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26 / F / Digital world
Posted 3/1/11 , edited 10/25/11

In response to the new danger, all over the world, children have been going missing. These missing children are known as the Neo-DigiDestined! However, not all of these children were chosen to be the saviors of the Digital World, others may have just happen to be sucked into the Digital World when a frenzy of portals opened up.
Whether for good or evil, all of the children brought to the Digital World hold in their hands,
the Destiny of the Digital World!!

Choose A Guild that fits your values and join the new age,
in the fight for the Digiworld.

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1. Need At least Two Other Users To Create.
2. Most have Uploaded 25 Pictures.

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25 / M / Limbo, My Dreams.
Posted 3/18/11 , edited 3/19/11
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25 / F / Canada,B.C
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/18/11
Name:Xavier August
Army Name:Dusk Wing
Army Logo:

Army Description: The army started out as a small group containing mysterious and odd people with mysterious or troubled/tragic pasts.These mysterious guardians value Free Will,and balance.Their main goal is to protect the balance of the digital world and the space separating the Human and Digital World.they protect those who ask for help,and do their best not to start any fights themselves.These mysterious Guardians and their digimon show no mercy to those who pose a threat to both worlds.
2 Other Member's Username:Kiti-chan,-ScarletSky-
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