
"Alita, I wouldn't like to kill you." He said while he hit a wall behind him and a kunoichi ANBU came from it.
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Sora looks worriedly at Aiko

"Hey whats wrong?"
"My head.....images..."
He quickly stands an asks
"Of what?!?!"
"My father.....bringing me out....with a tree."

He slowly approaches her.

" a small boy....."
"It cant be...".
" flowers....falling......aahh!!"

He watched frantically and tries to figure out what to do. After split-second thinking he goes over to her a holds her shoulders.

"Get a hold of yourself"
She shakes her head. " what...was that?"

Sora stands back to try and think of what was happening. When he thought of the possibility that Aiko could really be “her”.

"It cant be...can it?"
"dammit...that hurt!!!"
"What...cant be?"
"t-that you are..."
" Im what, Sora?"

He ponders on the possibility that it truly is her.

"You don't know who I am do you?"
" You seem familiar!! Why?"
"Its because..."
"a little boy.....and a cherry blossom tree..."
"Have you remebered?"
"I.....I can't......."
"a boy.....and....a girl.....but why cherry blossoms?"
"it hurts so much!"
"Here let me use my jutsu..."

Sora walks over again and puts a single palm on Aikos back. After placing his palm he made hand signs with his free hand.

"kinen no jutsu(art of memories)"
"Its so you can remeber"

The memory show a girl fairly young walking up to a boy of the similar age waiting under a single cherry blossom tree.

"I wonder why is it that we share the same memory"
"If you remember than I needn't say any further"
"the happy..."
"why am i seeing this?"
"my art"
"just keep going further into the memory"
: " i know that!!!....but that little girl....theres something about her.....shes...."
" I know her.....she's be with the boy....very"
"As i thought"
" Strong feelings between them"
"Can you remember the rest?"
"She loves the boy.....
" I...cant remember any of the rest.....the cherry blossoms fall...a promise? what?"
"Would you like me to fill in the blank?"
"That boy"
"the The girl...tell me of the girl"
"What you saw was MY memory"
"If we were to have the same memory wouldnt that mean one thing?"
" Your memory...? One thing?"
"That girl is in this room"
" The girl..."
"peice it together Aiko, you were smarter then werent you?"
-crouches down lower and holds head-
" asked me to meet you that day...under the cherry blossom it was said something..."
"That I..."
" Im missing something...somethign in my memory..."
"Think Aiko I only said it to you"
" You'"
"keep going..."
" You asked me to meet you that day so you could confess that you.... loved me"
"I see you remeber now..."
"Sora....why is it that Ive forgotten?"
"HE toyed with your memory"
"All these years..."
"and I thought you died"
" I ran find him"
"So thats why you didn't go home?"
" I remember I found out about his little hobby..."
" He said for me to keep quiet, he knew I wouldn't but then he knew no one would believe me"
" So he ran.....and I went after him...."
"That's when you forgot who you were"
"who i was..."
" I.....fell...."
" I...fell......i was catching up to him....and he shoved me off the cliff....."
" Falling into the water...... i drifted somewhere... and i forgot..."
"So thats why I couldn't find you..."
" sorry. Im so very sorry."
"Heh, It's ok" *Smiles at aiko*
" I cant believe i forgot....about you....and me"
" So I went off and because an S-ranked criminal"
"So what? You give nothing to your past?" *opens arms*
-walks slowly to Sora-
-walks into Sora's arms and hugs him-
*hugs back*
“Its nice to see you again, Aiko"
" Its good to be back in your arms again, Sora"

He gives a small smile into her gleaming eyes.

"Youve changed so much since then."
"I could say the same about you. You're all grown up now"

She smiled and all Sora could feel at that moment was that thing he had been missing ever since she left.

"That training was nothing" He gives a coy smile in return.
" You're not that little boy whose butt i always kicked" She makes a small laugh.
"Hey! you werent supposed remember that"
-winks- " I remember everything now, no stopping me"
" could've atleast let me paint a better picture"
" No, because this picture is what I love most"
"As expected"
" I wonder if i can still kick your butt?" Aiko gives a questioning look at Sora.

His eyes turned a glossy silver and he collapsed to the ground.

" You idiot! You used the remaining of your Chakra for the Jutsu!"
" What do I do? Dammit...."
"Sorry......Aiko..." He closes his eyes through exhaustion.
"Sorry my butt. When you get up, you'll be in for it."

Sora just gave a tiny smile in return.

"Sora, I love you....just dont leave me, okay?"

Aiko gives a sigh but Sora’s body begins to give off steam.

"Umm...okay, thats a new one."
"ugh...." He then coughs up blood
" Dammit!! What the hell am I supposed to DO?!"
" My father? How? no....a medic....I need a medic"
-gets up and grabs pillow from bed-

Sora continues to cough trying to restrain the pain. As Aiko puts a pillow under his head.

She turns his head and gets up “so you don’t choke by the time I come back"
“Don’t you dare say you're fine"

Sora grabs at Aikos hand and she kneels down next to him.

“What is it?"
"..............please...................dont ......................"
" Sora, you're coughing up blood and I don’t know what to do! It’s driving me insane!"
: ".........................leave" It was then that he fell asleep
" Okay, I wont leave. I'll stay right here, okay? Right here, by your side."

While still holding onto hand, grabs blanket from bed and pulls it over Sora. Gets comfotable and watches Sora sleep with worried look on face.

" I swear... if you make me cry, you're going to regret it in the morning."

Sora again coughs more blood and Aiko pulls out some cloth to clean his mouth.

" You're worrying me so much, and I'm afraid that you're not going to be here in the mornning."
" You protected always have"
She strokes his face with her hand
"...........get...........s-some...........sleep..........." *Coughs again*
" No, I want you to sleep. I want you to get better"
" Please...."

In the final moments of the night she shifts around and lays down, resting head on Sora's chest.
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Sora woke up to see Aiko drenched in tears. She saw her rolling around next to him. 'Must be a dream' he thought to himself. he bent down lower to get a better look at her face. But when he did all her saw was pain in her face.

"This is bad, I gotta pull her out." said Sora.

He rested his palm on her head and with his free hand he did the signs for the 'Kinen no jutsu'

"kinen no jutsu"

In an instant he was thrown into Aiko's dream world. He opened his eyes to find himself sitting under the cherry blossom tree. Sora went down towards the town-folk but when he approached they just went right through him.

"Damn. I forgot that's what happens when I go into dreams. How troublesome."

Sora jumps on top of the nearest building and runs toward Aiko's house. As he reached there he noticed that child Aiko was there but not the one from reality.

"Where could she be?" Sora said to himself.

He dropped down and began running to their favorite spots. After checking the tree, the ramen shop, and the waterfall he stopped to draw his breath. While he stood thinking he realized there would be only one place Aiko could be. At lightning speed he headed for the alcove of his 'father'. As he reached the alcove he noticed that the door had been opened recently. Sora goes to open the door and finds the place was like it was over 10 years ago. He looked around to see another door but this one was left slightly open. Sora ran for the door and opened it to see Aiko and a small girl on her lap.


Aiko turned around to see him. Sora ran over to her to see that she was ok now.

"We need to get outer here. Its putting a huge strain on my chakra."

Sora put his arm around Aiko and with his free hand he formed more hand sign.

"Kaiten no jutsu"

In a flash they were in the hotel in again. Aiko stared up at Sora and he smiled down at her. He looked up to see the girl but she looked older, almost Aikos age. They both sat up and looked at her.

"Her name is Keiko" said Aiko "She was on my lap when you pulled me out"
"What? Man, the old man never said anything 'bout this"

Right then Aiko punched Sora in the stomach.

"Oww! what was that for?" Said Sora. He looked into Aikos eyes and found his answer.

"Sorry...Anyway Aiko do you know this girl?"

The girl spoke in an almost defiant voice.

"Don't you dare touch my onee-sama"

Sora raised and eyebrow and looked back at Aiko.

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The ANBU girl started to throw kunais at Guirrean, who only struck them to make them lose balance.
Nex thing, she was trying to overpower him with ninjutsu and taijutsu thought he just hit her on the back
and made her lose balance, next Guirrean withdraw a kunai and stabbed someone who was next to them.

Blood started to pour from the wound, and the man banished before reaching the floor.

"Was that a kage bounshin?" She asked, still covered in blood.
"You are covered in blood, right?" Guirrean said coldly. "Just return to the Rain and tell them
that you couldn't find me."

Next thing he left Alita in the ground while he walked away, lost in thought and mourning
Her death.
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-after everyone has eaten-

When everyone headed out Sora remembered when his confession to Aiko.

"I still remember how stupid I looked that day"
"Yeah, i remember your face." Began Aiko then she softly says "I was so nervous that day, i almost didnt come"

"Is that so?" replied Sora. "What made you come?"

Aiko smiles at Sora saying.

"My love for you."
Keiko quietly says "onee-sama....."

After walking for a while Sora asks:

"you wanna head to the castle?"

Aiko puts Keiko on her back and they begin running off toward the main castle of the village.

As they are running Sora says "It should be cleaned up now"

Aikos eyes widen as the castle gets into view.

“wow....its like huge!"

The group gets closer and closer to the castle and as they do the height begins to sky-rocket. Solemnly Sora says:

"I died behind those walls..."
"Died?" Asks Aiko
"Remember the jinchuuriki?"
"I do...."
"hold on"

Everyone stops before the walls and Aiko watches Sora to try and decipher what he was doing. Sora lifts up the front of his shirt showing his mid-riff. With the lip of his shirt in his mouth he starts forming chakra in his body. Soon a seal symbol appears over his stomach.

"this is that reason behind my jinchuuriki theory"

Aikos eyes grow large in amazement.

"anyway lets go in"

Sora opens the hugs red wooden doors of his ‘home’ to see it was in perfect condition. The walls were scrubbed clean. The wood polished to shine and there was not a spec of blood in sight. As he enters he says:


A spirited old lady comes in and greets him with:

"hey obabaa"

She smiles at Sora and bows towards Aiko and Keiko.

"Did you see what happened to the people?" She asks.
Sora quickly thinks of an excuse

"Sorry, I was out with my fiancee and our kid"

Aiko gives Sora a questioning look and he shrugs back at her. She bites back a laugh.

Mean while obabaa continues to talk

"well i cleaned it up since it was a huge mess"
"Sorry for the trouble obabaa"

Keiko moans in sleep.

"As long as the future king is ok then im ok" says Obabaa
"we should get some sleep, nice seeing you obabaa" *bows and wlks on*
Sora starts heading in and Aiko trails behind him.

obabaa: "I cleaned your father's room, seeing as he is nowhere to be found you go ahead and use it!"
"Thanks! I'll see you tomorrow, good night!"

Aiko and Sora give her a polite bow and head inside the main part of the castle.

"You take care of them now!"
"Will do!"

Sora closes the main door and Aiko stands in amazement in the entrance

"sheez....obabaa always works so hard..."
"She seems like such a wonderful lady"
"yeah...she the current owner until I hit 18"
"only around a year left....."
"yea...sounds fun" Sora says sarcasticly
"Wheres the bed? Keiko is a lot heavier than she looks"

Sora puts Keiko on his back and points straight ahead

"thanks, I needed that"
"Okay, lets go"
"no problem"

As if climbing a mountain they treck through ten monstrous flights of stairs.

"you ok back there?"

Aiko nearly out of breathe says:

"yea, fine"
"well...heres my room"
"Now this, i have to see!"

Sora opens the huge door that lay closest to the stairs.

"told you i became a prince"
" Ohh, I am so jealous right now!"

Aiko punches Sora on the arm. And Sora goes over to the bed and rests the sleeping Keiko on it.

"onee-sama..." grumbles keiko
Aiko walks over and covers Keiko up with blanket and begins to stroke Keikos hair.

"Shhh, go to sleep now"

Sora hugs Aiko and says:
"wow we just went from alone to having a family in one day"
"How true"
"Theres somewhere I want to go first"
"where?" Sora ponders.
"The tree"
"the tree?"
"Its been a long time, since i was last there"
"Its late, you wanna go now?"

Aiko quickly grabs Sora’s hand to lead the way. Sora quickly casts a kagebushin.

"stay here and watch over her"

"lets go..."
"seriously, I like that kagebushin”
"its so cool"

Sora starts heading down the steps and out of the castle.

"how so?"
"its really.....useful" says Aiko with a mischievous grin.

"Hes a good distraction"

As soon as the two get to the tree.

"So what did you want to see the tree for?" Asks Sora.
"It makes me happy"
"It holds good memories"
"same here"
Aiko walks closer to the tree and jumps up and sits on large branch

"I remember trying to climb it"
"But at that time you never could"
"Id always sit up there and laugh"
-laughs- " Yeah, i couuldn't"
"I always got so mad at you"

Sora jumps up to sit next to Aiko and she leans against him. As Sora outs his arm around her.

"I love you, Sora."
"I love you too"

Sora looks deeply into Aikos eyes and she stairs back. He pulls her chin closer to his face.

"remember our first?"
"Of course I do"
"You were blushing so much" -smiles-

Sora kisses Aiko deeply and she puts her arms around his neck. As they continues the branch starts to creek and breaks off.


They both begin to fall but Aiko grabs onto the stub and Sora purposefully fall on his butt.

"owww…"Come down Ill catch you"

Aiko lets go and falls and Sora catches aiko in arms
"good catch"
"We should head back before keiko realizes they were fake..."
"Sounds good"

Sora stands up with Aiko still in arms and starts heading back.

"Talk about bridal style" Aiko mutters
"Ha its like we're married"

-at the castle-

Aiko starts to say "I had this little fantacy when i was younger, about you and I getting married"
"Oh really? What was it like?"
"It was.....fluffy"
"poofy....and definately romantic"
"really now?"
"I remember you being in a white tux, and looking sharp"
"I was in quite the wedding princess dress, i can tell you"
"sounds like me..."
"But now....i just cant imagine you in a white tux"
"How come?"
"I prefer a black one on you"
"Is that so"
"and yes, i am still have fantasy's about it"
Aiko blushes and looks away

-In the kings room-

"You really wanna get married?"
"After we finish up some 'unfinished buisness' wiht a certain someone"
"but then again keiko would be kicking and screaming the entire time"
"oh my....I am seriously exhausted"
"So no more fun?"

Aiko runs over to other bed and dives face down.

"nope, not tonight"

Sora gets up and walks over and Aiko turns over to look at Sora.

"atleast lets sleep in the same bed. ok?"
"no protests from me"
"I've missed you so much all these years.."
"Since then you were the only I looked forward to"
"How long did you search for me?"
"Everynight after practice..."
"Practice...Did he ever hurt you?"
"I took trips all over the world, atleast whenever mom could sneak me out"
"You didnt see them did you?"

Sora pulls of shirt to show all the scars on his torso. Aiko carefully runs fingers over scars.
"Hey watch where youre touching…"
"I didnt think I would see you. But sometimes I would remember something pulling at my heart sometimes when I was traveling"
Aiko pulls her hand away

"Its ok..."
"I endured all of this so I could see you..."

Aiko began forming tears in her eyes and tries to wipe them away. Sora gently wiped them away from her cheek.

"Aiko....Even though our lives were completely different we felt the same didnt we?"
"I cant believe i forgot! my heart can't take the joy of seeing you again.. I always knew there was soemthing really important i was forgetting, but i chose to ignore it!"

Sora looks deeply into Aikos eyes but she turns away.

"So my calls would always reach you...I never stopped hoping" he turns Aiko around to face him and she slowly looks into Sora's eyes.

"I love you and only you" He says.
"I love you so much that I dont think I can handle it"

They share a kiss and Sora holds Aiko close to him and she puts her arms around him.

"Let me ease your pain…I will always protect you, even if it costs me my life"
"Sora, when I left the house that day, I wasn't even thinking of what pain I would cause..."
"All I wanted to do was to kill him"
"Ease your mind Aiko..."
"I will never be at ease, until he is dead, Sora!"
"We can work together, to take him down. But you need to trust me."
"I do trust you! I will always trust you"

They both slowly drifted off to sleep with their last moments looking into each others eyes.
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A silent figure moved through the night, cloaked by the shadow of trees, he neared a city. Swiftly he scaled the city wall and dispatched a nearby guard, snapping his neck quietly and efficiently just as he had been taught by his mother. Moving silently across the wall he arrived at a guard tower and entered cautiously.

Inside sat several guards warming to a fire at the center of the room, before any could challenge the intruder; he sent shurikens flying towards their necks. Four fell, one remained.

“te-tenchi? What are you doing here? I thoug-“ before he could finish tenchi had plunged his katana into his throat, silencing him in an instant.
“no time to talk… captain…” murmured tenchi as he retrieved his shurikens from the fallen guards, he only carried around four as any more would be cumbersome to carry. He walked to the captain’s body and retrieved the master key to the city. Exiting the guard tower, Tenchi looked over his surroundings to a courtyard below, suddenly guards came gushing out of all the guard towers. Reacting quickly tenchi jumped off the wall and landed in a hay stack below, burrowing himself amongst the thin strands of hay. A troop of guards gathered several meters from the haystack.

“There’s trouble on the other side of town! I’ll brief you on the way there people! Let’s move out!” shouted a burly city guard, Tenchi recognized him, his name was Kenji, the last time Tenchi had met him was when he had left the guard. Tenchi silently observed the tightly muscle bound body of his previously lean figured colleague.

The troop moved out exiting the courtyard, hands on their katanas, ready to strike at a moments notice. Having found out what all the commotion was about, Tenchi’s fears of being discovered were doused, and he moved on to the agreed location of his meeting with his informant while skillfully avoiding stray guards.

“Welcome to Barrel inn!! For the finest beer at the cheapest prices!”
Ignoring the barmen’s greeting, tenchi made his way to a secluded table in the corner of the inn. After sitting down he ordered some beer and waited for several hours. Finally, a skinny man entered the inn.
“Welcome to Barrel inn!! For the finest sake at the cheapest prices!”
“Indeed! I hope the rumors about your sake are as excellent as what my sources tell me friend!” answered the skinny man warmly. They exchanged small talk and the skinny man took a mug of beer and headed towards tenchi.
“Aah! Tenchi! How are you my friend?” the man said warmly, extending his hand, intending to shake hands.
Tenchi merely stared up at his face, several minutes passed.
“hmph! You never were the type for warm greetings; I see time hasn’t changed you” said the skinny man as he withdrew his hand.
“Katsuya… I’ve heard rumors of a man who is able to do a certain technique… you’re the most reliable source of information I have in this town, have you heard of him?”
“Yeah, the ‘man’ you are talking about is the counts son! A kage rank ninja who is respected and feared in this region! Why do you seek him? As good as you are I don’t think you’ve ever faced a kage ranked ninja before!”
“His technique! What can he do?” shouted Tenchi
“Quiet down! The counts son is no longer widely discussed in this city! There have been recent rumors which have surfaced concerning his… heritage…”
“His technique…”
“He is able to summon a powerful tiger katana, in fact several, which he is able to control with his mind, although I do not know the details of his ability my information may not be correct… why do you ask?”
Dropping a bag of coins on the table Tenchi moved towards the Inn’s entrance.

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